Thursday, November 6, 2008


Obama is/was the second Republican candidate in the US Presidential charade, a continuation of the Bush Presidency, paid for and bought by the exact same financial interests and those that executed our present financial meltdown.

They completely overlap, just as interlocking corporate directorates intertwine, as I will demonstrate, below.
The reactionary, counter-revolutionary Middle East and global privatization juggernaut continues unabated, unabashed under the Black Mussolini/Hitler, about which I will say more below.

I cannot stand to look at, see or hear the Black Mussolini/Hitler.
He makes me puke.
It's worse than Bush, since Bush was a bumbling moron and idiot who could not form a sentence.
It was transparent.
This guy is a totally hypocritical, opportunistic, Fascist mobster and demagogue with criminal background connections in Chicago, the mafia Farrakhan,, disguised under reactionary religious garb, like elsewhere in the world, the Messiah mumbling vague, meaningless slogans.

Opposition to the Nazi Bush-Obummer and his Administration and all the financial interests they represent must be IMMEDIATE, decisive, swift and his Administration considered null and void, illegitimate from the get go, opposed and overthrown.

And, everybody and everything, all the fake Left and Opposition that helped him get into power must be ignored, discredited, boycotted.
No legitimacy whatsoever given to ANY of these people and/or institutions. They are the epitome of moral hypocrisy, class collaboration, betrayal, trash, scum, pimps, whores, prostitutes, which gives a bad name to the latter who are forced to work for money under the auspices of the former.

At the center of MUCH of what is occurring in the Middle East privatization project is the orchestrated, Gulf, economic "conspiracy," precisely what it is and the one conspiracy NONE OF THE ABOVE, here, at least, has managed to find.
A few people emerge strategically placed in this project as key/top players.

And, one of those is Hamid Jafar, CEO of Abraaj Capital, and lots of others, which I will highlight, shortly.

But, first, to further connect Abraaj with one of my many previous blogs on our putrefied, blood soaked American, Western, pension fund investments and Dubai.
See my blog about the World's First Pension Fund Forum in Dubai:

I thought I would link to the following article.

I excerpt from it, first, the ONE sentence that deals precisely with the above, and why I chose the link.
Importantly, they do NOT state WHICH pension fund it was, which would certainly be very nice to know:

"We had one of the largest pension funds in our office a few days ago… for us it is a strategic decision to open up to the world and when blue chips come to see us it puts us to the test," said Fred Sicre, also an executive director at Abraaj.

And, then, the link for the above quote;

Now, returning to Hamid Jafar.
I did SOME of his many interconnections at the following entry.
You will see those links in the body of the following:

And, regarding Russia.
Although Russia's partially state owned company, Gazprom, is on the shit list and a competitor with the Western backed, US Nabucco, Russia's private sector is very much alive and part of the sharks feeding on the corpse of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, as demonstrated by the following, "Russian Investment the UAE":

And, one of the many conferences on economic freedom in the Gulf, from which you can peruse the attendees, the usual ones, those who PAID AND BOUGHT OUR NAZI DEMOCRATIC OBUMMER PRESIDENCY:

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