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The following short item represents A VERY BIG DEAL,

"UAE Gas Deal [with Crescent Oil] Suspended," by Iran:

Of course, Crescent is part of the Dana Gas/Abraaj/Jafar, etc., empire.

The exact, precise significance of this explosive development, above, is not immediately clear to me, but, the operative word is "suspended," not cancelled. Suspended until when and for what?
The reasons given make no sense.

It confirms a big "change" is coming, like the necessary regime change and congruency in Iran about which I've spoken so much, now that we've had NOMINAL "regime change" in the US.

Now, the above gas deal suspension MAY also be utilized as a desperate form of blackmail and protection racket, extortion, leverage by Iran's Ahmadimidget clerical Fascists, the hired help, Nazi thugs, goon squads, barbaric militias, shock troops, Brown Shirts, etc.
IF so, it won't help.
As I have said, when they present an impediment to "progress" as defined above and below, and stand in the way, they, in turn, need to be eliminated and liquidated.

Iran's entire government is intimately related to the US, many of its people having been educated in US institutions, businesses, etc., and, of course, legacies from the Bush, Iran-Contra, etc.
This is another one of those many facts conveniently ignored by our fake analysts, opposition, Leftists, et. al.

So, I reprinted an excellent example of the above from my previous blog, below, related to Iran's Oriental Oil Kish, Nasseri, Halliburton and nuke negotiations from 2005:

Meanwhile, the greater Middle East (MENASA) speculative, privatization bubble and global project continues to be economically coordinated through the GCC states and their interlocking directorates, encompassing Kuwait.
The financial octopus extends its tentacles outwards daily to eventually encompass the entire globe.

From January 2008, for instance, former KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) Chair and Managing Director also became a Dana Gas executive:

Not unsurprisingly, Kuwait Seeks Investment in Iraq, along with a whole host of others:

And, just now, coincident with the above development regarding Iran and Crescent gas, the Kuwaiti PM just had a visit from former Iraqi PM Allawi and his "entourage":

More interwoven financial connections in this daily growing octopus from the previously reported, newly minted, Al Khaliji bank and its recent purchase, lock, stock and barrel, of BLC Bank France.
A new firm called Markaz:

And, for reference, a link on the above story, Khaliji Acquires French Bank:

And, at Khaliji's own website, you can get further information, such as the following and their press releases, etc.:

Once more, at an upcoming Dubai (where else?) International Finance Conference, you can easily peruse the speakers list and those at the bottom, from Abraaj to Deutsche Bank,

As "they" say, the "who's who" of international finance standing behind Obummer, represented by ALL of the above:

And, then, alittle more icing on the cake, from George Abed, Director, Middle East Department of the IMF:


The IMF, as we all know, is suddenly bailing out lots of countries from an "unexpected, unanticipated," global financial meltdown in which they all find themselves, from Hungary, Ukraine, Iceland, now, to Serbia:

And, in the coordinated, orchestrated financial meltdown stemming, presumably, from a few bad mortgages, and, a Presidential election October Surprise, GCC monies invested in the IMF, in turn, creates the basis to own, purchase, privatize the assets of these countries and others at bargain basement prices in the money-go-round.

And, finally, a little irresistible note related to the above policies to conclude.
I previously linked to Polish union demonstrations against privatization of their shipyards, which is about to happen:

And, as I have said, warned, repeatedly, each and every step, compromise with Fascism leads inexorably to the next one.
What goes round comes round.
I can't cry crocodile tears for the Polish trade unions.

And, so, from my previous blogs, alittle reminder of the role our Fascist led labor unions have played in the past and continue to do so in this process, up to and including Black Hitler's campaign, Obummer.

From 2005 and a national publication of the umbrella AFL-CIO and the American Federation of Teachers, they proudly featured the role they played in bringing down Communism in Eastern Europe, specifically, Solidarity in Poland:

And from Summer 2008, same source, Supporting the Spread of Freedom:

So, please, everyone, enjoy your newfound freedom.
Do not shed any tears.

Likewise, the following, regarding the belated analysis, critiques, hand wringing, which I forecast about Obummer's candidacy, after the fact, ALL of which was known, including the above, PRIOR to his s-election.
So, what else is new?:

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