Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...laughing and enjoying myself tremendously. The postpartum electoral blues, recriminations, revelations, analysis, dissection, depression, hand wringing, agony, tragedy, drama, melodrama, the what is to be done, unfolding before my eyes. Yes, I am...enjoying myself enormously. I will express this joy in music, at the end. Not now. Meanwhile, for some REAL opposition. Guess who, what and where? Of course, NOT here. Forget the US. Shareholders at the UK's Barclays Bank are rebelling against their management's proposed GCC buyout: And the following response to the above: Well, three cheers, hip, hip, hooray, for Barclays shareholders, whose action represents a quantum leap above the do nothings, here. It's a sad statement and commentary, when the action of the capital shareholders of Barclays Bank are more progressive and militant than the working class and their corrupt union leadership in this country. And, in that regard, the Polish dockworkers, who, as everybody recalls, are reaping the benefits of American union support for Solidarity and the demise of the Soviet Union by losing their shipyards, did the following regarding pension "reforms," just now, "Polish Workers Occupy PM's Office...":

And, of course, the entire country of Pakistan appears to be going up in class warfare and political flames as everything is being privatized.

Similar events continue, elsewhere, I know, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, many more.

But, NOT HERE. No. Never here.

Instead, here, our upcoming G20 meeting will be attended by that great political retread, progressive, humanitarian, of East European background, Madeleine Albright, "representing" that awfully feel good, "changey" Obummer Presidency in waiting, and Albright's "bipartisan," yes we can, together, sidekick,

Obummer apparently seems to be conveniently and conspicuously missing in action. Well, it matters not, as I said, before. Best to replace him with Mickey Mouse or a Sesame Street puppet. Either will do equally well. Nobody will notice he's missing, except, of course, for the moron believers. But, they don't count, anyway.

I know there's so much more happening, but, really, I need to sit back, enjoy and savor this moment. And, the best yet to come, Kirkuk, Iraq's provincial elections, Russia, and on and on.

Oh, yes. I almost forget in the midst of my joy. About that October Surprise financial bailout, related to all of the above, the GCC money-go-round, the G20 meeting conveniently scheduled shortly thereafter, in November, and the guys who bought our currently s-elected President in Waiting.

Well, it seems those selected financial firms utilizing our collective tax monies, amongst other wonderful things, are using that money to subsidize further capital consolidation and concentration by purchasing their competitors.

Perhaps, someone can explain why EVERY man, woman and child in this country could, did NOT, just as easily, receive a million dollar tax grant, subsidy, direct payment from the government and that would instantaneously resolve everyone's problems AND level the playing field.

That would be "wealth redistribution."

And, now, for the musical expression to which I referred at the top. Beethoven's "Ode to Joy,"

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