Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Just the opposite.
The ever increasing predictability and continuity of US FASCISM, which is something I have said on my blog many times.
The boring predictability and continuity of American Fascist dictatorship for the past 50 or so years.
An election bought and stolen by a person who said he would use only public funding for his campaign and then immediately reneged and broke that promise the very first thing when he got the nomination and proceeded to raise almost one billion dollars from the same financial sources feeding the present economic crisis, $700 billion bailout and the Gulf Coast, Middle East bonanza, speculative bubble and privatization program.
And, that says it all for the pattern, including the role of our Fascist, mafia led, collaborative unions.
This is a day of national and worldwide mourning.
And, of course, AFTER the event, will come the recriminations and exposes.
And, certainly, NO retribution for the Bush regimes Fascist policies at home and abroad. NO culpability for the events of 9/11 and so on.
And, needless to say, NO single payer universal health care insurance, whatsoever.
Dead in the water.
And, STILL, none of the information I've had on this blog for months and years.
And this list goes on and on.
As Nader says, the American people DEMAND nothing for their votes, and, so, they get nothing, except empty slogans and words and cosmetic changes.
Instead, they reward their Fascist politicians with their votes.
It's like the battered wife syndrome.
He loves me so he beats me and I can't leave him.
So, go home and beat me some more.
So, I look forward to the great Savior who continues uttering totally meaningless and banal platitudes, not a whole lot different from Bush, to be the one that screws everybody really good, further.
And, as for the rest of the world, NOBODY should have any illusions whatsoever about the US and its government.
It's obvious what one billion dollars buys here, along with our corrupt, Fascist led unions and their blood soaked pension funds, busy investing in the Gulf and other places on the globe.
THE most reactionary regimes.
The US is NOT anybody's friend.
Only the billionaires club.
The US is the world's number one enemy.
It is the center of global Fascism.
And, as I have said, anyone here who has the means and opportunity to leave, should do so.
So, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from the US, any of its representatives, politicians, financial and commercial interests, as far as you possibly can. Separate off from them.
Quarantine them.
Sanction them.
Boycott them.
They are your enemy.
No matter what cheap, sweet, unhealthy sugar coating they put on their words.
It is nothing but empty, worn phrases, slogans, platitudes.
They carry with them nothing but reaction, counter-revolution, death, suicide, economic, political, cultural and military destruction.
All in the name of profitability and privatization.
But, as a consequence, they will sink, ultimately, like the Titanic.
But, in the meantime, they will bring much of the world and their own population down with them.
So, "There is no Joy in Mudville, today."
Only a day of mourning for what could be, what could have been, will now never be.
Not now, not in my lifetime, I'm quite sure.

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