Friday, November 7, 2008


Today must be a quick, brief entry.

So, a few brief, delectable tidbits.
I won't bother itemizing the many financial interests to whom Uncle Tom Obummer is beholden and have him hanging by the balls until he turns another color.
The list of financial names supporting him is widely available throughout the internet and my previous blog entries so there's no point in my repeating the obvious.
It's a "who's who" of the "blue chip" financial community and major corporate interests, as the business channel likes to say.

Maybe, since he already is a Black Messiah, he will turn white or blue or the color purple, instead, certainly NOT Red, as the "blue chip corporations" squeeze Obummer real hard and remind him just who are his masters.
Maybe he will stop grinning smugly like a Cheshire Cat.

Anyway, the Business Channel licks their chops jubilantly, gleefully, over "all the best financial names of Wall Street" who are "advising" the Black Hitler or Mussolini.
And, by the way, historically, these "financial names advising Obummer" were, indeed, many of the same names and interests financing Hitler and Mussolini, so, the analogy is not just hyperbole.

And, then, the Business Channel makes no bones about saying how Obummer will do virtually nothing he promised, as if I did not know this, already.
There's a name for that.
It's called hypocrisy.

So, Obummer's bomb might ignite even before he officially becomes President, altho, he can always hold another diversionary rock concert and Hitler Youth rally and chant, bombastically, "Yes, We Can."
And, then, give the Nazi salute.

Of course, if Obummer has not bombed by then, there's always waiting in the wings what Big Mouth Biden called the "international crisis" within Obummer's first six months.

Well, astute readers understand all the many potentialities of this "crisis," Iraq, its upcoming, so-called, elections, Iran, Turkey, the PKK, the greater Middle East powder keg, Russia, the Caucasus, etc.

So, I really can hardly wait until Obummer gets into office and screws everybody really GOOD with ALL of the above and alot more coming.

I will really sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Now, in addition to the above, the following REMINDER about "universal service," or, what I call the backdoor military draft, i.e. the Hitler Youth Corp and Nazi state.
Of course, NYS Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel first introduced this proposition during the Bush Administration.
It's not new.
But, it was too much of a political liability to get it through during the Bush years.
But, now, instead, we have the Black Hitler to bring it to fruition.
And, remember, the way it will be designed, the wealthy always have an option from direct military combat:

So, I can hardly wait to cheer on "our boys and girls," as they go marching off hither and thither to yonder lands to "save the country," etc., etc.

As I said previously, I will be the first one to throw confetti at them and urge them to Go, Die, Please!
Die for God, the Fuhrer, the Black Messiah, oh yes, I almost forgot, and a few multinational private corporations!
But, what the heck about them!

In conclusion, another irresistible link out of the many hundreds, thousands to the Open Secret I have been following for so long on so many of my previous blogs, the greatest story never told, those who financed and bought the Black Hitler and his billion dollar campaign, coordinated the global financial meltdown, and are coming thru the back door to profit from the orchestrated meltdown, buy up and privatize everything, everywhere, globally, at bargain basement prices and the Middle East, GCC speculative, privatizing bubble--so, another one on the "Summit on the World Agenda, the World Economic Forum and Dubai" (where else, of course?):

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