Thursday, October 30, 2008


A little roundup of some of the latest events in the ongoing OPEN SECRETS GCC coordinated, Gulf states speculative bonanza, bubble and money-go-round that NOBODY, at least, here, has managed to find STILL.

US Treasury Secretary Paulson, architect of the $700 Billion Bailout swindle, international death and destruction, after official declarations that the US is open to Gulf investment, (see my entry below), accordingly, praises the model UAE,

Of course, Paulson is hardly alone in this project. He's got lots of good friends. Here, for example, is another one of our good friends from abroad, Germany,

And, then, more on the BLATANTLY OPEN SECRETS regarding the development of private equity in the MENA (or MENASA) region, the reason why Iraq's Baath Arab Socialist regime and party had to be destroyed.

They presented the major regional impediment to the above/following project.

In conjunction with all of the above, at this very moment, a special "World Economic Forum on Europe and Asia" is being held in Turkey, home of the privatizing, pseudo-religious, fascist Islamic AKP,

while, almost simultaneously, the following occurred in Turkey, "CHP Boycott of Gul...On Republic Day,"

Of course, Turkish resistance and opposition to the AKP is NEVER followed, reported or supported, here.
Part of the "conspiracy" of silence to aid and abet ALL OF THE ABOVE while supposedly opposing it, no different than the hypocritical methodology the Obummer campaign represents.

Meanwhile, the UAE is to broaden its ties with Iran, as if they are not already broad, such as overlapping directorates and shareholders of Dana Gas, which is doing VERY WELL, the
First Persia Fund, etc.,

But, of course, on this one, morons here and abroad, cannot even distinguish what is meant by regime change and congruency in Iran. It does NOT mean all out war with Iran and bombing. But, they continue blathering intentional nonsense, obfuscating the important information. Iran's present millionaire clerical regime IS a Nazi, fascist, criminal one. They should be toppled. They should be brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity. They should leave Iraq, which they have occupied. They are repressive both internally and externally. Their militias are Nazi ones.

But, as I have said many times, for just the above reasons, they now present both internal and external threats, having expanded regional contradictions and dilemmas and further destabilization. There are now barbaric, inflammatory, incendiary Iranian and Kurdish militias and their criminal regimes and factions wandering around the region, competing and conflicting with one another, causing havoc, instability and a potent, volatile, explosive cocktail mix of hatred, abuse, terror, torture, dislocation, dismemberment, infighting, etc.

So, they must go and/or be controlled, managed, limited, contained, liquidated to achieve the purposes stated above. Thus is regime change and congruency in Iran necessary. These are the reasons why.

Likewise, NATO's extension, involvement, presence and dominance with Gulf regional security for just the reasons, above, to protect investments from both internal and external threats and challenges, dislocation, destabilization, resistance, opposition, not to mention Russia and other areas, as well,

And, a related article. Of course, Dubai, (where else?), the UN and the World Security Forum,

And, while speaking of Russia, it is perfectly clear to me that Putin has NO plans to further nationalize anything, despite reports stating the contrary. For example, in the following despicable piece of garbage, Russia's oligarchs are simply being maintained and rewarded, even if private Western interests cannot directly get their hands on the assets. It's still privatized. Privatization is privatization.

As for recent Syrian provocations, difficult to know, for sure, the exact reasons. But, surely, it was a message to Syria to get moving on their privatization bandwagon. They've been very sluggish in this project and have a dalliance with Russia, also. As far as Syria's current demonstrations and protests, now, much too little, much too late. Where was Syria and what was Syria doing and saying when Iraq's Baath Arab Socialist Party was destroyed and Iraq was dismembered and occupied by Iran? Syria has been allied with Iran. So, I've got no crocodile tears for any of them. What goes around comes around.

Anyway, as far as the American Presidential s-election process goes, it looks to me there's a high probability that nothing may actually get decided on election day, itself. There exists an enormous possibility for subsequent litigation based on voter registration fraud, all sorts of questionable aspects surrounding the chaotic election process. The whole thing is a charade.

So, whatever happens, everybody deserves the shit they are going to consume.

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