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Continuing from my previous posts from November 1 and through October, below, and extending well before that, apparently, British PM Gordon Brown now goes to the Middle East to prepare for a pre-scheduled, mid-November financial meeting AFTER US Presidential s-election, which MAY not get decided, anyway, on November 4, and after our pre-orchestrated economic bubble collapsed, "British PM Goes to Gulf for Bailout Help":

And, a very interesting and important followup to the above regarding shareholder backlash.
Note, at the bottom of the following link, they were advised by, amongst others, by JP Morgan Cazenove, advisor to many others of ill-repute that I have featured on this blog, from Heritage Oil in Kurdistan to Africa:

Then, in addition to Barclay's bailout, British PM Gordon Brown requests the Gulf states help support the IMF.

The following link is a video for Arabic speakers with a brief English subheading, below it:

And, entirely in English, a radio program about the above subject:

And, more on the IMF and so-called Gulf "States," really, private kingdoms attached to, maintained and supported by the West:

And, one more irresistible link to the "World's Most Lucrative Market" in privatizing health care, including, of course, Abraaj as one of their attendees:

Welcome to the US.

Meanwhile, Ukraine, Hungary and Iceland all scheduled to receive IMF bailouts from the above money-go-round.

And, a short video from protests in Iceland demanding the PM's resignation and bringing up the totally taboo subject, here, in the US, "class struggle":

And, further, concurrent with above developments, alittle update from our Democratic "Peace Candidate" Rep Dennis Kucinich's favorite organization, JBANC, (and "Victims of Communism") regarding NATO expansion, or, hugs and embraces for its two, latest, new, upcoming members, Croatia and Albania:

And more commentary on the above:,russia-blasted-at-nato-conference.html

Well, we all know why Ukraine's Yuschenko could not attend the events above.
Because he was busy back home voting for an IMF loan which Yanukovich's parliamentary faction boycotted, for Ukraine, about which I reported in my post, below, from November 1.

Meanwhile, adding insult to injury, Egypt, has just been given an award for outstanding national outsourcing destination, while Egypt's EFG-Hermes (interlocking directorates, Citibank, Dana, Abraaj, Hamid Jafar, etc) profits have gone up and I have highlighted, in my post, below, November 1, Egyptian resistance, demonstrations, opposition to privatization of state enterprises and Mubarak's regime.

Not one word said, here, about ANY OF THE ABOVE, from the GCC money-go-round to Turkey, Egypt opposition,, from our fake Left, etc.
A deafening silence.

Basically, our fake Left, Opposition and Fascist led, mafia collaborating unions and their privatizing pension funds, and their Vichy Democratic, Obummer friends, are all thumbing their noses at you globally and saying to ALL, go fuck yourselves!

They are laughing all the way to the bank at the REST OF YOU SUCKERS!!

Obummer's Fascist campaign has received almost 700 MILLION DOLLARS. That's not too far away from a BILLION dollars flushed down the toilet bowl.

From where do you think that money comes?



And, since our Fascist Obummer campaign can only manage to muster up a few extra percentage points, here and there, for that gargantuan amount of money spent, I figure, on average, it is costing him/them 100 (ONE HUNDRED) MILLION DOLLARS, ROUGHLY, ON AVERAGE, FOR EVERY ONE PERCENTAGE POINT he manages to BUY, PURCHASE.
Maybe even higher than that figure, on average.
That's a mind boggling amount.

In contrast, Nader has barely raised 4 million dollars. Yet, he averages somewhere between 4-8%, depending on place and polling.

Think of the proportional relationship expressed above.

IF you are reading this and you live in the US, the very least you can do is NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE BASTARDS. Shove your fingers into their eyeballs and blind them, like they are doing TO YOU. Vote Independent EN MASSE. Go forth and multiply. Get one or two more people for every one of you. Storm the election booths with people AND LITERATURE AND PROTESTS.

It is absolutely incredible to me that people can be so stupid, so self-destructive, blind sighted, suicidal and masochistic to vote for those who completely fuck over them every which way possible.

Everybody going into that election booth voting for the Obummer mafia, the "Andy Stern gang," and/or the McCain Nazis should wear a sign that says, "Beat Me and Beat Me Some More." And/or, "I Support Evil Incarnate." They can join with the fanatical, barbaric, religious Islamists. I will end with 4 little retrospectives from WWI, which I think are appropriate reminders to the current situation. All are short pieces.

First, a lighter, somewhat upbeat, more entertaining musical note, Yankee Doodle Dandy (George M. Cohan) from the vintage James Cagney movie version:

And then the equally famous Enrico Caruso sings, "The Yanks Are Coming...Over There..."

And, finally, the same song, only, presented with a somewhat different flavor to it:

I thought the above themes apropos for our current Presidential race.
Of course, out of the ashes of WWI came the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, "Ten Days That Shook the World."
So, maybe our current situation will be alittle more "changey" than anticipated.

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