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Following from previous blogs on the above subject, in this entry, I thought I would employ a simple heuristic device and provide the following historical links from one of the best sources the US has ever produced on this subject.
All one need do is update the specifics I have been following, the GCC speculative Bubble, collaborative, Fascist, mafia led trade unions, fake Left and our current Nazi s-election and President.

But, if you are not familiar with the history, he/this is a very good place from which to begin.
Since the information is so dense, I thought it sufficient to simply highlight the following source material and allow readers to peruse it for themselves.
Past and present PATTERNS become perfectly clear, with updated alterations as needed for a changed, post WWII, historical landscape.

The following two links are excerpts, but, in the very last link, below, the entire book is made available, on line, apparently.

"Facts and Fascism," by George Seldes, self-published, 1943:

And, related material from elsewhere about the Liberty League and their backing for an anti-Roosevelt Coup or assassination.
A complete listing of Liberty League sponsors and further links and historical information provided, as well, as you scroll down the left hand

And, then, the entire Seldes book, from which the excerpts above have been taken.
The book chapters are available below a series of quotes, at the bottom of the following link.
Whomever provided this book on the internet has done a very valuable public service.
Be aware.
The logo says the "Nader Library," but, if you read further on their website, they say quite clearly they are NOT attached to Nader.
They simply named their website after him, apparently:

Suffice it to say, after WWII, more than 60 million dead, in addition to millions more maimed, wounded, displaced, tortured, raped, atom bombings, entire countries
devastated, post colonial wars, Yugoslavia dismemberment and now the rape of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, THE ABOVE PEOPLE ARE WALKING AROUND, UNTOUCHED!!!
Not only are they walking around, they are rewarded.
Their proxy forces come and go but their filthy, dirty billion dollar empires remain untouched.

Until and unless the above relationship changes, this pattern, this cycle of violence and repression merely reproduces itself and spirals ever upwards.
Their assets and resources must be liquidated, expropriated, nationalized, along with them.
Permanently and forever, once and for all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, let's backtrack alittle from only a few days ago when I highlighted Germany's Deutsche Bank and their impeccable Nazi lineage along with all others participating in the UAE, GCC speculative bubble and Middle East privatizing CONSPIRACY, of which Iraq is a centerpiece:

Allow me to add to the above a bit of tasty trivia which I did not have at my fingertips when I composed the preceding entry.

Perusing my WSJ files, which are NOT in order, I came across a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy, WSJ article, only a few paragraphs long, from June 23, 1993, which basically says:

"Deutsche Bank Says Von Ribbentrop Plans to Quit, Start Fund."
"...Barthold von Ribbentrop, the head of Deutsche Bank's worlwide securities operations..after 22 years at Germany's largest commercial and securities bank...52 years old is the son of Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler's Foreign Minister. He spent the bulk of his Deutsche Bank career in the US...chief executive officer of the Deutsche Bank Capital Corp investment unit in NY..."

Here's alittle more about JP Morgan (derived from Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank-Morgan Stanley) and the impeccable Nazi pedigree and lineage of all those involved in the Middle East, UAE, conspiracy:

"JP Morgan Celebrates 75 Year Presence in Saudi Arabia"

While mentioning the Saudis, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, Citigroup's largest, single, private investor, just happened, fortuitously, miraculously, to increase his shareholdings in Citigroup, at BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES, only a few days prior to Citigroup announcing it was to receive a GIFT, for that's precisely what it is, of US taxpayer funds.
Delving into the complex, internecine, overlapping backgrounds of Citigroup, JP Morgan Stanley-Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan, is like doing an entire history of the propertied class of the US since the American Civil War in the 1860s and preceding it.
Any links I choose necessarily would be lacking and emphasize one point over another.
So, intentionally, I chose the following bare bone links.
If you do not know the history, you will have to fill in the spaces by yourselves.
And, there are, indeed, voluminous spaces.

If you follow down the first link to "Key People, External Links," at the bottom, you will be reminded, first, of Pakistan's PM, Aziz, specifically named.
Turkey's Akbank was named, somewhere else, as well:

And, for alittle more irresistible background about the connections of Citigroup and Winfred Bischoff, not exactly a well known name.
Here's where Akbank is mentioned.
You will also see Stanley Fischer's name at the bottom, the fellow presently Governor of the Bank of Israel:

Now, here is a related development in line with the above surrounding Citigroup regarding Mexico's Carlos Slim, Citigroup and Mexico's Banamex. After this link, I will include some different, but, pertinent, related information about Carlos Slim from one of my previous entries,

"Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Accumulates $26 Million Share Stake in Citigroup":

As promised an EXCERPT from my August 14, 2007 entry regarding Mexico's Carlos Slim:

"The Secrets of the World's Richest Man," Saturday/Sunday, August 4-5, 2007, WSJ, weekend edition, referring to Carlos Slim.

(Full page story. I'll pull out a few excerpts):

"....The 67 year old tycoon controls more than 200 companies....
In all his companies account for more than a third of the total value of Mexico's leading stock market index, while his fortune represents 7% of the country's annual economic output....
Mr. Slim's fortune has grown faster than any in the world druing the past two years, rising by more than $20 billion to about $60 billion....
During the past two years , Mr. Slim has made about $27 million a day, while a fifth of the country gets by on les than $2 a day.....
Monopolies have long been a feature of Mexico's economy. But, in the past, politicians acted as a brake on big business to ensure that the business class did not threaten their power. 
But political control faded in the 1990s with the privatization of much of the economy and the slow death of the IRP, Institutional Revolutionary Party, which held power for 71 years until 2000....under Mr. Salinas [former Mexican President during the early 1990s]hundreds of state companies were sold, including Telemex in 1990. 
Mr. Slim, together with Southwestern Bell and France Telecom won the bid over one of his closest friends....who later suggested the auction was rigged....Regardless of whether there was favoritism in the sale of Telemex, the privatization process created a new class of super-rich in Mexico. 
In 1991, the country had two billionaires on the Forbes list. By 1994, at the end of Mr. Salinas's six-year term, there were 24...The richest...Mr. Slim...."

