Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Within the past few days, the following sensational guarantee has been articulated by Biden, causing quite a stir.

There will be an "international crisis" generated within the first six months after the election to test an Obummer Presidency, promises Biden.
Scroll down just below the photo in the following link for the Biden story,

Then, to confirm the above, out of Biden's own mouth,

It is strange this subject emerges NOW in the Presidential campaign because in April of this year, 2008, the following report on the subject was made known and issued,

That, of course, is in addition to all the material I've had on my blogs during all this time and the many open secrets, regional conflicts, I've been following.

Even more inexplicable, or incongruous, however, is the fact that Biden, himself, uttered the above warning words, considering this plays right into McCain's campaign hands.
And, one other very important point to consider. Biden was amongst the "principals" with whom former Pakistan ISI chief Ahmad met on the week of 9/11 when Ahmad officially visited the US.
Biden is a part of the inside loop.
And, of course, everybody should know Biden's background role as an architect of the Yugoslav war and bombings.
So, when Biden utters such candid remarks, they should be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, the Obummer campaign has gone into damage control over Biden's statement above. Now, I have long labelled Obummer the planted, second Republican,"throwaway" or dispensable candidate.
I regard this description as perfectly accurate.
However, it MAY be possible he will become the throwaway or dispensable candidate just AFTER the election, altho, I am still betting on McCain for all the reasons I've stated in my many blogs.
Of course, it is really Biden, anyway, who is the Presidential candidate.
Obummer merely serves as a front man.

These developments certainly bear watching as they unfold, or, do not unfold, as the case may be.
The media and Obummer campaign is doing their very best, apparently, to suppress or qualify Biden's warnings.

As to precisely what, who, how and which international "crisis" Biden is referring, that's another subject for discussion and speculation.
All I can say is what I have said many times before on this blog.
Collaboration and compromise with Fascism is like being alittle bit pregnant.
And, its corollary.
EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE, who is collaborating with Iran's Fascist, Nazi clerical militia regime, for whatever reasons, will go down, holding hands together singing Kumbaya.

And, once again, they will have nobody but themselves to blame.

Meanwhile, to update a few stories I have been following.
I suggested, previously, that Wells Fargo's purchase of Wachovia may yet be overturned in the battle with Citigroup by a number of possibilities.
Here's one such possibility I mentioned awhile back, from stockholders. Wachovia stockholders are suing, blocking the Wells Fargo deal,

And, of course, more on the ongoing Dubai, GCC speculative, privatization bubble and money-go-round connected to our present economic meltdown, "Shift in Capital Flow Gives Dubai an Opportunity to Move Centrestage..." as financial hub.

And, a reminder regarding the above. JP Morgan is now a major stakeholder in the Dubai Mercantile Exchange,

And, then, as if you and I did not, already know it, more nails in the above coffin,

And, while everybody continues to focus on meaningless trivialities and half truth's of Palin's personal life and idiosyncratic characterizations, in my previous entry, I mentioned that Gazprom was discussing LNG development for export in Canada with Palin, projects with Exxon, etc.

On that related subject, here's more, Palin backs shipping Alaskan LNG to Japan

Needless to say, whatever you may think about the above, these private gas deals and highly insane, dangerous, unnecessary, uneconomical LNG export development schemes are NOT a subject of public debate or discussion.
And, certainly not gas or energy resource and industry nationalization.
Instead, "we" are busily preoccupied with Palin's hairstyle, religion, children, abortion, gay marriage, whatever.
Anything but the substantive economic issues, above, which affect all of our lives BIG TIME.

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