Monday, August 11, 2008


I do not have much time for this post, but, I couldn't resist a few brief reminders.

The chattering class, at present, is very busy on the internet, discovering, dissecting and analyzing recent events between Georgia, Russia, etc., something I've had on my blogs for many, many months.

Remember my consistent high profiles of JBANC? For the latest on them,

And, Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, paradoxically dubbed the "peace candidate," by the fake Left, the co-founder of the above Baltic Caucus in Congress?

And, the same guy with impeachment theatrics in Congress, recently.

Anyway, let me welcome back Russian troops, ANYWHERE, on the global stage, including Latin America.
It is/was very heartening to see them on the move, once again. Reassuring.

Lots of people are busy condemning GEORGIA'S provocation, mercenaries, tactics, attacks on civilians, ethnic purges, etc. rightly so.

On that note, anybody notice any connection between the UN Security Council's recent position on Iran nuke sanctions, events in Georgia and the previous agreement between Russia and the US over Georgia in exchange for cooperation on the Iran nuke sanctions?
That agreement between the US and Russia is certainly null and void at the moment.

Missing in most of what I've glanced at on the internet, so far, are, once again, simple and elementary facts I've had on my posts for a long time.

Reminder, the other shoe(s) that are waiting to fall and explode are Kirkuk, Turkey's Fascist AKP and Iran's Fascist government and militias.

So, on this matter, and a reminder WHY SUDDENLY Georgia is front and center,

Like I said in a previous blog, enjoy!

A personal footnote.
I heard/met, at that time, the Soviet Union's NEW, YOUNG, recently appointed Ambassador to the US/UN representative, Vitaly Churkin, when he first arrived, here.
Churkin, the audience and the event were very, very informal, small and low keyed.

Nothing like now.
I think all of us who heard him speak were very pleased and impressed with the new, handsome young and charming man from the S.U. and his impeccable English.
When the Soviet Union fell, I wondered if he would stay on in his job or be replaced.
I am/was pleased to see he is still around.
More grey hairs now.
So, every time I see and hear him on TV, I think about those first, inconspicuous events.
He does not know it, but, we have grown old together.

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