Monday, November 10, 2008


If I'm laughing, there is no other response I can have to all of the following, a big, humongous joke.
A farce, comedy.

So many articles appear SUDDENLY on the internet, as predicted, AFTER the election, lamenting Obummer's "choice" of advisers, staff, Administration, which is loaded to the gills, lock, stock and barrel by the same financial interests that purchased him in the first place, information readily available, and, voluntarily ignored, PRIOR to the American Presidential s-election campaign.
However, I do not characterize the above as a "choice" on his part.

A choice implies something voluntary.
He is just the front man, a manufactured, artificial creation, purchased and pumped up with almost a billion dollars and all of the resources the Establishment, fake Left, Opposition, media, Fascist unions, criminal politics in Chicago, reverse racism, mafia style tactics, voter registration fraud, ballot stuffing, could muster up.

He is the continued Nazi Bush/Obummer Presidency.
They OWN him.
He is NOT making ANY choices.
He is MR. ZERO.
What is poured in, comes out.

But, the SAME websites, pundits, you name it, those who PREVIOUSLY supported Obummer, and now, suddenly, remarkably, have seen the light, STILL, CONTINUE to neglect and note the coordinating, strategic role played by the GCC money-go-round in all this, from whence and why our orchestrated economic meltdown occurred, the timing, for whose and which purposes it serves and from whence our Nazi Obummer President was purchased.
Still can not find this one.

So, against the above backdrop, preparations ALREADY underway for the World's Second Economic Summit.
You guessed.
Dubai chosen as the PERMANENT strategic hub for the World Economic Forum.

Anybody reading my blog surprised?

The World Economic Forum in DUBAI, "sets the agenda for upcoming G20,"

Meanwhile, back at the fort, related developments in Kuwait.
Kuwait invites Iraq's Talabani to attend Economic Summit, as if he needed a formal invitation,

And then, "Kuwait Army Chief of Staff Receives US Naval Commander,"

And Kuwait is hosting the Arab Economic Summit,

Now, I can link to all the many "conferences, forums, events, etc." already held in Dubai or upcoming, but, the one I want to constantly, consistently re-emphasize, remind everyone is the World's First Pension Fund Forum, since this is THE key, THE reason for complete and total class capitulation, hypocrisy, collaboration and the ultimate mortgaging of the working class to a "successful" outcome of the doomed GCC, speculative economic bubble and the greater Middle East privatization program.
THIS is an unmitigated, unparalleled disaster.
And, EVERYBODY HAS A COLLECTIVE VOICE to DO SOMETHING about it, stop, confront, halt, change these policies.
Collectively, you do NOTHING. You exercise NO power whatsoever.
Thus, are you CHAINED, bought and purchased, like Obummer, indebted to and owned by these very same interests.
There is NO difference.

No surprise, either, about Iraq and privatization, which has been moving along since the beginning of this "project," consistently,

And, certainly, part of the "I told you so" story regarding Obummers Nazi Youth rallies, the Obummer-Bush Presidency, and what I call the coming backdoor draft,

But, then, you are all mortgaged to protect your investments. So, as Obummer would admonish, carry your weight, do your share for "our" collective cause.

And, Iraq's so-called provincial "elections" scheduled for late January 2009. Maybe that/this is part of what Big Mouth Biden forecast during the Presidential campaign by an upcoming "international crisis."

Much more war, much more fighting to come.

And, Obummer just may not last out his term. After he bombs, he may be the "throwaway" candidate I always thought he is/was. He is expendable if he no longer is useful and serves THEIR purpose. Then, "they" will find another front man/woman/person to replace him. Since the President is always a puppet, I thought it would be expedient to simply select one of the puppets from Sesame Street to act as President. It would save us all alot of money and time and "they" could then legitimately say "the whole world loves it/him/her." After all, what's there not to love about a Sesame Street character?

As for me, I can only watch it all unfold, or, fall apart, or explode, as the case may be. I, personally, have little to nothing vested in anything, here. I know better. Of course, what happens affects me. It affects everyone in varying degrees. But, I'm aware of what's happening and my needs are simple, intentionally so. And, if possible, as I said, leave. There is only one direction in which we are headed, as a country. Down.

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