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Rather than add to the uselessness of the idle, chattering class and noise of the fake Left both here and abroad, a few brief notes, hopefully.

It seems that one outcome of Georgia's most recent military provocation was/is to sabotage the Western supported Nabucco gas pipeline, in addition to other related factors, such as expanding NATO and Missile Defense.
Here's something about Nabucco, "Nabucco at Risk After Georgia Crisis,"

And another on the same subject, "War Leaves Russia With Veto Power over Georgian Energy,"

The question becomes, why would the US want to sabotage its own project by instigating a military provocation designed to increase instability in a region that was already securily in the hands of a pro-Western backed government in Georgia?
Doesn't that seem odd?

There's one logical answer, only.
The above outcome was desired.
The purpose, to supply Europe and Nabucco gas from alternative, private sources, like, for example, the Dana Gas, Iran, Kurdistan, Egypt, Middle East growing empire, instead.

To economically suffocate, isolate, encircle, surround and DEPRIVE Russia and it's semi-nationalized Gazprom of its market outlet, while, simultaneously, enhancing the "emerging economies" of the Middle East and the Dana/Crescent/Jafar/Abraaj/Iran/UAE/GCC/Egypt/Pakistan empire as it/they expand inexorably forward and onwward like a tentacled octupus.
The interlocking directorates, above, is represented, for example, in the following, "Iran and UAE Willing to Remove Misunderstandings..."

Idiots in the US, of course, cannot distinguish what is meant and the nuances of "regime change" in Iran, the differences and problems presented between the function and role of Iran's competing and conflicting, sectarian Nazi militias in Iraq, Iran's Revolutionary Guards, and regional congruency with the economic interests represented by those above and that of Morgan Stanley's First Persia Fund.

For those of you reading my blog for some time, you will hopefully recall my previous entries about "Mopping Up" in Iraq and Congruency and Regime Change in Iran.
Direct links to those blog entries,


Following what I then said, the Butcher of Baghdad, Iran's Sadr and his sectarian, Nazi militia has just announced he/it/they are suspending their military activities indefinitely in Iraq.
And, the following, along with alot else completely unreported or misreported in the US, "Top Iraqi Official Detained..."

And, while I am on the subject of psuedo-religious, reactionary Islamic fanatacism and Fascism, it is beyond belief and credulity to me that anybody labelling themselves supposedly Left and/or Opposition/Resistance outside of Turkey STILL does NOT acknowledge, recognize and support Turkey's enormous, militant, vast, impressive, vocal opposition to the Fascistic, pseudo-religious, privatizing, policies of their AKP.
This speaks volumes, by itself.
Nothing more need be said.

The Turkish opposition has been "Left" to hang by themselves, not by accident but by design.

Back here, in the US, I will repeat one obvious observation I made towards the beginning of the Presidential primary campaign and mentioned in my above two previous blog links.

Nazi McCain is going to win.
The race is pre-determined.

If the Vichy Democrats WANTED to win, they could easily have united behind Hillary, who, by the way, unlike Obama, is a superb orator.
And they could have chose Obama the VP.

The Vichy Democrats SHOULD have sailed into the Presidency.
They took "impeachment off the table," so they could run directly against Bush.
But, instead, the candidates are neck and neck.
Because Obama was placed early into the Vichy Democratic primary campaign, intentionally, as the "ringer," the great divider who has alienated half the Vichy Democratic Party and the country, the straw candidate, the second Republican who will go down like a lead balloon.

Nazi McCain will be a one term President and Vichy Democrat Hillary was probably promised the candidacy after Nazi McCain's term expires.
The entire Vichy Democratic Convention and everything about the Presidential primaries is/was totally maneuvered and manipulated towards this outcome.
They, it, our Fascist unions, the fake Left and this country are despicable, sickening, deplorable and nauseating.

There is absolutely no redeeming feature or characteristic to any of the above.

The Vichy Democratic primary caucuses were loaded up front by Nazi Republican crossover voting and Obama is supported by Fascist unions. These unions are inside collaborating with, not outside protesting, the Vichy Democratic Convention.
And, THAT is THE problem in this country.
Just as everybody has been totally quiescent in supporting Turkey's opposition to the AKP and the AKP's "passion to sell state enterprises."

And, lest you think I've forgotten "Old Europe," another sickening development along similiar lines.
After many ferocious and militant battles, Gaz de France has finally been privatized, with enormous implications and major reverberations both within and without France.

Below is a footnote, an explanation, an addendum, to the above, expressly for the idiots and morons with whom I live in the US.

While French labor might have militantly battled and resisted privatization of Gaz de France and Turkey's militant opposition has opposed the reactionary and privatizing policies of their Fascist AKP, no such resistance exists in the US.
On the contrary.

While US and European backed private interests are busy chastizing Russia about Georgia, blocking Gazprom's semi-nationalized, quasi state industry, there is absolutely no contradiction with private Russian oligarchs purchasing natural resources and industry in the US and elsewhere, abroad.
With active acquiescence and collaboration of US Fascist labor unions, Russia's Severstal, for example, has become America's fourth largest owner and producer of steel.

In this report from March, 2008, the usually excellent John Helmer claims Russia's Severstal might be encouraged to move abroad because it/they are worried about Russia's re-nationalization of their steel industry. How ironic!
"All ye Fascists of the World Unite" and come over to the US, a safe haven.
The "N" word is as strictly verboten in the US as is Bejing's Forbidden City in China.
And, it is the primary reason why we/they had to smash the Iraqi state and that of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia previous to Iraq.


Furthermore, depending on which sources one reads, there is no contradiction to Russia's private company, Lukoil, being invited to bid for contracts in Iraq.
This assertion varies with differing sources and I have not been able to confirm it, for sure.

Finally, one last note.
Alittle reminder about other connections characterizing the nature of the Fascist dictatorship/state in which we live,

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