Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So, where are we, now, in the completely under reported, greatest story never told, GCC money-go-round saga, the area of the world in which EVERYTHING, including the Iraq war, is organized, coordinated, orchestrated, from our pre-planned October Surprise financial meltdown to its solution in ALL of the following and my previous blogs.
And a pre-planned upcoming G20 Summit, mid November:


And, as mentioned above, Saudi Arabia participating in the G20 Summit and "Plans to Help Shape Global Economic Structure":


And, "GCC to Play Decisive Role in Regulating Global Financial System..."


And, then, I almost forgot.

Preceding mid-November's pre-arranged G20 spectacular, the Zurich (Switzerland) Financial Million Dollar Round table conference is occurring. And, guess where it is being held?

You get the Million Dollar prize for your answer, since you are one of the few educated, smart readers of my blog.


At this point, if I could do it via the internet, I would set off bells and whistles:


And, to follow up on the above and my previously blog heading, the US is now open for Gulf investment, some specific events already occurring, but, in Europe, instead of the US, "Al-Khaliji Acquired BLC Bank (France)," in toto:


And, alittle further info on the above mentioned, Al-Khaliji, which has just listed on the Doha Security Market and has only been trading for one year, apparently. Another one of those economic miracles and wunderkinds from the GCC, like Dana Gas:


And, hey, while on the subject of my old friend, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj/Hamid Jafar, et.al, let's see the latest on Dana. Here's one:


Of course, not far behind, following their/our above investments the US and NATO rides in for protection.
You need to accompany the above/following with a musical theme from the American cavalry charge.
But, instead of providing such a musical theme or note, here, at this moment, I will do so at the end of this blog entry.
You will understand why when you see/hear it:


But, much more military than the above will be involved, soon.
Consider it all a prelude on a theme.

And, guess which American financial firm share prices are currently rising and are "poised for success" say "analysts"?

Well, if you have been an astute reader of this blog for awhile, you should have the answer to this question at your fingertips.

Morgan Stanley, of course!

Again, bells and whistles for the correct answer from all you smart readers:



I can't follow all events from the entire, globe, of course.
But, I wanted to draw attention to the complete and total hypocrisy, inconsistency, opportunistic double standard represented in the following statement regarding, as they define it, "state owned" Gazprom in contrast to the above and the many GCC "State" and "Sovereign Wealth Fund" developments I have been following all along on this blog.
These few sentences, below, are excerpted from the SECOND PARAGRAPH BEFORE THE END, FROM THE BOTTOM.
I will provide the link subsequently.

"Last month, EU member states endorsed the so-called Gazprom clause in the European Commission's latest energy package. It seeks to prevent the Russian company (or any other foreign state-controlled entity) from buying strategic assets in the EU."

And, here's the link from which it emanated:


And, now, for the promised theme/link on the above mentioned cavalry charge.

I would beg everyone's indulgence NOT to get carried away or focus overly on the symbolism of the American flag being utilized in the following. It is an extraordinarily moving and profound movie which operates on MANY, MANY different levels, including love. This is it's dramatic conclusion, almost, but, not quite the final scene. And, this is why, as you will see, I had to place it at the end. It could not possibly have been put in the middle of anything else:


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