Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, the first shoe has fallen.

More to come in this story.
The chattering class is busy commenting on it all.

For various reasons, I have not been able to get to a computer much, recently.
But, when I do, nothing much changes. Same old story with updates.

In view of current events, I thought I would link to the following two pieces, first, because I liked the nickname, O'Bummer.
I dubbed him, Mr. Zero, the papier mache candidate, the straw man.
But, O'Bummer is an equally clever and descriptive name.
Maybe I could combine the best of all possible worlds and rename him Mr. Zero O'Bummer.
And, now, his new sidekick, O'Bummer Biden.
Additionally, the following two articles save me alot of effort recapitulating information.
In addition to the two articles below, not included, keep in mind Biden's "illustrious" background regarding Yugoslavia's dismemberment and bombing.

Then, no less important, Biden was one of the "principals" with whom Pakistan's former ISI Chief, Ahmad, met in Washington on his visit the week of 9/11.
For a reminder on this last relationship, see the following time lime of events,

And, then, the following two current retrospectives on Zero O'Bummer and Biden-O'Bummer.
One caveat to the following.
I never subscribe to the "Israel or Zionist Lobby" theory.
I do not use the characterization, intentionally, because I think it is a misleading one.
It inverts the power relationship, for one thing.
It's the same as saying the Bilderberg's control the world.
Concrete relationships coincide, conflict, overlap, merge, etc.
But, for example, the events and purposes of 9/11 was NOT a "Zionist conspiracy."
The consequences, execution and reasons for 9/11 were profound and multifold.


For entertainment, you can watch the spectacle or spectacular at the upcoming Democratic Convention, when, once again, another Nazi Rally is being organized for O'Bummer's acceptance speech.
Or, better yet, there MAY be some unorchestrated sparks flying when Hillary's delegates are called to be counted on Wednesday evening, I believe it is Wednesday evening.
That's about the only time when something of interest MIGHT occur. Inside, that is.

It would be truly wonderful if all Hillary's delegates got up and walked out in unison, singing, "We Shall Overcome..."

Of course, Biden was picked to lend "gravitas" to the apparently ethereal and weightless candidate who is/was being set up to fall in America's pre-selected, pre-orchestrated Presidential race.
In previous days, the appointment of the King was never decided by popular vote.
The propertied class decided, since it is they whose interests are represented by the royal government.
It is as equally true now.
However, instead, now, for propaganda purposes, we perpetuate the electoral system and label it, "democracy," something promoted abroad and as equally manipulated there as here.

In line with the subject matter above, about Iraq and federalism, here's a few interesting notes.
What's interesting about the following to me is the source and timing. Burhan Chalabi.
I do not know IF Burhan is related to Ahmed Chalabi, altho, I must assume so. "Iran's US Gamble Over Iraq Will Fail,"

And, in a matter related, the following, "Iran's Revolutionary Guards to Train Iraqi Shiite Youth,"

And, in a combination of obvious desperation, irony, comedy, and chutzpah, all combined together, Ahmadimidget is apparently getting a PR makeover job,

One could not script the above better if I were writing it for a fictional comedy program.

On the matter of the "New Big Caucasus," above, in my heading.

In contrast to the useless pontifications of the chattering class, who always manages to miss the main story, I offer the following analysis related to both Iraq/Kurdistan and the entire region, once again, from Regnum.
Their English is a little convoluted, but, in my humble opinion, it is well worth any minor effort to compensate to try to understand the substance of what they are communicating.
If you have any difficulty understanding the introductory paragraphs, the main points are enumerated, anyway, below, in an EASILY comprehensible fashion, "The New Big Caucasus....What Exists No More and What Can Happen,"

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