Thursday, August 7, 2008


A few updates on recent developments.

First, in America's pre-selected, predetermined, Presidential race, Mr. Zero, who represents absolutely nothing, our papier mache Democratic straw candidate, Obama, will shortly be relegated to the historical dustbin, a piece of stale, regurgitated swiss cheese, as I had forecast from the beginning.
A fake opposition, set up to lose.
Hillary is being pressed into service in the failing Obama mafia campaign to DO something, and, no doubt, retire her debt in return.

Undoubtedly, Hillary will perform, perfunctorily, as necessary.
She had her chance to make history.
She could have bolted the Democratic machine, led out her "masses" (let my people go) and created an Independent political movement, a United Front Against Fascism.
She could have made history, or, to paraphrase Marlon Brando in the movie, "On the Waterfront," "(she) coulda been somebody!"

Instead, she acquiesced and chose the path of least resistance.
She, too, alas, will become an historical footnote.

Do not bother yourself over America's meaningless Presidential s-elections.
I don't.
All the exposes one hears are ineffectual and skillfully timed for purposes of partisan political posturing.
And, to make it look like we actually have a contest, a race, a difference of positions.

All of it distractions and diversions, designed to obfuscate from the main events, the major developments, the significant issues.

The dominant American political discourse is as fictional as that of the Sunni/Shia divide they superimposed on Iraq, and, for that matter, much of the world, elsewhere, including the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran.

Recently, for example, much hoopla and fanfare was raised by the commercial media about the bribery indictment of Alaskan Republican Senator Ted Stevens and his well known, long time, incestuous relationship with oil companies.
Concurrent with the above, but not mentioned with the same fanfare, a major Alaskan project, a state commitment and funding for a transcontinental, natural gas pipeline with Transcanada,

American energy policy is determined by the same economic factors as its health care delivery system and everything else in this primitive, barbaric, retrograde, privatized, economic corporate world in which Americans live and depend.

It is a crazy, irrational, unequal, patchwork system of redundant, inefficient, competing and conflicting profit driven, privatized, economic fiefdoms.

The "N" word, nationalization, is strictly off the agenda in the US. Verboten.

But, of course, it is not off the agenda, elsewhere in the world.

Venezuela, for example, just nationalized it's largest bank, the Bank of Venezuela, in which Spain's Banco Santander is involved,

As I had once indicated in a previous blog, Banco Santander's initial rise is a murky one.
And, now, both Venezuela and Cuba have established economic, political and military ties with Russia.
And Putin/Medvedev's course APPEARS to be towards greater nationalization and rationalization.
Russia's oligarchs and private interests still exist, but...
Too many developments around this fluid and dynamic process for me to itemize.

People can follow it for themselves.

The future belongs to those above.
As I once characterized it, America's global, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, privatizing project is a Sisyphean, Herculean task doomed to failure.
The amount of energy needed to reverse the overwhelming, sweeping historical tide grows ever greater and greater.
It is limitless, boundless, infinite.
Lots of people speculate on whether or not Iraq is the coup de grace for American imperialism and Fascism.
It is a cumulative, inevitable process.
If it were not one event, it would be another.
Rome did not fall in one day and the holes in the dike multiply, growing ever larger and bigger.

In America's latest chapter, in their long, reactionary, counter-revolutionary privatization road, all is not going well.
Many problems.
Many contradictions, resistance, competing and conflicting economic interests.
All about to explode in everybody's faces.
From Turkey, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kirkuk, Iran, Georgia, you name it.

I'm just waiting and watching the inevitable.
What else is there to do?

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