Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Continuing along from my previous, running theme and blogs, beginning with my October 9, 2008 entry, on the current Super Return Middle East conference.

First, another on the Super Return Middle East Conference, regarding Al-Arabiya,


I have to comment, at this point, that, in order to follow these events, it really is imperative to know at least some Arabic.
Learning a language is always wonderful.
But, at this point in my life, it is a daunting task, primarily due to the profound differences in the written script.
No alphabet similar to English or any Latin based languages, whatsoever.
So, this will be a project for me to pursue up until and including the day I die, since it will definitely take me at least that long and well beyond the grave to become proficient.
I will definitely have to continue learning well after I'm dead, but, maybe I can commune with the company of so many entombed Egyptian mummies and their souls.

Anyway, returning to the subject matter immediately at hand.
As reported from the Arabiya station, above, with English subtitles but Arabic commentary, another MAJOR, SIGNIFICANT development:

JP Morgan purchases 20% of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, with related subjects on the left hand sidebar,


And, Investcorp and its founder, Nemir Kirdar, which, by now, hopefully, you will all recall from previous entries, and which I highlighted, again, in my post, below,


Now, in the US, of course, it's Xmas for our major, private, financial/banking investment system, especially the multinationals.

American, working class taxpayers are guaranteeing and subsidizing preferred shares of our private, profit making, financial system while ostensibly taking a stake in them.

We have nationalized NOTHING worthwhile, whatsoever.
On the contrary. Just some paper debt and useless shares.
No tangible, real, valuable assets, no natural resources, energy, no heavy industry, no medical insurance, no money supply (private, Federal Reserve system), no housing, transportation, education, etc.

Instead, of an orderly liquidation of the private financial institutions which created the crisis in the first place, we reward them.
We threw them a lifeline, a resuscitation package.
Socialism for the private sector.

It's all a joke.
A farce.
And, this sort of joke continues throughout.
I can assure anyone reading this, as I've said continuously, do not bother yourself about the American Presidential elections.
Do not waste valuable time, effort and energy on such subjects. Just about everything you read, see, hear is total propaganda, distortion, lies, spin.
Almost no journalistic representation is true, accurate, complete, non-partisan.

Obummer's campaign, for example, is a total and complete disgrace, a completely manufactured, empty, hypocritical and opportunistic campaign, a piece of utter garbage, a mafia, mob, dirty tricks, intimidation, race baiting and hate mongering, scandal ridden campaign, replete with its corresponding Fascist union tactics, a throwaway candidate from the Primary inception, designed to fail.
The antidote, the antithesis, to any real, meaningful Opposition to Facism and privatization.
It and they are despicable and deplorable.

For the reasons above, McCain will win.
The outcome is predetermined.
The agenda has been set.
Policy is determined elsewhere, not by either of the two, above.
What they say and promise publicly is meaningless, irrelevant and totally hypocritical.
They are just the well paid pimps, prostitutes and whores for Fascist expansion and private capital.

Likewise, Iran's Ahmadimidget and their militias are toast, i.e., regime change, congruency, consistency with the policies represented above, Morgan Stanley and the First Persia Fund, both here and abroad.

And, just about everyone labelling themselves Opposition is colluding with all of the above and their goals by commission, omission, fictional narratives and diversionary issues and tactics.
The real Opposition forces to Fascism, thus, for the most part, are rendered invisible, obscure, unsupported due to an overwhelming cacophony, multiplicity and the megaphone of fake Opposition voices.
Which, of course, is precisely what is intended.
Confusion, diversion and class disunity.

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