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Well, let's backtrack alittle from only a few days ago when I highlighted Germany's Deutsche Bank and their impeccable Nazi lineage along with all others participating in the UAE, GCC speculative bubble and Middle East privatizing CONSPIRACY, of which Iraq is a centerpiece:

Allow me to add to the above a bit of tasty trivia which I did not have at my fingertips when I composed the preceding entry.

Perusing my WSJ files, which are NOT in order, I came across a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy, WSJ article, only a few paragraphs long, from June 23, 1993, which basically says:

"Deutsche Bank Says Von Ribbentrop Plans to Quit, Start Fund."
"...Barthold von Ribbentrop, the head of Deutsche Bank's worlwide securities operations..after 22 years at Germany's largest commercial and securities bank...52 years old is the son of Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler's Foreign Minister. He spent the bulk of his Deutsche Bank career in the US...chief executive officer of the Deutsche Bank Capital Corp investment unit in NY..."

Here's alittle more about JP Morgan (derived from Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank-Morgan Stanley) and the impeccable Nazi pedigree and lineage of all those involved in the Middle East, UAE, conspiracy:

"JP Morgan Celebrates 75 Year Presence in Saudi Arabia"

While mentioning the Saudis, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, Citigroup's largest, single, private investor, just happened, fortuitously, miraculously, to increase his shareholdings in Citigroup, at BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES, only a few days prior to Citigroup announcing it was to receive a GIFT, for that's precisely what it is, of US taxpayer funds.
Delving into the complex, internecine, overlapping backgrounds of Citigroup, JP Morgan Stanley-Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan, is like doing an entire history of the propertied class of the US since the American Civil War in the 1860s and preceding it.
Any links I choose necessarily would be lacking and emphasize one point over another.
So, intentionally, I chose the following bare bone links.
If you do not know the history, you will have to fill in the spaces by yourselves.
And, there are, indeed, voluminous spaces.

If you follow down the first link to "Key People, External Links," at the bottom, you will be reminded, first, of Pakistan's PM, Aziz, specifically named.
Turkey's Akbank was named, somewhere else, as well:

And, for alittle more irresistible background about the connections of Citigroup and Winfred Bischoff, not exactly a well known name.
Here's where Akbank is mentioned.
You will also see Stanley Fischer's name at the bottom, the fellow presently Governor of the Bank of Israel:

Now, here is a related development in line with the above surrounding Citigroup regarding Mexico's Carlos Slim, Citigroup and Mexico's Banamex. After this link, I will include some different, but, pertinent, related information about Carlos Slim from one of my previous entries,

"Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Accumulates $26 Million Share Stake in Citigroup":

As promised an EXCERPT from my August 14, 2007 entry regarding Mexico's Carlos Slim:

"The Secrets of the World's Richest Man," Saturday/Sunday, August 4-5, 2007, WSJ, weekend edition, referring to Carlos Slim.

(Full page story. I'll pull out a few excerpts):

"....The 67 year old tycoon controls more than 200 companies....
In all his companies account for more than a third of the total value of Mexico's leading stock market index, while his fortune represents 7% of the country's annual economic output....
Mr. Slim's fortune has grown faster than any in the world druing the past two years, rising by more than $20 billion to about $60 billion....
During the past two years , Mr. Slim has made about $27 million a day, while a fifth of the country gets by on les than $2 a day.....
Monopolies have long been a feature of Mexico's economy. But, in the past, politicians acted as a brake on big business to ensure that the business class did not threaten their power. 
But political control faded in the 1990s with the privatization of much of the economy and the slow death of the IRP, Institutional Revolutionary Party, which held power for 71 years until 2000....under Mr. Salinas [former Mexican President during the early 1990s]hundreds of state companies were sold, including Telemex in 1990. 
Mr. Slim, together with Southwestern Bell and France Telecom won the bid over one of his closest friends....who later suggested the auction was rigged....Regardless of whether there was favoritism in the sale of Telemex, the privatization process created a new class of super-rich in Mexico. 
In 1991, the country had two billionaires on the Forbes list. By 1994, at the end of Mr. Salinas's six-year term, there were 24...The richest...Mr. Slim...."

However, as part of this story and my ongoing eulogy to the WSJ, I have a minimum of 7 lengthly WSJ articles from 1996-1997 dealing with the subject of the Salinas family, money laundering, drugs, assassination, international links, BCCI connections, Citibank, and on and on. 
Unfortunately, the articles are all dense with information, names, associations including but beyond the above, and, it is truly impossible for me to do justice to them all with a few excerpts. 
I'll just mention a few other names, associations, as best I can.

