Saturday, August 30, 2008


As in most of everything one hears and reads, these days, truth is usually inverted from what is being promulgated.
Just turn whatever it is that is being asserted upside down and you begin to get a glimmer of the truth.
Alice in Wonderland Thru the Looking Glass and the Cheshire Cat.

So, as I left my apartment the other day, I heard about Nazi McCain's upcoming VP choice, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, and I knew she would immediately seal the deal for him.
Not that McCain wouldn't win anyway.
That is a foregone conclusion to me.

But, McCain's VP pick will assure a much greater, larger, decisive, overwhelming, sweeping victory.
It is a brilliant strategy.
It pulled the rug right out from under the stodgy, dour, demagogic, Vichy Democrats and Obama's religious revivalist meetings, rock concerts and Nazi Youth rallies.

Ironically, I had highlighted Palin's role and the oil and gas conflicts in Alaska in an earlier blog I did.
Whatever else may be said about her, Palin is very much her own person, as opposed to the two vacuous, empty headed vessels into whom platitudes are poured and spouted out, Obama and Biden.
Basically, Palin puts them all to shame, including McCain.
She can and will run rings around them all.
In addition, Palin represents quintessential "Middle Ms. America."
A win-win for McCain, not to mention a slap in the face for Hillary.

Here's two little introductory clips about Palin, but, obviously, you will see and hear much of her, shortly,


And, by the term "landslide," above, in my heading, I mean approximately a 5% margin, more or less. That might not seem like much to a normal person. But in our two Bourgeois/Fascist Party monopoly system, which is roughly equally divided, the pendulum does not swing back and forth very much between the two.

It is easiest to conceptualize these Parties as Corporations or Sports Teams with players, stars, employees, staff, shareholders, fans, hangers-on, etc. Whichever Corporation/Team wins, their Party hacks/employees and the rest benefit from the trickle down fruits and largess of government monies, monopoly and power, each corporation/party/team representing roughly 20% of the voting population, more or less.

The remainder don't bother voting or vote Independent. Thus, our national elections are decided by appxly 20% of our voting population. Hardly a mandate. The national elections are predetermined anyway, and the many and numerous variables on the road to election are controlled and adjusted to achieve the predetermined, desired outcome.

Now, as a continuation of the Looking Glass theory, the Democrats actually represent greater continuity of Bush's bankrupt policies and McCain represents greater discontinuity with the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal policies, or, an emphasis shift on a subtle, sliding gradient scale, which is why McCain has been predetermined to win. Just as our previous policy shift was validated by America's mid-term s-elections of 2006, the present "policy shifts" will get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval by "popular" acclamation, i.e., elections.

"Lord, Lord, The People Hath Spoken!"

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Glenn said...

YOU... are a loser. LOL

Palin will run rings around them?? Ummm.... yeeeeah, not so much.

But, please do hang onto your fantasy, as it's good to have aspirations in life.