Sunday, November 2, 2008


In preceding posts, see below, I made the point that the US is about to walk directly from the frying pan into the fire after s-election in this Presidential race of EITHER Fascist candidate.
The US heading straight into the abyss, lemmings walking off the cliff.
It is, indeed, Mussolini's state.
And with each and every goose step, the US sinks further and further into a mud hole, quagmire, economically, militarily invested ever deeper into a very bleak future.
Further war and military conflict inevitable as the Middle East and elsewhere blows up into a boiling, bubbling, toxic cauldron of hate, despair, violence, class warfare, resistance, opposition, revenge, fed by the very people who say they are against it.
What has preceded, so far, will look like a picnic.
McCain told the truth.
A 100 years war.
There is absolutely no question that a military draft will be reconstituted here, perhaps, called something else, like the NAZI National Service.
The Hitler Youth follow blindly, not knowing or understanding any history and certainly no theory and not even the present day realities of other countries, societies and places.
It is mind numbing dumbness, ignorance combined with intentional denial and self-rationalization.
For the most part, with rare exception, young and not so young minds are filled with sawdust and pablum, numbed by brainwashed propaganda and cheap commercial crap and food, commodities, drugs, "music," pornography and electronic gadgetry of all kinds, including TV, movies, virtual realities and internet.
And, our Fascist, mafia led unions are totally and completely complicit and responsible for the tragedy, above, leading no opposition and resistance, whatsoever, via both their continued pension fund investments in private corporate capital, mandatory union dues, monies poured into the Vichy Democrats and a history of rabid, anti-Communist front activities abroad and at home, achieved through a long history of labor assassinations, political purges, mafia tactics and other means since the end of WWII and McCarthy period.
This, as I have said over and over, is THE cause, THE culprit, THE root of our problems, here.

Total and complete class collaboration, collapse, capitulation and complicity with the Fascist state.

They cohabit the same bed.
This election will culminate a long, historical process, beginning with the immediate provocation of the events of 9/11, our Reichstag fire, initiated long before that, from the late 1940's, early 1950's, and will seal the ultimate demise of the US in ways most unpleasant.
My personal advice.
If you live here and can leave, do so, no matter who wins.
It makes no difference except for the color of skin.
History is repeating itself.
And, then, read my post below, today, for substance and the many more before it.

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