Thursday, November 13, 2008


Regarding Ukraine and NATO expansion and membership,,nato-chief-de-hoop-scheffer-ukraine-will-become-a-member.html

And, from the other side of the globe, an irresistible little footnote about Japan from our orchestrated financial bailout and meltdown I mention simply because the subsidiary company is registered in those offshore, murky Cayman Islands,,mizuho-financial-to-raise-capital-by-issuing-preferred-securities.html

There are no limits to the audacity of international Fascism.
Carte blanche!

And, continuing from or adding to my previous blog, below, from November 13, 2008, I have first excerpted, reiterated the following information regarding Obummer and Stonebridge...

But, to elaborate alittle further on current details, which, of course, nobody usually bothers to do, one can peruse Stonebridge's website, mentioned above, but, please, note, right there, which one can't miss, smack in front of your eyes on their homepage, CITIGROUP...

...because I am adding, or highlighting, to the above from the Stonebridge website the following because of its obvious pertinence,

Stonebridge is another one of those fascinating, overlapping who's who or "which ones are screwing you now" companies.
One should look carefully at their website.

In this matter, no end exists to the heights of audacity, chutzpah, obscenity of global Fascism and the role our False ideologues and collaborators play in perpetuating Fascist goals through revisionist history and obscurantism, such as the following excellent example regarding Iraq, Kuwait and war reparations!

Anyway, back here, in the good ole US of A, the Nazi Democrats and Hitler/Obummer are making obligatory noises about financial bailouts for the big auto makers, GM, particularly.
Forget it.
They are living in a dream world.
They will get kicked in the pants and screwed like everybody else from our Nazi Obummer/Hitler dictatorship.

But, they will all find out, shortly, sooner rather than later.
I can hardly wait.

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