Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Everybody watches our current, orchestrated, interconnected, global inflationary economic bubble collapse.
Fingers point, countless hours of American Congressional testimony, the blame game, after the hired help, Congress, facilitated by leaving the barn door wide open.
Retirement funds go down.
Jobs are lost, etc.

Once more, I ask, where is everyone in the US?
Where is our organized, institutional class unity, labor opposition and resistance?
Tethered to the Democratic Party and their private, for profit pension fund investments, etc.
That is why nobody in the US is in the streets.

In my entry from September 28, I made a short list of some of the many things Americans will NOT get and the reasons why, above.

A recap from my September 28 blog:

A SHORT, by no means comprehensive, list of what we will NOT get from ANY of the twin Fascist Parties:

NO universal, single payer health care, whatsoever.

NO expansion, nationalization and public ownership of ANY of our worthwhile productive assets, heavy industries and natural resources.

NO guaranteed, expanded, universal, free, comprehensive lower and higher education program.

NO small tax, (.0001, that's 4 digits after the decimal point, for example), on every single financial transaction of private stocks and shares sold and bought on any and all stock markets throughout the US. (This, alone, would generate ENORMOUS monies based on volume traded every day).

NO guarantee of a full employment economy, based on all of the above and a reduced work week plus early, voluntary retirement.

NO guaranteed annual income.

NO guarantee of our limited, Social (in)Security quasi-retirement insurance system, it's expansion and monetarization
beyond it's present pauper status, and, correspondingly,

NO diminution or end to our Fascist union/labor policies to recycle and invest their workers pension monies into private, multinational, profit making, corporations.

NO nationalization of ALL industries related to defense and certainly, in conjunction, NO decrease in our privatized, highly, lucrative, profitable Defense Industry, completely, 100% financed by working class taxpayer monies.

NO comparable decrease, withdrawal of global, military bases and expenditures throughout the globe, whose sole purpose is to expand and defend private capital, such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup,

NO elimination of all personal income tax for individuals, couples, families, with combined incomes less than $50,000 and a GRADUATED, FLAT tax rate on combined income over $50,000.
NO deductions, NO itemization.

NO nationalization of our money supply and elimination of our
PRIVATIZED, Federal Reserve system.

NO increase in the minimum wage to a decent living standard.

NO permanent elimination and prohibition of the many and numerously flavored, speculative, manipulative, abstract, exotic financial tools, such as short selling, derivatives, hedge funds, etc., which is one of the main reasons for our present liquidity crisis.
As a matter of fact, they will be expanded throughout the globe and particularly the Middle East.

NO offshore funds, corporations, ownership and tax havens.

I repeat, the above is just for starters.

Whenever and wherever you see "NO," above, substitute the reverse policy and
you will have a good idea of what we presently have and will continue to get.

Contrast and compare to what the US working class does, will NOT get, and does NOT demand, for example, the following from Greece earlier this year.
As I type, there is similar such strike action, RIGHT NOW, in Greece:


Of course, Turkey also had massive, historic, humongous, anti-privatization,
anti-AKP demonstrations and actions, completely unnoticed, unsupported, here, in the US and by our fake, collaborative Left.
Singlehandedly, I can not possibly roundup strike actions and events, globally.
So, for convenience and illustrative purposes, I have highlighted the ones above.
I am aware there are and have been many more militant labor actions and strikes throughout Eastern Europe, as well, which has been subject to private investment from Western Europe and wage disparities between the two.
The fact we do NOT know, here, what is happening elsewhere is a function of the problem, above.
Intentional and not accidental.
All inaction, action and policy flows from these discrepancies between the US and the rest of the globe.
We are unable in the US even to get to first base, step one, single payer health care, from either of our twin corporate Parties and their complicit, collaborative partners in Fascist crime, our labor unions.
Between the two, class stranglehold and advancement is absolute and complete.
All analysis must always be viewed and scrutinized within the above context and dynamic.
So,regarding our current Presidential election farce.

The following link/article has a FEW more background facts on Obummer, which is why I chose it.
There is much factual background on Obummer's rise and his Chicago connections that goes unreported or under reported.
But, typically, as in the case of almost all analysis I read, the following fails to highlight THE root causes, why no organized class resistance exists to these events and the inexorable march of these policies in the US.
For example, he references, below, Kucinich's name in conjunction with impeachment proceedings, but, neglects to say Kucinich was also a co-founder of the very Fascist, reactionary, Baltic Caucus in Congress and Kucinich spoke at
"The Victims of Communism Memorial."
Kucinich's role in the Democratic Party is twofold and useful.
It is an artificially choreographed dance.
He is sanctioned, licensed by the Democratic Leadership to do what he does because the Democratic Leadership knows it will fail, nothing will come of it, it is a diversion and it helps to perpetuate the fantasy, myth, of a false Left and Right dichotomy within the Democrat versus Republican Party.
So, the article to which I'm referring:

This is just one of many examples in which "inconvenient truths," contradictory factual information is simply eliminated, ignored, omitted, deleted, marginalized, unacknowledged. Same as our Fascist unions.
This is true as much abroad as at home. Convenient myths and shibboleths repeat, ad nauseum.
The Big Lie.
Given the above context, an update regarding our Presidential mafia "s-elections" campaign.
There is a distinct possibility emerging, once again, we may have an indecisive, contested outcome, as in 2000.
Voter registration fraud by an organization called ACORN, tied to the Democratic Obummer campaign, is ALREADY being alleged and investigated with substantial "raids" in numerous states.
A precursor of possible events to come.

Meanwhile, our present financial meltdown, our prearranged, orchestrated, Big Bang, functions also as a great diversion away from where the main theatre of action is really happening, the perpetual war front, the greater privatization, emerging market and Middle East privatization, capital expansion bubble. Events in the US are really the sideshow.
"Systemic" profits and growth hinges on the outcome of counter-revolutionary, reactionary, events in the "arc of instability" throughout Central Eurasia.
The global swing of the pendulum and the new/old fulcrum of private, capital expansion.
Back to the Old World.

So, a few updates in that arena.
The following link regarding Lukoil and Iraq:

And, as you will see, at that website, more articles, which follow the lines of economic and commercial integration between interlocking, private directorates of companies and individuals such as Egypt and Iraq, Iran, Turkey, the GCC, i.e., Egypt's EFG-Hermes, Dana Gas, Crescent, Investcorp, UAE, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Abraaj, the First Persia Fund, and so on. And, the Arab League has just sent a new envoy to Baghdad.

In this imperialist adventure, abroad, one can expect total and complete alignment and complicity with US Opposition, fake Left and its Fascist labor organizations, consistent with their role in domestic affairs, above, as I have explained ad infinitum.

Now, I want to add just one more item to fan the flames of domestic outrage and hypocrisy, above.
While we never manage to find the will to nationalize our own energy resources, the following proposal, regarding Chinese acquisition of American oil resources:

What kind of "state" company is questionable.
One partially privatized and/or expected to be privatized?

Anyway, the entire proposition is mind boggling.

Americans are the biggest bunch of suckers on the planet.

To end on a musical note, add this one to my previous Cabaret tune, but, of course, substitute country name:

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