However, as part of this story and my ongoing eulogy to the WSJ, I have a minimum of 7 lengthly WSJ articles from 1996-1997 dealing with the subject of the Salinas family, money laundering, drugs, assassination, international links, BCCI connections, Citibank, and on and on. 
Unfortunately, the articles are all dense with information, names, associations including but beyond the above, and, it is truly impossible for me to do justice to them all with a few excerpts. 
I'll just mention a few other names, associations, as best I can.

For example, from January 23, 1997, "A Fugitive Financier Eludes His Persuers From Miami to Madrid":

"...there's much discussion about the machinations of Carlos Cabal Peniche, "...who fled his country in 1994..." 
Cabal owned Fresh Del Monte Produce. 
Cabal had private escrow accounts in JP Morgan and JP Morgan "served as special advisor to Mexico during its 1995 crisis. "...Mr. Cabal rose from become a leading businessman during the Salinas years...he also borrowed from a NY merchant bank called Eastbrook....Eastbrook had been involved in the scandal at BCCI..." according to the article. 
Cabal apparently then fled to France, which, again, according to the article, names Cabal's "spiritual advisor," a Marist priest, Rev. Jacques Charveriat Prenat. 
From there, he goes to Spain and then accounts at Banco Santander and into a house in Spain where an "alleged member of Colombia's Cali cartel had lived..."
and on and on. 
Much more of the article expands on the money laundering network, Citibank, Swiss accounts and drugs.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, in January 1995, Carlos Salinas, named above, former Mexican President, was appointed, self-appointed or selected to be a Board Member of Dow Jones, which, at that time, was the parent corporation of the WSJ, while simultaneously Carlos's brother, Raul Salinas, was arrested in February, 1995, in conjunction with a 1994 Mexican political assassination and questions of money laundering, drugs, and, as usual, further, unexplored Citibank connections:

Fast forward from the 1990s, above, to the present and GM's current economic problems in the US and its relationship to our present day orchestrated, financial meltdown, its repercussions, purposes and correlation to/with the above, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, Nazi GCC cartel (formerly BCCI) project, conspiracy, as presented above and additional ones I have been following all along on my blogs, Dana Gas/Crescent, Jafar,

So, "Middle East Market is GM's Silver Lining."

Before reading the following article--it is a short one--NOTE the very last paragraph, which I will highlight, first. 
Think about the implications of this last paragraph in CONTEXT:

"...Asked if the company is talking with any government or SWFs from the Middle East, he said: 
" We are not in conversations with the government but we are in talks with our dealerships and our business partners in the region who have significant contacts. 
We leave it to the dealers in a particular market to have any dialogue with the government.":

Now, to further document the above theme, just for the numskulls who can't seem to "get it," no matter how much factual evidence is presented to them.

"Soros and Other Funds Buy Major Coal Equities at Fire Sale Prices":

And,"Gulf Nations Must Use Cash to Buy Foreign Assets":

And "institutional investors, " which includes our Fascist led, corrupt pension funds:

And "Acquisition of Foreign Assets by GCC Exceeds $900 Billion":
In addition, another major business event which features "solid" British-UAE ties:

(By the way, the previous Barclay-UAE purchase deal DID go through, but, with modifications to appease shareholder discontent.)

And, at the bottom of the above link, in case you happened to miss it, a mysterious PR sponsoring firm named "Orient Planet." 
I was unable to find out WHO IS "Orient Planet." 
I will link to their website directly, should anyone else be able to find out WHO they are, precisely:

And, once again, if I have not mentioned your favorite country or company, I can assure you, they are all well represented above.
Italy, Greece, for example.
And, Russia, too, in the UAE.

Now, for a comment on another name being bandied around in the media/press, Obummer.
Let's dispel a few myths.
First of all, Obummer does NOT pick "his" government.
THEY pick him. 

He is THEIR SLAVE. He is their creation.
They manufactured him.
They OWN him.
They trot him out, almost, on a leash to make his idiotic press conferences, where, as usual, he says nothing and he is SURROUNDED by his Nazi, Fascist handlers.

Like a prisoner.
Then, summarily, on cue, he disappears behind the Wizard of Oz curtain. 

"His" entire economic team is "Citigroup Nation (World)," as represented by all the alliances above.
He serves at THEIR pleasure.
THIS is THE power relationship, not the other way around.
He is an empty vessel, which is why I spent little if no time on him, except for the fact that he nauseates me.

But, all is not well in Citigroup World.
Too many global contradictions, resistance, opposition, obstacles, impediments, imperialist rivalries, competition, class war, everywhere, except here, of course.
The US is a captive, Fascist dictatorship.

Even tiny, retrograde Kuwait has a political crisis:

Then, more wildcat strikes, general strikes, student strikes from Europe to the Middle East to Pakistan.
Election upsets.
Workers riot in China:

And, that does not even include Iraq.

So, it seems, another, manufactured, high profile, global terrorist incident occurred in India.
Another provocation.
Another distraction.
Another excuse for increased internal and external repression and militarism.
"They" have just upped the ante.

And, then, we get to conflicts between Russia and the US, of which there are many.
Besides, or, in conjunction with these other, voluminous matters, I will link to the following website and a series of articles which raise more questions than they answer as to what, which and whose purposes are ultimately being served.
The explanation to me is not a straightforward and simple one, obviously. 

