Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, let's see which chapter are we at now in this quickly moving, feel good "changey" sequel called the rise of the American Nazi Presidency, or, Hitler's revenge. I made mention of East Europe's Nazi, Madeleine Albright, "representing" Obummer at the upcoming, G20 financial summit in my previous blog, below, which, by the way, in terms of postpartum recriminations, the blame game, rationalizations, excuses, etc., is escalating at an outstanding and rapid pace. My e-mail inbox is just chock full, a torrential river, of current "revelations," not to mention the global internet, So, let's get more details on the upcoming "changey" folks in Washington. This time, mentioned below is the Albright Group and Stonebridge International, to which I will add a further link, following this one,

These names do sound familiar, don't they? They seem to ring a bell, somewhere, back there, in the recesses of my mind and contemporary history. Oh, yes, I believe it was called Yugoslavia. Remember that country?

Here's alittle helpful reminder about Yugoslavia and Albright's role, including a very appealing historical illustration and reference to which, if I had more resources, I would love to elaborate upon further, But, to elaborate alittle further on current details, which, of course, nobody usually bothers to do, one can peruse Stonebridge's website, mentioned above, but, please, note, right there, which one can't miss, smack in front of your eyes on their homepage, CITIGROUP...

Anyway, lots more chapters to come in this fast moving movie. The above merely represents the tip of the iceberg. It sets the tone and staging for more events to come, altho both Obummer's primary and his Presidential stage managed, manufactured campaign made this abundantly clear. But, as usual, the same interests above chose to ignore what was an Open Secret for all to see. So, I wait eagerly with baited breath Kirkuk's upcoming explosion, Iraq's so-called provincial elections, the Basra struggle, Turkey, the wider Middle East war, BigMouth Biden's guaranteed "international crisis," the Caucasus, Russia, NATO expansion and so on, all bought to you courtesy of the same folks who voted for, supported Obummer and who have collaborated CONSISTENTLY with the above. For today's entry, I will end with another historical "footnote," a reminder, more information conveniently and consistently ignored, all along, including now, from an earlier blog, regarding the Iran-Iraq war,

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