Saturday, November 1, 2008


First, before discussing anything else, Independent candidates in the upcoming, US Presidential race are now projected as high as 8%, which includes, of course, Nader, McKinney.
Independent voting moving towards 10% is really a remarkable, astounding, astonishing victory, since it is accomplished with virtually NO resources, NO access to media, television, debates, etc., a virtual blackout, in comparison to the mega millions of Obama, first and foremost, who trashed our public campaign financing as soon as he became the nominee, and then McCain, and their unlimited media coverage, bias and access.
Near 10% for Independent voting would represent an enormous political upset assuming OUR votes are counted.
I have personal experience with Independent votes NOT being tabulated. As it presently exists, both Democrats and Republicans only get approximately 20% plus or minus of the eligible voting population, after spending unlimited resources.
So, IF Independents managed to achieve close to half that percentage, 10%, with NO resources whatsoever, think of the statement it makes. So, EVERYBODY, get out, vote Independent, and give a resounding NO TO FASCISM.
And, make sure YOUR vote is counted.
And, on that note, here's someone else's perspective on Obummer, altho, it is wrong to accept or assume Obummer's own projections, spin and planted publicity that he is going to win.
Remember, he outspends McCain 3 or 4 to 1, which encompasses media outlets, primarily.
As I have said many times, prepare for one or more November Surprises, "Happy Halloween":

Since the writer, above, happens to be Italian, alittle personal footnote.
I know one or two "old timers" who have been through WWII, are politicized and are still alive, kicking and reasonably alert.
Anytime they happen to cross my path, they mutter to me, "Welcome back to Mussolini's Fascist State.
It took them a few steps and a number of years to finalize it, but, here it is."
When they tell this to others, say they, they get back blank stares.
Now, having said my introduction, above, back to business, literally.
No rhetoric or polemics necessary to make my points.
The facts speak loudly and clearly for themselves.
In addition to voluminous preceding blogs regarding the overwhelming, developing, ongoing, orchestrated GCC speculative privatization bubble and officially stated policy the US is OPEN to Gulf investment, (see previous blogs), in addition, "Middle East" investment and Britain's Barclay Bank:

In conjunction with the above, "Dubai World Eyes Bargains":

And, the "UAE Ready to Play Key Role":

However, not to be outdone by any of the above, our Fascist, mafia led unions, partners in crime and enablers of all the preceding, THE POINT that should never be lost, in conjunction with Obummer and the Vichy Dems, "World Markets Up on Pension Fund Buying Spree":

And, in our greatly "liberated" from what was the Soviet Union, Middle, East, European countries, for example, Ukraine has just agreed to accept an IMF bailout, with the entire Yanukovich parliamentary faction abstaining and boycotting the vote:

While elsewhere, more on Italy's recent protests, added to recent general strikes in Greece:

And, I chose the following link/article about the Czech Republic primarily for it's emphasis, highlight on health care.
Much of Czech industry has already been sold out and sold off, privatized, in the first go round, the 1990s.
So, I have warned, emphasized, repeatedly, on this blog, all that what remains in the inevitable march of global Fascism is the following and above, "Czech Politics Takes a Left Turn":

And, in the long running, unreported and unsupported, Turkish opposition battle against their Fascist AKP, the latest in a long laundry list of developments:

And, then, in Egypt:


Another key, integral part of the Fascist state, here, in the US is recycled tax dollars for private military contractors and their profits. A socialist bonanza for private industry. A guaranteed income and market from the bottom up. And, a growth industry. And, export commodity. Thus, all the following, whose stock shares rose on Federally awarded contracts. This represents merely the tip of a very, very large, deep, enormous iceberg. Hess, Boeing, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman:

Now, in the following, once again, the awesome spectre of Russian re-nationalization is raised.
I can only HOPE and wish for it.
I will believe it when I see it, however.
Perhaps, I will see it?

Simultaneously, according to the following statement, Putin says Russia should continue deepening ties with Iran, apparently with some caveats, reservations and qualifications embedded in the following remarks:

I'm not sure to which Iranian government he/they are are referring.
The pre-regime change and congruency Iranian Fascist clerical regime, or, the one following regime change and congruency, represented here by just some of what's transpiring inside Iran:

Finally, discussion appears on the internet as to whether or not the US is moribund, dead, declining, in demise, etc.
The answer, most definitively, is Yes.
Plugging all the many, gaping holes springing up in the dikes and deep reservoirs of global and local class warfare, conflict, containment, counter-revolution, reaction, restoration, hatred, revenge, opposition, resistance, above, require ever and ever greater expenditures of energy, resources, manpower, money, militarism, wealth.
I once described it is a Sisyphean endeavor.
That's precisely what it is.
When the situation in the Middle East explodes as BigMouth Biden promised, for example, spilling the beans, within the upcoming few months, as it inevitably will, this is going to surprise many, most Americans, as they find themselves suddenly plunged into ever deeper militaristic adventures and war.
And, an inevitable military "draft" under guise of national service in true Fascist state style.
From that point of view, I hope it is Obummer rather than McCain who screws them really well.
That would be poetic justice.
And, speaking of poetic justice, a "sell" rating was just given to NY Times stocks. Both they and the Washington Post are losing money.
Maybe, it is some of Obummer's mega million dollars helping to keep them both afloat at the moment.
Of course, that would certainly add to endorsements.
Maybe, the end product will be they both go out of business.
Wouldn't that be nice, poetic justice?

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