For example, from January 23, 1997, "A Fugitive Financier Eludes His Persuers From Miami to Madrid":

"...there's much discussion about the machinations of Carlos Cabal Peniche, "...who fled his country in 1994..." 
Cabal owned Fresh Del Monte Produce. 
Cabal had private escrow accounts in JP Morgan and JP Morgan "served as special advisor to Mexico during its 1995 crisis. "...Mr. Cabal rose from become a leading businessman during the Salinas years...he also borrowed from a NY merchant bank called Eastbrook....Eastbrook had been involved in the scandal at BCCI..." according to the article. 
Cabal apparently then fled to France, which, again, according to the article, names Cabal's "spiritual advisor," a Marist priest, Rev. Jacques Charveriat Prenat. 
From there, he goes to Spain and then accounts at Banco Santander and into a house in Spain where an "alleged member of Colombia's Cali cartel had lived..."
and on and on. 
Much more of the article expands on the money laundering network, Citibank, Swiss accounts and drugs.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, in January 1995, Carlos Salinas, named above, former Mexican President, was appointed, self-appointed or selected to be a Board Member of Dow Jones, which, at that time, was the parent corporation of the WSJ, while simultaneously Carlos's brother, Raul Salinas, was arrested in February, 1995, in conjunction with a 1994 Mexican political assassination and questions of money laundering, drugs, and, as usual, further, unexplored Citibank connections:

Fast forward from the 1990s, above, to the present and GM's current economic problems in the US and its relationship to our present day orchestrated, financial meltdown, its repercussions, purposes and correlation to/with the above, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, Nazi GCC cartel (formerly BCCI) project, conspiracy, as presented above and additional ones I have been following all along on my blogs, Dana Gas/Crescent, Jafar,

So, "Middle East Market is GM's Silver Lining."

Before reading the following article--it is a short one--NOTE the very last paragraph, which I will highlight, first. 
Think about the implications of this last paragraph in CONTEXT:

"...Asked if the company is talking with any government or SWFs from the Middle East, he said: 
" We are not in conversations with the government but we are in talks with our dealerships and our business partners in the region who have significant contacts. 
We leave it to the dealers in a particular market to have any dialogue with the government.":

Now, to further document the above theme, just for the numskulls who can't seem to "get it," no matter how much factual evidence is presented to them.

"Soros and Other Funds Buy Major Coal Equities at Fire Sale Prices":

And,"Gulf Nations Must Use Cash to Buy Foreign Assets":

And "institutional investors, " which includes our Fascist led, corrupt pension funds:

And "Acquisition of Foreign Assets by GCC Exceeds $900 Billion":
In addition, another major business event which features "solid" British-UAE ties:

(By the way, the previous Barclay-UAE purchase deal DID go through, but, with modifications to appease shareholder discontent.)

And, at the bottom of the above link, in case you happened to miss it, a mysterious PR sponsoring firm named "Orient Planet." 
I was unable to find out WHO IS "Orient Planet." 
I will link to their website directly, should anyone else be able to find out WHO they are, precisely:

And, once again, if I have not mentioned your favorite country or company, I can assure you, they are all well represented above.
Italy, Greece, for example.
And, Russia, too, in the UAE.

Now, for a comment on another name being bandied around in the media/press, Obummer.
Let's dispel a few myths.
First of all, Obummer does NOT pick "his" government.
THEY pick him. 

He is THEIR SLAVE. He is their creation.
They manufactured him.
They OWN him.
They trot him out, almost, on a leash to make his idiotic press conferences, where, as usual, he says nothing and he is SURROUNDED by his Nazi, Fascist handlers.

Like a prisoner.
Then, summarily, on cue, he disappears behind the Wizard of Oz curtain. 

"His" entire economic team is "Citigroup Nation (World)," as represented by all the alliances above.
He serves at THEIR pleasure.
THIS is THE power relationship, not the other way around.
He is an empty vessel, which is why I spent little if no time on him, except for the fact that he nauseates me.

But, all is not well in Citigroup World.
Too many global contradictions, resistance, opposition, obstacles, impediments, imperialist rivalries, competition, class war, everywhere, except here, of course.
The US is a captive, Fascist dictatorship.

Even tiny, retrograde Kuwait has a political crisis:

Then, more wildcat strikes, general strikes, student strikes from Europe to the Middle East to Pakistan.
Election upsets.
Workers riot in China:

And, that does not even include Iraq.

So, it seems, another, manufactured, high profile, global terrorist incident occurred in India.
Another provocation.
Another distraction.
Another excuse for increased internal and external repression and militarism.
"They" have just upped the ante.

And, then, we get to conflicts between Russia and the US, of which there are many.
Besides, or, in conjunction with these other, voluminous matters, I will link to the following website and a series of articles which raise more questions than they answer as to what, which and whose purposes are ultimately being served.
The explanation to me is not a straightforward and simple one, obviously. 

In the murky overlapping world of international drug cartels, espionage, money laundering, double and triple agents, it is much more difficult to know who is doing what to whom, precisely, and why, due to the very nature of its secrecy and duplicity.
International drug cartels, clandestine paramilitary groups and terrorists, the mafia, do not exactly issue public Press Releases, Financial Statements, Boards of Directors, Shareholders, News Statements, etc.
I have no way to verify the information.
So, I must rely upon the research of other investigative journalists, such as previous WSJ reporters, above, court cases, and the following, independent website:

You will have to judge for yourselves.

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