In the murky overlapping world of international drug cartels, espionage, money laundering, double and triple agents, it is much more difficult to know who is doing what to whom, precisely, and why, due to the very nature of its secrecy and duplicity.
International drug cartels, clandestine paramilitary groups and terrorists, the mafia, do not exactly issue public Press Releases, Financial Statements, Boards of Directors, Shareholders, News Statements, etc.
I have no way to verify the information.
So, I must rely upon the research of other investigative journalists, such as previous WSJ reporters, above, court cases, and the following, independent website:

You will have to judge for yourselves.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In view of the fact that tomorrow, here, whether or not one agrees with its political content, is a national holiday, utilizing the food/bird, turkey, as a central component of their "celebrations, " I thought I would reprint an excerpt completely relevant from a Wall St. Journal article of the same name, above, from June 19, 1997.

I have hundreds of WSJ articles through the 1990s in my files, all of which follow privatization developments throughout the globe.
Since Murdoch purchased the Journal, I no longer read it.

Anyone with access to the WSJ archives can peruse the MANY WSJ articles on the above themes through the 1990s.
But, I will intersperse just a few, ocassional excerpts from the articles I possess, when and if I deem possible.

Thus, the following EXCERPT from a much longer article, WSJ, June 19, 1997,

"Turkey Faces Political Turmoil":

"...The military has taken its battle against fundamentalism into the business sphere as well.

In a series of unprecedented news briefings, officers alleged that 100 major businessmen controlling 1,000 companies were financing fundamentalists, undermining the regime and planning to buy privatized companies. Six of the businessmen were said to be worth more than $700 million each. Also mentioned was Kombassan, a 35-company provincial cooperative that has grown rapidly on promises of a better than 25% return on investments.
A court froze Kombassan's bank accounts on Tuesday. Turkey's secularist media accused it of being a pyramid scheme...."


I am not familiar with Kombassan.

I know nothing about it/them.
So, I would have to research it, myself, and cannot add anything to the above.

However, mentioned in the article, of course, is/was the Koc and Sabanci empires, of which Sabanci's Akbank, the largest in Turkey, and Citigroup, and, Iran's Parsian, are now partnered.

As you might recall, Citigroup acquisition of Akbank had their "coming out party" in NYC's prestigious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

As a reminder of that event, the Akbank-Citigroup Party, above, EXCERPTED from my entry of May 10, 2007,

" anyone reading my blog for awhile knows, I've been following the financial comingling of Citibank, Turkey's Akbank, Halkbank, Iran's Parsian from previous blogs. Well, apparently, there was a party recently in NYC I did NOT attend and to which I was NOT invited. Had I known about it earlier, which I did not, perhaps, I would have "crashed" the event. So, here it is, "Citigroup's 20% Purchase of Akbank Shares Celebrated at Waldorf-Astoria":

And, in addition, another EXCERPT from my blog entry of Saturday, May 26, 2007, which makes reference to the above, regarding Kissinger and Akbank:

"...On my blog of May 10, 2007 I referred to the party to which I was not invited, the one at the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria in NYC celebrating Citigroup's purchase of shares in Turkey's Akbank, partnered in turn, with Iran's Parsian. Well, another followup event I will be missing in this context is Kissinger and Akbank in Turkey, "Kissinger to Speak at Akbank Conference":

Kissinger's appearance, I can assure everyone, is not "just" to give a speech. Simultaneously, US government current pronouncements have reiterated official support for Turkey's AKP Presidential candidate, Gul, and, ALSO, official US government sources have reissued their "warnings/urgings" for Turkey NOT to "invade" Kurdistan militarily":

And, amazingly, fortunately, someone else apparently reprinted some of my earlier blog entries from my former blog, karlmarxwasright, which is now blocked to public access due to reasons beyond my knowledge or control.

So, I happened to come across an earlier blog entry of my own in an internet search, just now.

Far from being displeased, I am surprised and eternally grateful to anyone else who posted any of those entries on another website or blog, since they are now unavailable to public access. A great service.

Thus, I will utilize someone else's link, to refer back to my own blog entry from June, 2007:

I hope to be able to do an update blog, shortly, appropriately entitled: "One Nation Under Citigroup."

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The following has no relationship to current events and the content of any of my previous blog entries. It should be placed under separate entity but I decided to put it, here, anyway. So, to distinguish it, I simply printed the copy using the color blue...

The prevailing theory that worldwide primitive human populations emerged from central Africa and migrated to populate the world has NEVER made sense to me.
It postulates a Herculean task upon primitive peoples.
An astounding technological feat.

The question then becomes, if the "out of Africa" hypothesis is an invalid one, then, from where or how did primitive humans emerge everywhere, it seems, to populate the globe, from one end to the other, in all sorts of climates and terrain?

After the "New World" was discovered by the "Old World," it was later surmised that the peoples of the Asian continent migrated eastwards across the Pacific and Bering Strait when ice levels were lower than now and they then further migrated throughout the Atlantic-Pacific continent, up, down, across, inside, from Coast to Coast, etc. And they migrated to Australia. And so on. And, various such theories and explanations of intentional or accidental migrations were given to account for the presence of primitive peoples just about everywhere. Further and further migration theories to explain anomalies and evidence. The explanations become more and more convoluted to me.

But, a different, more simple, direct explanation, hypothesis, supposition, an obvious one to me, exists that coincides better with the evidence. These people were THERE FROM THE BEGINNING. That is, the evolutionary antecedents of our modern human species populated the planet everywhere for millions of years and developed with different rates of change depending on accidental historical and geographical circumstances and isolation. Indeed, we can speculate, hypothesize that our evolutionary ancestors were distributed equally or unequally throughout the one large continent, Pangea, that existed prior to eventual continental drift and separation.

