Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, from my previous posts, you can hum, sing or whistle the lyrics of a popular tune to yourself, "don't worry, be happy..."

What goes down, most assuredly, will go up, after prices are sufficiently depressed.

Our current financial collapse as much a manipulated, orchestrated event as was our previous Presidential s-election campaign. So, down in one place, up in another grins the Cheshire Cat in our Alice in Wonderland Looking Glass Mirror and Money-Go-Round. If you feel depressed, despondent, or challenged by all this, you are just looking through the wrong mirror darkly.

So, on my above theme, don't worry, be happy...

Another conference to open shortly from the wonderful, wonderful world of Bubble Dubai, appropriately entitled, "Sustaining Our Oasis of Prosperity in a Turbulent World."

Well, aside from blatant irony in the heading, I suppose one might say, a good descriptive geographical choice for Dubai, an oasis. A double entendre. Somebody there has a sense of humor. But, these people are never at a loss for "black" humor. Indeed, one might say it is a specialty of theirs;

But, wait. There's more, so much more on my theme song, above. Another Dubai conference scheduled for late January, 2009, AFTER the Hitler/Nazi-Obummer-Bush-Clinton coronation. So little distinguishes them from one another except a few superficialities. I get confused.

An upcoming "Wealth Management Summit" in Dubai. Please, scan the following link for the first days events, subjects and list of speakers, then, the subsequent day and then their workshop:

And, still more, "Gulf Growth Fund Expects to Offer 30% Gross Returns." One might posit a rhetorical question, how?

And, in this one, an upturn is predicted by the end of this year. But, this was forecast in September, so, it may have to be tweaked abit, I'm afraid.

The above is a very cosmopolitan endeavor and venue and I can not possibly do justice to every firm and every country. Germany's Deustche Bank, Dresdner Bank, the Netherlands are all well represented. Russia's private interests have also descended upon Dubai like a flock of vultures. So, if I overlook you or your country, please, do not be offended. I am acutely aware of your presence, if not in body, then, certainly, in spirit.

However, a few flies in the above ointment have manifested themselves. Contrarian developments. Stumbling blocks to be overcome.

For example, just recently, look what is happening in Egypt regarding that nice little war in Gaza that was fought, basically, for the following reason, the Egypt-Israel gas pipeline deal:

I am quite sure it will be pushed through over everybody's, quite literally, dead bodies, if necessary.

But, wait. There's no end to irony and hypocrisy. While speaking of Gaza, the following, "Kuwaitis Extend Hand of Mercy to Besieged Gazans,"

Isn't that kind, sweet and generous of them? So terribly thoughtful and philanthropic. If they were here, they would get a tax write off for charity.

There are a few more flies in the ointment, impeding and inhibiting success of their newly burgeoning empire. But, I won't bother mentioning the other, obvious flies in the ointment, about which so much is written.

In addition to those obvious problems, difficulties, we can now add more to our shopping cart. Tibet. Quite a few more lengthy articles have appeared, recently, all on the following theme, "Tibetans Push for Independence,"

Well, we all know who and what is behind them/that.

So, indeed, the shopping cart and our plate is growing every day, expanding, rather than contracting and shrinking.

So, while strikes and protests range across Europe, the Middle East, even into Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, here's one from Lebanon, just now, to add to the many others:

Anybody notice anything in the US?

And, that sums it up for "Notes of Organized Labor, Class Resistance from the USA."

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