Saturday, November 15, 2008


Once again, I EXCERPTED the following paragraphs and links out from a longer, previous blog entry, from February 20, 2008, since I think some reminders are apropo.

So, the following:

"...Speaking of the odd couple, the Muslim Brotherhood and Cindy Sheehan, I am going to discuss interconnection between ALL of the above and my previous blog, February 16, which illicted an enormous response.
All is interconnected. In my previous blog about Obama, February 16, I linked, for comparison purposes, to information from the tenc website about Marko Perkovic's revived Nazi Croatian Ustashe rallies.
( )
However, the tenc website ALSO did some excellent work, previously, about Ramsey Clark's presence at the former trials of the Yugoslavian leader, Milosevic.
From the tenc website, beginning with May, 2003 and following thru in a series of articles EXPOSING previous US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's psuedo defense role in the Milosevic trials,

Ramsey Clark, as noted, is/was attached to the "Left" International Action Center, here, in the US, and, they, in turn, to the ANSWER coalition in the US, which sponsors lots of demonstrations.

Just this past year, only a few months ago, in November 27-29, 2007, the same Ramsey Clark was THE US representative and, apparently, from what I read, President, at an international, "All India Anti-Imperlialist Forum," in India.
I want to draw EVERYONE'S attention to the "political resolutions" adopted at this presumed Left international forum, approximately half or two thirds down the text, note especially, those "political resolutions" numbered, #3, #4 and #5, (supporting Hizbullah, Nassrallah and Kurdistan, opposing Turkey)

It becomes abundantly clear just what purpose Ramsey Clark served at this conference.

The same one that is being served BY ALL OF THE ABOVE taken together. The "Left," in the US, is the Right.
It is incumbent upon everyone and anyone who attended the preceeding conference to DISAVOW, REPUDIATE and DISASSOCIATE themselves and/or their organizations, from the above political resolutions.
They are disastrous and counter-revolutionary ones..."

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