Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Coincidentally, I just reposted some previous entries, below, regarding Pakistan's privatization, the UAE, Abraaj, BMA, Jafar connections:


I did many more, following, but this is a good reminder and beginning. Now, comes the latest in Pakistan's privatization project and militant labor, united class resistance,


Needless to say, as before, there was then and currently is now NO acknowledgment, recognition, support given by our presumed Opposition to ANY major labor Pakistan opposition and resistance against these or other privatization projects in Pakistan.
Further, regarding IMF "loans" and Pakistan, referred to above,


The other country currently dragging their heels resisting an IMF "loan," bailout is Turkey.
Of course, still, nobody outside of financial circles is discussing the obvious "conspiracy" of the money-go-round represented currently by the machinations in the GCC states, Dubai, Kuwait, etc., the upcoming G20 meeting, and pre-ordained, orchestrated financial meltdown prior to this meeting, the World Economic Forum in Dubai, reorganization of the global financial system, GCC investments into the IMF, World Bank, and privatization and purchase of all the above at depressed, bargain basement prices through the revolving backdoor of the GCC, G20.
The reason for this glaring lack of discussion and action is the same as the reason for no support for Pakistan's trade union resistance.
Our pseudo Left, fake Opposition, and Fascist trade unions are investing and mortgaging their pension funds into the success of all of the above privatization projects, contrary to any and all words seemingly to the opposite.
I see or hear no concrete movement whatsoever for divestment in any of these areas, no acknowledgment, no calls for an expanded, alternative, nationalized pension system. A glaring, deafening silence, instead.
And, a vote for Obummer.
You vote with your money.
And, you could not even go against the private, for profit, health care insurance industry.
Truly, you deserve all that will befall you.
And, it will.
And, by the way, GM in the US is going bust, BUT, NOT in Russia.
The opposite being the case,


So, you are all financing your own demise through the revolving back door, represented by the above financial "conspiracy" and the McBummer-Bush continued Presidency.
The US is the most backward, reactionary country on the planet, thanks to its totally corrupt, collaborative, coopted mafia led, Fascist, anti-Communist trade union movement and all their hangers-on.
And, here's today's ending comment on this subject.
One picture, or, illustration, is worth a thousand words,


If you are interested, here's the article from which I excerpted the above


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