Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Above is what the Business Channel already said this morning about our newly minted, Billion Dollar Obummer Fascist President only one day after the election.
And, the market tanked 500 points.
I like to listen to them because they candidly discuss the many financial interests to which he is beholden, bought and paid for.
Uncle Tom.
And, they trot out these various financial pundits and gurus on TV basically telling everyone all the many things he promised and will NOT accomplish due to reasons of austerity, financial considerations, debt, fiscal crisis, whatever.

I also suspect, at the moment, that the Vichy, now, Nazi Democrats will use him, and the supposed fiscal crisis as a means of finally beginning the long desired process to privatize, or, partially privatize Social Security and/or Medicare, the one remaining socialized, non-profit, though very meagre state system we have.
This will be one of the many promises on which he will renege, very possibly, like his campaign's public financing.

The following, to which I will link momentarily, are two articles about Obummer which saves me trouble in terms of writing.

But, the first one, like all the many others, does NOT emphasize two main points I make on my blog, repeatedly, the reactionary stranglehold of our Fascist, mafia led unions and the present role of the money-go-round in the GCC, which provided funds to Obummer and enabled him to win.

THE above, the constant and consistent role of our Fascists unions, is the reason NO fundamental change has or will ever occur in the US, AND, NOBODY OUTSIDE SHOULD HAVE ANY ILLUSIONS.
And, of course, in addition, labor's mortgaged pension fund investments in the GCC bubble, which is a strategic part of the Fascist agenda.

Also, I will add, before the following links, I can hardly wait until Obummer gets into office and a universal draft is introduced, which it will be, at some point. I will be the first one to help it pass, and, then, I will be the first one to cheer the troops on and tell them, Go Fight and Die.
Do it for Obummer.

Now, I must sit through Obummers brainwashed Nazi Youth Rallies on TV, which are actually worse than Bush.
They are more insidious.
And, I have to look at these smiling suckers proudly wearing their Obummer buttons thinking they did something great for themselves.
It's like being in Mussolini's Italy or Hitler's Germany.
It's absolutely sickening and nauseating, their smug morality, complacency, utter stupidity and ignorance, which they wear proudly.

The US definitely wins the world's award for stupidity and ignorance.
And, then, I hear about how wonderful is the US, once again.
It's stomach turning.
Gut wrenching.

It, he, they are despicable, nauseating and contemptible beyond words.

My message to the world, once again, RESIST, OPPOSE, BOYCOTT, SANCTION, DIVEST, including anyone, any institution, any union and any country with whom the US partners, globally.
Have nothing whatsoever to do with US officials, institutions, culture, commercial and financial firms, products, etc.

So, now the following two articles, keeping my preceding provisos in mind:


And, one more article, no surprise, "Obama Not Seen Abandoning Iraq," nor, for that matter, anyplace else on the globe.
Indeed, the US will be in more, not less, places:

And, reminder. Obummer is Mr. Zero.
As I said, he's a throwaway candidate.
He is the hired help.
So, let's see if he lasts through his Presidency.
He can be sacrificed.
He is expendable.
As easily as they manufacture him, they can equally toss him away if it's expedient to do so.

And finally, a very correct ending comment from Ralph Nader, whose journey, along with that of Cynthia McKinney, was Quixotic, as they both put themselves physically, mentally, economically out on the line to provide voters at least one ballot alternative to the moral decay, opportunism, filth and muck in which everybody here and their Fascist apologizers, collaborators, and rationalizers are mired:

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