Just as Darwin noted species variations from place to place and, especially, on islands, we can postulate the same for human evolutionary precursors and development.

We can posit geographical pockets of human evolutionary existence with long and ancient continuity, comingled with relatively subsequent, modern, contemporary historical migrations and social overlap, interpenetration, integration, conquest, and so on.

If we begin with the above paradigm, assumption, theory, then, suddenly, questions and explanations shift dramatically.

That's the hypothesis. Now, it needs to be either proved or disproved.

So, I welcome comments from others...

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I decided, this time, to highlight amongst all the many articles available, this one, BECAUSE, it features, instead, Germany's Deutsche Bank, as well, of course, as the ubiquitous Abraaj.
And, of course, Deutsche Bank has a long, historical Nazi pedigree and lineage.
Indeed, the two names virtually synonymous:

Now, the following has been reported, added to all previous information,
"US Seeks $300 Billion from Gulf" and they give a breakdown:

In turn, calls to utilize the IMF in which all above Gulf entities will invest and further financial bailouts will complete a Fascist cycle of wealth transfer, ownership, control, and reactionary, economic and political bondage:;_ylt=

Anyway, the entire Fascist Obummer regime was put in place to facilitate the above Nazi agenda.
It is so entirely open, blatant and OBVIOUS to anyone with half a brain. They even advertise it, brazenly.

I like to feature at least one protest, resistance or opposition occurring almost everywhere on the globe EXCEPT here, of course.
If one lives here, for the most part, these struggles are NOT mentioned, reported.
Of course, I know the reason why.
So, today, I decided I would highlight two items.
First, a BRIEF current development from Iceland:


And, then, a much longer reprint from an earlier entry I did, May, 2005, excerpted from an article in that ultra Left publication, the WSJ.
Since the WSJ was purchased by Murdoch, it would never feature such an article as that below.
I thought the following excerpt expressed the essence of the issues which intersect and intertwine and I have featured so many times on my blogs.
So, without further ado, here it is:
France, Europe and privatization

Again, from the Wall St. Journal, WSJ, May 10, 2005:
"At French Utility, Union Wages War to Guard Its Perks," subtitled, Plan to Privatize Giant EDF Spotlights a Costly Bloat in Europe's Public Sector. This is a LONG, front page story, from which I will highlight only a small portion.
EDF, Electricite de France, according to the article, is "the world's largest power utility in terms of production capacity." The union, CGT, Confederation Generale du Travail, is "protesting the gov'ts decision to sell as much as 30% of the giant state-owned power utility on the stock market this year....the Communist leaning union commands the allegiance of more than half of EDF's 110,000 French workers and controls the company's social benefits. The council is a vast welfare machine that subsidizes meals, vacations and cultural events for EDF employees, and provides them with free health care--all paid for with a huge budget funded by electricity consumers. EDF employees also enjoy lifetime employment, early retirement, subsidized housing and 90% discounts on their power bills, among other perks...
If EDF is listed on the stock market, the union fears, investors will promptly put an end to them. France's attempt to partially privatize and skinny down EDF over the objections of unions like CGT is a test case for one of the biggest challenges facing Continental Europe: whether it can trim its costly welfare states and shed the structural impediments that have long clogged its economy....In France...the country has 6.4 million public sector workers--more than a quarter of its work force...[EDF's monopoly will end by July 2007]...when France must open 100% of its power market to competition.
Analysts value the company at about $50 billion. EDF's benefits have their roots in the company's unusual history. EDF was created in 1946 as France emerged from Nazi occupation. In an attempt to speed up the country's reconstruction, a coalition gov't headed by de Gaulle nationalized many industries. Marcel Paul, a hero of the French resistance who spent 3 years in a German concentration camp, was named minister of industrial production. At the time, France was dotted with hundreds of small private power companies. Mr. Paul, a mechanic and fervent Communist who had risen to become one of the CGT's leaders before the war, pushed to unify and nationalize the power sector.
In addition to helping the state rebuild the country, he argued, nationalization would take the electric grid away from entrepreneurs who were perceived to have collaborated with the Germans....At company canteens, the CCAS [social benefits council] makes employees pay for their meals proportionately to their earnings. Workers who vacation at the CCAS's holiday spots are greeted by resort managers who relay the CGT's anti-capitalist views. Portraits of Mr. Paul, a revered figure at EDF, hang on the walls of the resorts...EDF also illustrates the trend toward shorter workweeks across Europe. EDF employees can work four eight-hour days, or 32 hours a week, in exchange for 9% pay cuts...the rest of the staff works 35 hours over a five-day work week....Those employees who work 32 hours enjoy nearly three and a half months of annual holiday time, including weekends. The average French worker gets seven weeks of vacation...."
There's more to this article, but, it's simply too long for me to retype entirely. There's one more statistic which I will/can quote from the article. According to the article, "The French state controls 1,447 companies, including a half-dozen giant groups such as postal service La Poste, national railway SNCF, public transportation operator RATP, gas utility Gaz de France, nuclear engineering company Areva, and EDF."

Friday, November 21, 2008


(Note: if you happened to catch this entry earlier, I added a link at the bottom)

Well, the celebratory mood was in full swing in Bubbly Dubai, where the champagne did flow, along with alot else, I'm quite sure:,%20Stars%20As%20Atlantis%20

Actually, the Dubai Party resembles much of the tone, tenor and organization of the Obummer PR campaign to me.
But, the US is, after all, Hollywood's home.
And, Hollywood supported Obummer.
And, Hollywood does excel in glitz and staging, which can be easily turned into propaganda, if so desired.

