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Before commenting on the above heading, I thought a brief snippet of pertinent American history is in order as an introduction why and how we are where we are now.

Label it a point of personal preference, or, indulgence, or, sentimentality, if you wish.

So, here's today's brief historical footnote, a short video about the Cold War and the Rosenberg executions, with many, many more videos on a similar theme from which to choose on the right hand sidebar,

And, one more snippet for illustrative purposes only,

I did a post previously on the above subject in January, 2008.

Nothing has changed fundamentally.

So, now, with that brief introduction/reminder, fast forward to the present.

My observation in my above heading, war with Russia has been OPENLY, as opposed to covertly, declared.

JBANC and their allies are working overtime at the moment, as well as the entire Establishment and fake opposition, Left and peace movement. ( )
Hardly a surprise, except for timing.
But, there was a "deal," officially denied, between the US and Putin just alittle bit before, to "exchange" Georgia/So. Ossetia condemnation for Iran sanctions cooperation in the UN Security Council.
Recall the flack about this proposal at the JBANC website when NY Democratic Senator Schumer let the cat out of the bag? (See June 6, June 10 and July 23 entries on the jbanc website regarding this issue).

Next comes survival of Turkey's Fascist AKP government, hanging on by a thread.

If Turkey's AKP falls, the applecart will be completely overturned, the game finished and much, if not all, previous consequences reversed.
The power alignment will be profoundly and forever changed.
Turkey, for example, can ally with Russia economically, politically and militarily.
And, ever more possibilities will open for ALL people in this region to further unite and combine, to reverse the processes that have been foisted upon them and others.


Every step of the way there have been concrete issues that have been completely and totally ignored by our fake opposition, fake Left, fake peace movement.

Long time back I said collaborating with Iran's barbaric Nazi militias is complete and total insanity and self-destructive policy, from the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal to Russia/Putin.
Everybody will go down with its repercussions.

All along, again, instead of supporting Turkey's opposition against their Fascist AKP, NOTHING was said, nothing was done, and, this policy continues.

Instead of exposing and opposing the KRG's policies, NOTHING was said, nothing was done and continues so.
Indeed, in every instance and every way, just the opposite became official and unofficial policy.

This is a partial list of CONCRETE factors intentionally missed and how everybody continues to collude together, digging themselves ever deeper and deeper into a quagmire.

The process continues unabated.

And, in the US, aside from denying those very concrete external facts represented above, such a simple, basic, elementary and fundamental demand as universal, single-payer health care is and was NOT made a unifying, rallying cry, a litmus test, by ANY of our Fascist unions, ANY of our twin, Fascist political parties, fake opposition, fake Left.

So many CONCRETE, specific issues that could open up strategic, broader, tactical doors and alliances, but, roads never taken.

Every chance, every opportunity missed.
Sabotaged by design.

And, so, shall you all pay dearly the consequences.

Soon, Iraq's present government will not remain standing. It will be torn apart, in shreds in a collision course between the many competing and conflicting economic and military interests represented above, between the KRG, Kirkuk, Turkey, Iran, the GCC and other, regional Arab states.

I've had much in previous blogs about this, but, here's more confirmation, "Iraq Needs Arab, Muslim Neighbors..."

And, another indication of events to come, "Basra's Bid for Special Status..."

And, "Fears of Fresh War as Kirkuk Tensions Mount,"\2008-08-10\kurd.htm

So, when you hear/read about military escalation, etc., ALL the above are the many reasons why, as I had in my previous posts. NOT war on/with Iran, who has been America's consistent ally in this process.
Iran IS, instead, a major, negative, contributing factor in the above.
And, it is true that Iran's Fascist, Islamic militias in Iraq have become liabilities and they will have to be mitigated, controlled in this vast, upcoming, explosive confrontation of competing economic and military interests, all of whom are in a collision course with one another.
Iran is A, NOT THE, reason/factor for military escalation.

Additionally, a second military front has been added into the mix, Russia and the Caucasus.

Meanwhile, the privatization bubble in the GCC, as elsewhere, continues.

I don't bother highlighting it anymore. But, this is the reason for which everyone is dying and fighting. Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Heritage, the Eagle Group of Iraq, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Koc and Sabanci in Turkey, and on and on.

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