Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, following from my previous blogs below regarding Madeleine Albright, the Albright Group, Stonebridge, Citigroup, etc., here they all are again, in their munificent Fascist glory. I will provide the link momentarily.

I guess this was one of the many promises or agreements in the various Obummer-Clinton secret meetings.

Big change, isn't it? Biden and Clinton or, really, I should call it the Clinton-Biden Administration, like the Rice-Cheney Administration before it.


A virtue in American society.

As the song says, "the gang's all here," below.

Forget Obummer.

He's simply a manufactured, concocted, created commodity.

A piece of total shit, garbage and absolute Zero.


The totally bought and paid for front man, pimp, prostitute, whore that the Democratic Chicago mafia sleaze machine produces, along with their Fake Farrakhan.

I simply tune out and turn off whenever I see or hear him.

He makes me puke.

They all do.

He's just worse because of his sanctimonious smugness, demagoguery, hypocrisy, mindless, stupid, mind numbing, meaningless, devoid of content, windbag, shallow, empty, vapid, rhetoric, jargon.

Another Bush. it is...."Obama Gets the Clinton Band Back Together,"

On the subject of Citigroup, the G20 meeting, the financial meltdown and my previous blogs regarding the relationship between the GCC, Stonebridge, more on the "West's Troubled Markets Attract Middle East," as if I did not know this, already:

And back in the Nazi Homeland of the US of Debt, apparently, our quasi-government home loan program, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, nurtured by the above Clinton Administration, will receive MORE federal tax subsidies for their so-called speculative bailout.

I have heard estimates that their previously accumulated, private, financial debt, which OUR tax dollars are now financing, was inflated and leveraged upwards exponentially to approximately 135 TIMES above the underlying value of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgages!! One great big, giant, financial Ponzi scheme.

But, THEY pay one billion dollars to purchase an election and a President and look what they get back in return! TRILLIONS and the world! Look at the ratios! What a great investment! What a racket!

Finally, on the subject of rackets:

But, as I said, I am enjoying myself enormously.

I am sitting back and watching it all unfold. After all, I can proudly say "I am not now and never was a card carrying member..." of the Nazi Democratic Party (or Republican) and I certainly did NOT support or vote for Obummer.

My soul can rest in peace.

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