"There's no business like show business," Ethel Merman sang or more properly belted out in her movie of the same name.
And, in the US, Show Business IS synonymous with Big Business.
"So..." as Merman sang, "let's get on with the show..."

If you already having problems, don't like Obummer, poof!
We come up instantaneously with a new President.
Hillary Clinton.
She might ameliorate the bitter pill message somewhat better than the manufactured, vacuous, inarticulate Mr. Zero

And, for some further amusement, as they say, diamonds are a girls best friend, so...

There's really not much else to say, is there?
I think I've said most of it already, altho, alittle more to come.

In honor of Merman, whom I mentioned above, and the song, "There's No Business Like Show Business," I will end with an appropriate note.
Merman singing her song in a much more desirable, from my point of view, rendition than her original performance:

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, from my previous posts, you can hum, sing or whistle the lyrics of a popular tune to yourself, "don't worry, be happy..."

What goes down, most assuredly, will go up, after prices are sufficiently depressed.

Our current financial collapse as much a manipulated, orchestrated event as was our previous Presidential s-election campaign. So, down in one place, up in another grins the Cheshire Cat in our Alice in Wonderland Looking Glass Mirror and Money-Go-Round. If you feel depressed, despondent, or challenged by all this, you are just looking through the wrong mirror darkly.

So, on my above theme, don't worry, be happy...

Another conference to open shortly from the wonderful, wonderful world of Bubble Dubai, appropriately entitled, "Sustaining Our Oasis of Prosperity in a Turbulent World."

Well, aside from blatant irony in the heading, I suppose one might say, a good descriptive geographical choice for Dubai, an oasis. A double entendre. Somebody there has a sense of humor. But, these people are never at a loss for "black" humor. Indeed, one might say it is a specialty of theirs;

But, wait. There's more, so much more on my theme song, above. Another Dubai conference scheduled for late January, 2009, AFTER the Hitler/Nazi-Obummer-Bush-Clinton coronation. So little distinguishes them from one another except a few superficialities. I get confused.

An upcoming "Wealth Management Summit" in Dubai. Please, scan the following link for the first days events, subjects and list of speakers, then, the subsequent day and then their workshop:

And, still more, "Gulf Growth Fund Expects to Offer 30% Gross Returns." One might posit a rhetorical question, how?

And, in this one, an upturn is predicted by the end of this year. But, this was forecast in September, so, it may have to be tweaked abit, I'm afraid.

The above is a very cosmopolitan endeavor and venue and I can not possibly do justice to every firm and every country. Germany's Deustche Bank, Dresdner Bank, the Netherlands are all well represented. Russia's private interests have also descended upon Dubai like a flock of vultures. So, if I overlook you or your country, please, do not be offended. I am acutely aware of your presence, if not in body, then, certainly, in spirit.

However, a few flies in the above ointment have manifested themselves. Contrarian developments. Stumbling blocks to be overcome.

For example, just recently, look what is happening in Egypt regarding that nice little war in Gaza that was fought, basically, for the following reason, the Egypt-Israel gas pipeline deal:

I am quite sure it will be pushed through over everybody's, quite literally, dead bodies, if necessary.

But, wait. There's no end to irony and hypocrisy. While speaking of Gaza, the following, "Kuwaitis Extend Hand of Mercy to Besieged Gazans,"

Isn't that kind, sweet and generous of them? So terribly thoughtful and philanthropic. If they were here, they would get a tax write off for charity.

There are a few more flies in the ointment, impeding and inhibiting success of their newly burgeoning empire. But, I won't bother mentioning the other, obvious flies in the ointment, about which so much is written.

In addition to those obvious problems, difficulties, we can now add more to our shopping cart. Tibet. Quite a few more lengthy articles have appeared, recently, all on the following theme, "Tibetans Push for Independence,"

Well, we all know who and what is behind them/that.

So, indeed, the shopping cart and our plate is growing every day, expanding, rather than contracting and shrinking.

So, while strikes and protests range across Europe, the Middle East, even into Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, here's one from Lebanon, just now, to add to the many others:

Anybody notice anything in the US?

And, that sums it up for "Notes of Organized Labor, Class Resistance from the USA."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Need I say more.

LISTEN, IN ENGLISH, entirely, to the following radio broadcast about the above/below subject.

THIS is WHY, as I have said repeatedly on this blog, there is and will be NO, I repeat, NO organized, institutional, labor union, class resistance or opposition in the US to ANYTHING.

Just the opposite.
Total and complete class collaboration and capitulation with Fascism, privatization and its objectives.

And, for EVERYONE and EVERY website ignoring this ALL decide for yourselves what role THEY ALL play and whose interests they are assisting, both directly and indirectly.
They ALL make me vomit and puke.
So, the following link to a radio broadcast...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, from our modern day Switzerland of the Arabian Gulf,
"UAE-DIFC, A Launchpad for Capital Flows...":

And from Oman, which happens to be a Gulf state for our geographically challenged folks, "Private Sector...Basic Engine...Will Push Development Forward":

And, then, something which has been reported many times, but reiterated here, once again, regarding Iraq, "Top Planner to Cut 75% of Public Jobs":

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton, former President and husband of the incoming Secy of State, Hillary, or, should I say, Co-President Hillary, just visited Dubai.
And, Allawi and his entourage were just in Kuwait for an official visit:

While, Iran "suspended" gas deliveries to the UAE's Dana/Crescent gas.

Iraq's so-called provincial elections come in January, and, then, shortly thereafter, comes another so-called Presidential election in Iran.

So, regime change and congruency on the way in Iran and mopping up in Iraq.
And, if Sadr and friends stand in the way, he and they will all be liquidated.
They might be liquidated, anyway.
They are a good excuse.

