Thursday, October 9, 2008


A short entry for today.

For those of you who might not be familiar with American pop culture, the above few words, sentences, parody the opening theme for the original, Superman TV series, during the 1950s or so, presumably, for children.
So much for today's brief American pop culture lesson.

But, today's featured article is no less an audacious parody of the suckers with whom I coexist, which is why I chose the above.
I can not make up this stuff, unlike the fictional TV Superman series, out of thin air.
Reality defies the best of my creative imagining.

So, here it is, another proudly announced, "open secret," in a public press release,
A"SuperReturn" conference regarding the Middle East,

The SuperReturn website is printed at the bottom of the above press release.

But, just in case you missed it, to make matters simple, here is a direct link which you most definitely should peruse,

Pardon me, folks, before going any further, if I take a moment to stop laughing, which I have and still am doing since reading the above.
You should be laughing, also.
The joke, after all, is on you, all of you.
Of course, "they," above, as the proverbial expression goes, are laughing themselves silly all the way to the respective banks they own.

And, on the subject of banks, here's alittle tutorial, gratis, on the role of America's private, Federal Reserve money-go-round,

But, really, I think SuperReturn, orchestrated in the midst of and simultaneous to organized financial meltdown elsewhere, takes the cake.
They definitely get first place prize for audacity.

And, Americans get second place prize for suckers.

Before ending today's short blog entry, a brief note on the other sucker parade we call elections.

I believe, I think, the so-called, pseudo, anti-poverty, national community organization "ACORN" and its current vote stuffing scandal, especially how it is blatantly occurring in Ohio, is going to blow up in Obummer's face.
It seems to me it is inevitably going to snowball.

It's too obvious, too big, too conspicuous, too up front, too in your face, and is already being exposed and in the courts even before elections begin.
The scandal can only get larger.

Obummer's Democratic primary campaign previously manipulated their caucuses with Republican and Independent crossover voting and other intimidating practices which was easy to do in the smaller state, primary caucuses.
Basically, he "shot his way in.'

But, nobody wants to document those voter shenanigans, since it does not serve any particular partisan purpose.
And, of course, there's the dirty tricks department and intimidating practices synonymous with the corrupt, mafia style, Chicago Democratic machine, of which he is a product.
So, all this is simply consistent.

So, everyone, let's all watch and see how the Black Wunderkind is brought down.
Get out your popcorn while watching this movie.
I'm not sure under which category it falls and should be rated.
Porno? Tragedy? Comedy? A little bit of all? Something else?

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