Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Previously, below, I re-emphasized, the role of Heritage Oil, the Eagle Group of Iraq, Barzani, Talabani and the Kirkuk explosion, which is moving forward.
Here's a few updates on that,



In the first link, Turkey is mentioned.
But, Turkey's pseudo-Islamic, Fascist AKP government remains still in a very precarious position.
It's already been mortally wounded.
So, all can still change.

I thought it would be helpful to recapitulate, in addition to the above, the second MAJOR economic empire in this conflict, that of Hamid D. Jafar, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil and his/their interlocking directorates and economic interests.

The following BRIEF roundup as a reminder.

First, a short bio of Hamid D. Jafar and Abraaj Capital,


Then, the Uruk Group,

Then, Gulftainer,


And another one, ENSHAA

And, then, of course, Crescent Oil,

And Dana Gas,

Here's a speech Jafar gave in 2007,

Now, to the best of my knowledge, I BELIEVE Hamid D. Jafar is related to Jasim MuhammedJafar, presently a minister in Iraq's puppet, Fascist government.
Hamid may be Jasim's son.
I am not 100% sure of this family relationship.

Assuming it correct, however, here is a conference at which Jasim attended in Europe in 2007:

I won't bore readers with Hamid Jafar's extensive, questionable and treacherous background within Saddam's previous government.
Just like Iraq's present oil minister.
And others.
But, the proof of their respective roles is in the above pudding.

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