In come Morgan Stanley and their international associates and investors in Iran's privatization, the First Persia Fund and out goes Ahmadimidget and his millionaire Mullahs and their militias.

What or who will replace the millionaire Islamic Mullahs?

Well, the interests of those above, of course, as well, quite possibly, as restoration of some financial interests from the former Pahlavi empire.

While lots of information exists surrounding the internal revolts and dissension within Iran, I thought this one clearly states best the nature of the orchestrated, upcoming regime change or coup and congruency of which I speak, "The Decline in Religious Fundamentalism in Iran":

What says it better?

In addition, there's currently a long running dispute between the UAE and Iran's present regime over control and possession of some strategically important islands in the Arab Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.
The US and NATO on the UAE side.

And, then, enter Russia.
"Russia Warns Georgia Against Boosting Military":

Of course, if Iran's present Fascist regime, now allied with Russia, goes down, that will have further, related consequences to the above.

So, clearly, all of the above, combined together, including internal class resistance and opposition to all these privatization projects, EVERYWHERE, and external imperialist conflicts makes for an explosive mix.
Thus, only one solution.
Further escalation, suppression and repression.

Thus, from my previous blog, April, 2008, the following, "The Military and Nothing But the Military."

The only change one must make in the following is the last paragraph. Replace McCain with Obummer's name, Mr. Zero, inserted, injected and pumped up, instead, and replace the descriptive word Vichy to Nazi Democrats, still, however, D.O.A., as it is so obviously and openly morphing into a one Party Fascist/Nazi dictatorship in front of everyone's eyes.
And, before Obummer's, Mr. Zero's, term is completed, he may yet, too, disappear:

Monday, November 17, 2008


I will start, today, highlighting a current, singular, American event, because it is HISTORIC, but, as EVERYTHING ELSE, with global relations and impacts.

GM (General Motors) and its autoworkers unions, UAW, (United Auto Workers), here, in the US, are begging Congress for a part of the lucrative financial tax handouts for their industry, and, their jobs.
While this may seem to many like just one more item in a long laundry list, there is a tragic and ironic significance represented by the UAW and their most likely, probable demise.
This is the culmination, not the beginning, but, the end, of an historic process.
The UAW is not just any union.
It is symbolic.
They were the first major industrial union organized in 1936-37 by the then newly formed, independent, (of the conservative, reactionary AFL, Am Federation of Labor), militant, Left led and Communist affiliated CIO (Congress of Industrial Organization) leadership.
The CIO broke off from the AFL in 1935.
The UAW and auto industry, at the time of its historic organization and inception, was the largest in the country.
And, I believe, the world.
It still is, I believe, the largest union, here, and POSSIBLY, the world.
I'm not sure about that last fact any longer.
They set a bargaining pattern for the latter half of the 20th century.
When the UAW first organized their union and got recognition for it, they had had a very famous, very militant, sit down strike in Flint, Michigan, lasting, I believe, something like 44 days.
It was an epochal, watershed event, struggle and victory in the annals of American and global labor history.
The history of the UAW is a complicated story and I cannot do justice to it, here, much beyond the snapshot above.
I will, however, provide one link, below.

Anyway, to fast forward to the present.
Irony upon irony multiplies.
Amongst the many issues involved at present with the UAW and the auto industry are funded pension benefits, of course, privately invested, and, health care insurance, which, as everybody knows, continues to be privatized, also.
And, the UAW leadership, like ALL other American unions, supports the Nazi Democratic Party and the Hitler-Obummer-Bush Presidency.

What could and should happen, now?

Well, at minimum, a MILITANT RESPONSE, like its forebears and history.
For example, the entire union and industry could strike, once again, occupy buildings, CALL FOR A MAJOR, MASS, NATIONAL, MOBILIZATION AND SHOW OF SUPPORT AND demand their INDUSTRY be preserved, nationalized, funded for any necessary transitions and removed from public stock offerings and shareholders, and, likewise, expansion of a publicly funded pension and health care system.

Will this or any part of the above happen?
A resounding NO.
The reasons are all the above and what I have had on my blog, repeatedly.
And, so, the blessed, globally historic, wonderful, progressive, watershed UAW, itself, will become history and fade into oblivion.
And, that, kids, is today's domestic and global event in its implications.
All preplanned.

And, the industry will either be reorganized, without, of course, a major labor union and purchased by the same folks organizing the money-go-round in the GCC speculative bubble and/or be relocated to those same areas of "emerging growth" with a cheaper labor force and no unnecessary expenditures for other amenities.

So, I said I would provide a link for the above.
Well, there are so many sources from which to choose, I decided on one, altho not DIRECTLY discussing UAW history, because it is a very nicely written, general, informative, fascinating read and much more reflective of the SPIRIT of how and why the UAW was formed, what it was about and represented, how it fit into the period in which it was formed, and, as well, a less highlighted and usually grossly distorted subject matter, and, hopefully, a future project for anyone else wishing to do more.
But, just before I link to the following, I would like to add one personal comment.

I happened to know someone in NYC who helped organize the UAW in the 1930s and was a part of the famous Flint, Michigan sit-down strike.
He died just recently.
He was a very inspirational, extraordinarily decent, humble, loving human being, but, as well, an excellent, excellent, tactician and strategist from whom I learned alot that is NOT in books, and I consider myself very, very fortunate to have known him.
I nicknamed him "Lenny the Leaflet," since he was forever politically active and a chronic "leafleteer," prior to the advent of the internet, and, I would hope and imagine he died leafleting, "with his boots on."
And, so, the following is my personal dedication to Lenny the Leaflet and others like him.

