Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, from our modern day Switzerland of the Arabian Gulf,
"UAE-DIFC, A Launchpad for Capital Flows...":


And from Oman, which happens to be a Gulf state for our geographically challenged folks, "Private Sector...Basic Engine...Will Push Development Forward":


And, then, something which has been reported many times, but reiterated here, once again, regarding Iraq, "Top Planner to Cut 75% of Public Jobs":

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton, former President and husband of the incoming Secy of State, Hillary, or, should I say, Co-President Hillary, just visited Dubai.
And, Allawi and his entourage were just in Kuwait for an official visit:


While, Iran "suspended" gas deliveries to the UAE's Dana/Crescent gas.

Iraq's so-called provincial elections come in January, and, then, shortly thereafter, comes another so-called Presidential election in Iran.

So, regime change and congruency on the way in Iran and mopping up in Iraq.
And, if Sadr and friends stand in the way, he and they will all be liquidated.
They might be liquidated, anyway.
They are a good excuse.

In come Morgan Stanley and their international associates and investors in Iran's privatization, the First Persia Fund and out goes Ahmadimidget and his millionaire Mullahs and their militias.

What or who will replace the millionaire Islamic Mullahs?

Well, the interests of those above, of course, as well, quite possibly, as restoration of some financial interests from the former Pahlavi empire.

While lots of information exists surrounding the internal revolts and dissension within Iran, I thought this one clearly states best the nature of the orchestrated, upcoming regime change or coup and congruency of which I speak, "The Decline in Religious Fundamentalism in Iran":


What says it better?

In addition, there's currently a long running dispute between the UAE and Iran's present regime over control and possession of some strategically important islands in the Arab Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.
The US and NATO on the UAE side.

And, then, enter Russia.
"Russia Warns Georgia Against Boosting Military":


Of course, if Iran's present Fascist regime, now allied with Russia, goes down, that will have further, related consequences to the above.

So, clearly, all of the above, combined together, including internal class resistance and opposition to all these privatization projects, EVERYWHERE, and external imperialist conflicts makes for an explosive mix.
Thus, only one solution.
Further escalation, suppression and repression.

Thus, from my previous blog, April, 2008, the following, "The Military and Nothing But the Military."

The only change one must make in the following is the last paragraph. Replace McCain with Obummer's name, Mr. Zero, inserted, injected and pumped up, instead, and replace the descriptive word Vichy to Nazi Democrats, still, however, D.O.A., as it is so obviously and openly morphing into a one Party Fascist/Nazi dictatorship in front of everyone's eyes.
And, before Obummer's, Mr. Zero's, term is completed, he may yet, too, disappear:


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