Friday, October 17, 2008


From the inception of the Democratic Primaries, I have said, all along on this blog, that Obummer's mafia campaign, which more or less shot their way into the Democratic candidacy, was chosen so McCain can win.

There are and have been, all along, two Republican candidates.

As any thinking, reasoning person could deduce, there was absolutely no other reason why Hillary, with her 18 million votes, was knocked out so voraciously and why either she and/or he could not form a united ticket on the Democratic Party IF the Democrats REALLY planned to win.
And, thus, were the Democrats divided, hobbled and split from the get go.

The further corollary to the above is that the Democratic Party theoretically SHOULD have sailed into office with a comfortable, wide lead, margin, considering they intentionally left the babbling idiot, Bush, in office in order to run an entire campaign against a corpse.

Instead, the Democrats consistently can barely muster a head to head race, after all of the above AND outspending Republicans in many instances by a 2, 3 or even 4 to 1 margin.

It remains, still, basically, a dead heat, with minor, insignificant perturbations one way or another, the majority of eligible, LEGITIMATE, not ACORN ballot stuffing, (which is going to come back to haunt them) voting population uninvolved, disaffected and unmoved by either Party.

The disaffected, non-partisan voting population hovers somewhere, give or take, around 60% with the remainder 40%, more or less, evenly divided between the two competing, twin, Fascist corporate Parties, or, teams as I like to call them.

They struggle over a few extra percentage points for these reasons.

So, what I have initially said remains true, despite all the orchestrated propaganda and rhetoric one sees and hears, the multiplicity, redundancy and cacophony of the Big Lie techniques.
Additionally, one must keep always in mind that the "popular" vote does NOT win Presidential elections.
It is accomplished through an arcane system called the "Electoral College," which is determined state by state.
How to achieve those necessary Electoral College votes is not an art but a known, calculated science, broken down district by district by the two Parties.
Demographics, constituencies, ethnicity, incomes, voting patterns, etc. and so on.

Nothing is left to chance.
And, that's why there is also so much voter shenanigans, suppression, ballot stuffing, technicalities, etc.

Their margin of win and error is negligible.
Like the fraction of a second timing differential between the winners and losers in an Olympic swimming race.

Now, one more point in our current scripted Presidential theatre piece.
McCain's name is associated with the characteristics both of "maverick" and "underdog."
He likes to brand or distinguish himself as the guy who wins by "coming from behind" and surprise everyone.
It's like a trademark, so to speak.

So, the present story line fits him very well.

However, THE most significant story in this Presidential s-election is the swing in those moving to the Independent, third Party columns, running roughly between 5-10% and steadily climbing, despite the fact, in comparison to the mega millions and unlimited, 24-7, boundless media coverage of the major, corporate Republicrat Parties, the Independents have virtually a pittance of money, no resources, no media outlets and exclusion from the Presidential TV debates.
It is David and Goliath.

Think what would happen if the above equation shifted ever so slightly towards Independents and class based organizations, which is why, as I've recapitulated so many times in my blogs, the resources of our corrupt, institutionalized, Fascist led, mafia labor unions are tethered to, controlled, contained, led and circumscribed by the Democratic Party.

So, instead of an October Surprise, this time, I think everyone should get ready for a November surprise, altho, for myself and alot of others, it will be no surprise but a scripted theatre piece.
I have a hard working friend who earns not much money and is busy scrounging around for bets, the same ones I've been trying to get, figuring he, too, might as well supplement his meagre income from the denouement of this multimillion dollar theatrical extravaganza.

A gigantic Hollywood mega production, playing internationally.

Before ending this post, I encountered another very nicely written blog entry I thought I would share and whose sentiments reinforce and echo my own,

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