In addition, I would like to add, the labor union called "District 65" is mentioned in the following.
I personally, albeit it, briefly, experienced the WONDERS, and, I do mean, WONDERS, of District 65 and what a REAL, progressively led labor union CAN BE.
It is not hyperbole.
The difference between an institution like District 65 in NYC and a reactionary, right wing, mafia led, corrupt labor union, which I also experienced, again, briefly, is GREATER than the difference between day and night.
It is more like going from one planet to another, Earth to Jupiter in terms of contrast.
So, with that lengthily, long winded introduction, dedication and provisos in mind, the following link, finally...

After reading the above inspirational piece, I must now return to the abysmal muck and obscene realities of the present day, all dedicated to overturning everything for which Lenny the Leaflet and his associated friends and companions fought.

So, for a few updates in the Middle East, GCC money-go-round saga and SOME of the many developments I have been following in this "emerging growth" area.

First, the Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Hamid Jafar,, octopus and growing empire, "Dana Gas...New Discoveries...Five Year Growth Plan,

And, since Egypt was mentioned above in the Dana Gas article, here's something more about Egypt's privatization.
It's in Arabic, with English subscript.
It's quite silly for me to post something in Arabic, I suppose, since everybody reading this speaks fluent English.
But, it's an indulgence.
I personally enjoy hearing another language, even if I can't understand one word of what is being said.
And, maybe others will do so, as well.
And, of course, those who CAN understand at least some of what is being said.
And, on the left hand sidebar, you will also note reports related to MerchantBridge and UBS combining.
I will link to an entirely English language ARTICLE after this video regarding the MerchantBridge and UBS story...

And now for MerchantBridge.
In my previous blogs, below, I highlighted the emergence of Stonebridge, and, of course, Citigroup--the newer guys in town, bought in by the Obummer-Clinton Presidency.
But, MerchantBridge still are/were the folks responsible for privatizing Iraq's state industries.
And, Rahim of MerchantBridge is associated with the "Harvard Circle" of wealthy Iraqi expatriates.
In previous historical terms, this would be labelled counter-revolution and restoration.

So, MerchantBridge and UBS to merge,

And, just as a little personal, historical rumination on these developments. I was thinking to myself the other day about the parallel historical roles of Switzerland during WWII and that of the GCC so-called states, now.
Both were/are supposedly neutral actors, but, both the epicenter of related financial manipulation and secrecy.
Neither are a major military actor, but, both sit nearby or between the active theatre of war.
Just thought I would toss out these similarities which could easily be developed and substantiated further, including the continuity of financial actors.

And, finally, for just about everybody with sawdust in their brains and heads of brick and mortar, here it is, spelled out, once more, in two articles, following,
"Former Head of World Bank, Wolfensohn, Sees Tectonic Shifts to a New World Order,"

And, "Gulf Countries Becoming New Power Brokers,"

And, all of you, at least, in the US, are aiding and abetting this process and your own demise.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This, below/above is THE main unacknowledged, unrecognized, un/underreported, hidden, obscured, COORDINATED "conspiracy" and story; THE open secret, the GCC speculative, economic bubble and bonanza, the purpose and timing of our corollary structural financial collapse, the economic and political centerpiece for our greater Middle East, regional and global privatization project,

Related to the above, in my previous blog entry, below, I linked to the following article, "West's Troubled Markets Attract Middle East."
I was made aware, in order to access the entire article, it seems, the reader is sometimes required to preregister with the Financial Times, from whence it appeared.
Consequently, if you had difficulties and still wish to read it, I will reprint the entire article following its link:

" The Middle East’s wealthiest private investors are seeking to take advantage of collapsing markets in the west by increasing their investments in depressed US and UK real estate markets, private bankers say.
The Middle East’s richest private investors control about $1,700bn (€1,360bn, £1,120bn) of assets, according to research by
Capgemini and Merrill Lynch, a figure they forecast will rise to $3,400bn by 2012.
“Our clients are asking us about US distressed real estate, and we have had a lot of interest in the UK commercial property market, particularly in London, where prices have declined very, very quickly,” Philip Watson, head of Citi Private Bank investment analysis, said. “People can sense there are opportunities.”
Citigroup hopes to capitalise on the surge in interest through its newly set up UK commercial property fund – managed by a third party provider – that aims to raise £100m ($150m, €120m) from high-net-worth individuals and invest over the next 18 months, said Mr Watson.
Property has traditionally been a popular asset class among wealthier Middle East investors and most portfolios already have a significant real estate segment. Local prices have soared in recent years, but investors have become increasingly wary of their home markets amid concerns over potential corrections, particularly in the United Arab Emirates.
Despite seeing the value of their international portfolios shrink as the credit crunch deepened, affluent Middle East investors and families still have a lot of money to invest abroad, said Sandy Shaw, global head of Middle East private banking at Coutts & Co .
While her clients are still wary of further drops in the US real estate market, there is growing interest in UK property, said Ms Shaw. UK house prices have fallen 15.5 per cent from a year ago, according to the latest Halifax house price index, taking prices to a three-year low. Sales are at the lowest level since at least 1978, when the measure began, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. In the US, the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index, which measures house prices in 20 cities, fell 16.6 per cent in August from a year earlier.
Ms Shaw says she advises clients to look at the US, as it “has come further along this cycle”.
However, “it’s a wait-and-see game until some stability returns”, said Kamran Butt, head of Middle East research at Credit Suisse."

And, just as a token service, gesture to my blind sighted "fellow" Americans, SOME of the many events NOT featured or reported, here, AT ALL.
News "NOT fit to print:"

"Student Protests Paralyze Rome,"

Elsewhere, in Germany, more of the above,

And, be sure to check out my second blog entry for today, as well, below, about Ramsey Clark...


Once again, I EXCERPTED the following paragraphs and links out from a longer, previous blog entry, from February 20, 2008, since I think some reminders are apropo.

