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Again, I will continue to intersperse current entries from time to time with older postings from my former blog, "karlmarxwasright," as a continuum to the present to which, unfortunately, I cannot link backwards for reference due to INVOLUNTARY "blocked public access."
In addition, I've noticed another curious pattern.
Many of the RELEVANT links within these previous blogs have disappeared, along with the information contained within them.
I will continue, of course, in addition, to update PRESENT postings.
The following initially posted September, 2005:

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

9/11, daniel pearl and the UAE

What has Daniel Pearl got to do with 9/11 and the UAE? Daniel Pearl's death has been connected, rightly so, with the characters in Pakistan's ISI involved with 9/11 and money transfers to Atta.

It is said Pearl simply got to close to the truth.
But, there's another aspect to the 9/11, Pearl connection.
One of Pearl's articles from April 20, 2000, deals with the UAE Offsets Group, connecting them to Rotch, the creation of a European oil empire, and a few other murky entities involved called Hafeet Trading and Summit Corporation, based in London:

For a circular diagram of the relationships described above, go to:
(You should be looking at Chart #11, page 101 within the above link.)

The pipeline referred to in the above diagram is called the Dolphin Gas Project, a MAJOR development about which you can find much info elsewhere.
The Dolphin Gas Project initially included Enron, as well.
Yet, the UAE is never pursued in regard to 9/11 or Pearl's killing.
The UAE is also part of the earlier BCCI nexus.

The latest article on the madcow website is,

"Was Pentagon Tracking Atta Days Before 9/11":

The "network" that Hopsicker is persistently pursuing is, indeed, the key. It is the key to most everything.

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