Saturday, October 25, 2008


One thing is sure.

Sudden financial meltdown has obscured most of everything else happening in the world, including war.
Financial meltdown has become the preferred weapon of mass distraction and preoccupation.
And, a golden excuse to implement all sorts of plans, key, critical components to integrate Fascist economic and military domination, i.e, privatization, globally.

For example, amongst SOME of the many plans to increase and expand global privatization, reaction and counter-revolution, to consolidate, expand and concentrate private global capital, a transatlantic free trade zone, in the works for quite some time, CURRENTLY under discussion.
Too many sources and links on this matter from which to cull, so, here's a simple wikipedia source with some further links within it.
Beyond that, you will have to do your own research,

Recent developments and statements in this area being made as I write.

This is NOT to be confused with economic COOPERATION, as our disinformation artists continually confound these categories into vast conspiracies.
It is the extension, expansion and concentration of private ownership, capital and markets that is the problem, Fascism.

In conjunction with the above and recent events regarding Russia, Georgia, etc., aided, helped and abetted by our Democratic "peace candidate," Rep. Kucinich and his Congressional Baltic Caucus, further NATO expansion being proposed to both criminal regimes of Albania and Croatia,

And, as I had suggested some time back in one of my many entries, a golden opportunity to bring in the IMF in an "orchestrated" response to an orchestrated global epidemic, the same medicine that everyone else gets,

Further, this orchestrated, global, humongus, financial meltdown can NOT possibly be a consequence of some bad, even a million or more, nonpayable mortgage loans.
This speculative bubble is the intentional creation of the use of exotic financial instruments that exponentially leveraged upwards, spiraling to astronomical proportions, the value of the paper debt in relation to the initial, underlying mortgages.
A giant Ponzi scheme, in which, once again, EVERYBODY collaborates to make it a reality.

So, the not unexpected development in the following, related to the above, "Use of the $700 Billion Bailout Ever Shifting,"

And, for the MENASA coordinated GCC, Gulf speculative, economic bubble and privatization bonanza, the following, as if I or anyone reading my blog did not already know it, regarding inclusion of the UAE to the G8, or, should I say, G9,

Fascism on the march.
Nobody is immune.

Of course, here, in the US, as I have repeated ad nauseum, ad infinitum, this process is enabled and perpetuated by our collaborative, corrupt, Fascist, mafia led labor movement, in particular, the "Andy Stern Gang," SEIU, Change to Win, tied by their apron strings to the Vichy Dems and the Obummer campaign.
Has anyone happened to notice or hear of ANY major, mass, militant, unified, labor demonstrations, actions, strikes, ANYTHING OF THE SORT, here, in the US in response to any or all of the above developments???

If so, please let me know.
A conspicuous, glaring, "striking" absence and discrepancy in contrast to almost all other places on the globe.
WHY this appalling, pathological, abnormal apathy, silence, inaction?
Nobody even bothers to note it or ask the obvious question which goes begging, let alone provide the answer staring them in the face.
It is NOT a mystery.
It is an entirely open secret, should anyone care to look.

Another "inconvenient truth," among so many others.

In contrast to the abysmal US abnormal inaction, above, people respond in NORMAL ways even in tiny, regressive places like Kuwait, let alone elsewhere on the globe,

But, NOT HERE, in the US.
THIS, I repeat, THIS IS THE CRIME, THE CAUSE, THE ROOT of our problems.
NOT the Zionist or any other Lobby.
Not Bush.
This behavior, this pattern, is ABNORMAL.
It is the function of our OWN labor unions, their collaboration with private capital, their reactionary role to contain, suppress, squash, control any possibility of independent, organized, unified, mass class resistance, both at home and abroad.
This is the reason why the US has and demands no nationalization, whatsoever, of ANY our major industries and natural resources and our private health care insurance system is NEVER threatened.

It is THEIR collaboration, above. THEIR pension money into private capital. Their sweetheart contracts.
The automatic dues they collect.
And so on.
They are the overseers of the regressive slave labor plantation.
They work FOR and with the interests of private capital.

So, don't say you were not warned, altho, I have done so repeatedly on this blog.

While Independent, third party candidates, such as Nader and McKinney deserve accolades for what they are attempting to do, third parties in the US NEVER represent a major challenge to the two-party duopoly of private economic power UNTIL AND UNLESS the united, militant, force of economic class power and labor is brought to bear and stands behind them.
And, this NEVER happens.

This is precisely what is consistently betrayed, missing in action, suppressed, repressed, coopted, absent.

Tangentially related to this subject, I have seen Chomsky's name re-emerge a number of times, now, on various websites, in conjunction with the recent Presidential s-election.
Well , for all those folks who just can't get enough of Chomsky, I am providing you with the penultimate.
A link from a rare, 3 hour, call-in, C-Span interview program with Chomsky appxly 5 years ago, in 2003.

I will not say too much about it.
You can decide for yourself.
Since it is 3 hours long, I will only advise you that the first half hour or so, approximately, is a sketchy, biographical background.
Then, the telephone calls begin AROUND minute number 39-40 when Chomsky makes his famous statement that the events of 9/11 could NOT possibly be tied directly to our government.
He is unequivocal on that point.
For the remainder of the program, you will hear various subjects discussed and the buzzwords of totalitarianism, tyranny related to the former Soviet Union and others.
Democracy is another buzzword.

Anyone wishing to critically dissect these three hours, feel free to do so and send me the link.
I am not going to waste my precious time on the irrelevant Chomsky.

However, I would encourage everyone to consider the following as a tutorial in the methodological application of sophistry, obscurantism, and intellectual obfuscation, "manufactured," self-referential truths.
For the most part, he says nothing about everything.
The only part where I think he demonstrates substantial knowledge is his analysis of the power relationship between Israel and the US.

In hindsight, it becomes obvious his categories and analysis shift and slide as needed, depending on which way the wind blows.
Other than that...well, you decide for yourselves.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot.
As for Iran/Iraq, as I have said on previous posts, congruency and regime change.
More militarization, more war, more of the same.

Go ask bigmouth Biden for details on the above.
And, while you're at, don't forget to ask Turkey, as well as the viability of Turkey's AKP.

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