So, the following:

"...Speaking of the odd couple, the Muslim Brotherhood and Cindy Sheehan, I am going to discuss interconnection between ALL of the above and my previous blog, February 16, which illicted an enormous response.
All is interconnected. In my previous blog about Obama, February 16, I linked, for comparison purposes, to information from the tenc website about Marko Perkovic's revived Nazi Croatian Ustashe rallies.
( )
However, the tenc website ALSO did some excellent work, previously, about Ramsey Clark's presence at the former trials of the Yugoslavian leader, Milosevic.
From the tenc website, beginning with May, 2003 and following thru in a series of articles EXPOSING previous US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's psuedo defense role in the Milosevic trials,

Ramsey Clark, as noted, is/was attached to the "Left" International Action Center, here, in the US, and, they, in turn, to the ANSWER coalition in the US, which sponsors lots of demonstrations.

Just this past year, only a few months ago, in November 27-29, 2007, the same Ramsey Clark was THE US representative and, apparently, from what I read, President, at an international, "All India Anti-Imperlialist Forum," in India.
I want to draw EVERYONE'S attention to the "political resolutions" adopted at this presumed Left international forum, approximately half or two thirds down the text, note especially, those "political resolutions" numbered, #3, #4 and #5, (supporting Hizbullah, Nassrallah and Kurdistan, opposing Turkey)

It becomes abundantly clear just what purpose Ramsey Clark served at this conference.

The same one that is being served BY ALL OF THE ABOVE taken together. The "Left," in the US, is the Right.
It is incumbent upon everyone and anyone who attended the preceeding conference to DISAVOW, REPUDIATE and DISASSOCIATE themselves and/or their organizations, from the above political resolutions.
They are disastrous and counter-revolutionary ones..."

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, following from my previous blogs below regarding Madeleine Albright, the Albright Group, Stonebridge, Citigroup, etc., here they all are again, in their munificent Fascist glory. I will provide the link momentarily.

I guess this was one of the many promises or agreements in the various Obummer-Clinton secret meetings.

Big change, isn't it? Biden and Clinton or, really, I should call it the Clinton-Biden Administration, like the Rice-Cheney Administration before it.


A virtue in American society.

As the song says, "the gang's all here," below.

Forget Obummer.

He's simply a manufactured, concocted, created commodity.

A piece of total shit, garbage and absolute Zero.


The totally bought and paid for front man, pimp, prostitute, whore that the Democratic Chicago mafia sleaze machine produces, along with their Fake Farrakhan.

I simply tune out and turn off whenever I see or hear him.

He makes me puke.

They all do.

He's just worse because of his sanctimonious smugness, demagoguery, hypocrisy, mindless, stupid, mind numbing, meaningless, devoid of content, windbag, shallow, empty, vapid, rhetoric, jargon.

Another Bush. it is...."Obama Gets the Clinton Band Back Together,"

On the subject of Citigroup, the G20 meeting, the financial meltdown and my previous blogs regarding the relationship between the GCC, Stonebridge, more on the "West's Troubled Markets Attract Middle East," as if I did not know this, already:

And back in the Nazi Homeland of the US of Debt, apparently, our quasi-government home loan program, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, nurtured by the above Clinton Administration, will receive MORE federal tax subsidies for their so-called speculative bailout.

I have heard estimates that their previously accumulated, private, financial debt, which OUR tax dollars are now financing, was inflated and leveraged upwards exponentially to approximately 135 TIMES above the underlying value of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgages!! One great big, giant, financial Ponzi scheme.

But, THEY pay one billion dollars to purchase an election and a President and look what they get back in return! TRILLIONS and the world! Look at the ratios! What a great investment! What a racket!

Finally, on the subject of rackets:

But, as I said, I am enjoying myself enormously.

I am sitting back and watching it all unfold. After all, I can proudly say "I am not now and never was a card carrying member..." of the Nazi Democratic Party (or Republican) and I certainly did NOT support or vote for Obummer.

My soul can rest in peace.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Regarding Ukraine and NATO expansion and membership,,nato-chief-de-hoop-scheffer-ukraine-will-become-a-member.html

And, from the other side of the globe, an irresistible little footnote about Japan from our orchestrated financial bailout and meltdown I mention simply because the subsidiary company is registered in those offshore, murky Cayman Islands,,mizuho-financial-to-raise-capital-by-issuing-preferred-securities.html

There are no limits to the audacity of international Fascism.
Carte blanche!

And, continuing from or adding to my previous blog, below, from November 13, 2008, I have first excerpted, reiterated the following information regarding Obummer and Stonebridge...

But, to elaborate alittle further on current details, which, of course, nobody usually bothers to do, one can peruse Stonebridge's website, mentioned above, but, please, note, right there, which one can't miss, smack in front of your eyes on their homepage, CITIGROUP...

...because I am adding, or highlighting, to the above from the Stonebridge website the following because of its obvious pertinence,

Stonebridge is another one of those fascinating, overlapping who's who or "which ones are screwing you now" companies.
One should look carefully at their website.

In this matter, no end exists to the heights of audacity, chutzpah, obscenity of global Fascism and the role our False ideologues and collaborators play in perpetuating Fascist goals through revisionist history and obscurantism, such as the following excellent example regarding Iraq, Kuwait and war reparations!

Anyway, back here, in the good ole US of A, the Nazi Democrats and Hitler/Obummer are making obligatory noises about financial bailouts for the big auto makers, GM, particularly.
Forget it.
They are living in a dream world.
They will get kicked in the pants and screwed like everybody else from our Nazi Obummer/Hitler dictatorship.

But, they will all find out, shortly, sooner rather than later.
I can hardly wait.