Monday, November 3, 2008


How much more blatant can become these OPEN SECRETS and connections?

They smack one in the face.

So, the following is one of the main reasons why EVERYBODY will dig themselves further and further, deeper and deeper into a Fascist hole and morass.
Instead of a speculative housing/home bubble, once more, even worse, far, far worse, the working class will be mortgaged by their pension fund investments to the Middle East, GCC speculative, privatization bubble AND ALL THE MANY BLOOD SOAKED, REACTIONARY, COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY, HYPOCRITICAL policies it and they represent.
The outcome of one being determined and critical to the other.
A miserable, sick, pathological marriage.
And, by the way, just to point out one more blatant, obvious note, to add to so many of the others.
In all these open financial connections I have been following, NO, I repeat, NO Zionist, Israeli, Jewish, whatever you wish to label it, Lobby, Conspiracy, Connection is involved.

Israel is conspicuously absent.
No slush fund of Israeli money is going into Western institutions or the IMF to bail out, purchase, banks, countries, loans, etc.
If anything, it's the other way around.

Israel serves a different, or, an ancillary purpose and is, in turn, owned and controlled by these same overlapping financial interests, not to mention monies it, as well as Egypt, receives from the US.

But, it seems NOBODY wants to recognize, find or identify THIS Lobby, Conspiracy, Interest Group, represented above/below and throughout my many entries.

The one that is most certainly investing tons, gobs of money into Obummer's campaign.

Well, let me state something loud and clear.
To anyone in this country protesting, complaining, whining about American policies, I would suggest, FIRST AND FOREMOST, they confront their own labor union leadership to CHANGE THE POLICIES represented below. These are the POLICIES AND INVESTMENTS they SHOULD be protesting, changing, boycotting, sanctioning and over which they have SOME control, input, or, at least, they SHOULD have control, input.
If they don't, then, THAT IS THE RELATED PROBLEM.
Anyway, here it is, boldly and proudly announced:

And, here's alittle extra flavoring and spice to add to the above recipe, following along from previous entries:

Pardon me if I give NO credibility, whatsoever, to all the many HYPOCRITICAL statements, critiques, complaints, exposes, analysis, actions, moaning, groaning, wailing, etc., I read, see and hear, here, in the US about the horrors of American policy when NONE of the above is EVER fundamentally acknowledged, exposed or addressed and each and every concrete viable alternative when presented is trashed, denied, ignored, trounced upon and goes entirely unsupported, unacknowledged and unrecognized.

I really have to say to you all, Go fuck yourselves.

You all deserve exactly what you are going to get.

And, it ain't gonna be pretty.

And, then, go back and read my previous entries, below.

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