Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Where do we begin from the recent financial bailout scandal?
The following claims a failure of leadership exists.
Imagine that!,8599,1845655,00.html

Well, let's explore why that could possibly be.
This particular Administration began with a spectacular Big Bang.
America's Reichstag Fire and, then, the official coverup version of the 9/11 events.
But, wait, I forgot.
Before that, we had the stolen election fiasco in Florida, ballot recounts, and the Supreme Court's selection and intervention.
By the way, another contested election coming up, now, as the Obummer mafia crowd engages in early questionable ballot stuffing tactics in Ohio, i.e., same day early voting and new registration.
It is currently being contested in the Courts in Ohio.
But, I consider this a preview, a precursor of things to come.
Then, we have had a President who can barely utter an articulate sentence and we are supposed to give him credibility and believe he makes decisions.
Funny, isn't it, "they" criticize Sarah Palin, who, according to "them," makes some silly remarks.
She certainly pales in comparison to our present Commander in Chief to whom credibility has been and continues to be given.
Then, the Iraq War fiasco.
And, soaring deficits.
And, of course, torture, arrests, fake terrorism warnings, a shooting spree in Washington, D.C, some poisonous white substance appearing here and there throughout the country of origins unknown, etc.
And, now, the latest.
The financial bailout or giveaway.
I had to skip past alot of other gruesome, goring details, of course.
So, is it any wonder nobody believes ANYTHING emanating out of the mouthpieces of Washington or the official Establishment.
Of course, in all of the above, it takes two to tango.
The official Establishment and their loyal, fake, Vichy Democratic opposition.
Remember, the first thing the Dems did when they came into office was declare impeachment off the table.
Null and void.
Aside from many other reasons, it is helpful to have an entire Democratic Presidential campaign run against a walking dead man, the Bush Administration.
So, one must leave the stinking, rotting carcass in its place for election purposes, culpability, denial and a general desire not to rock the legitimacy boat any further than it is already discredited.
No appetite to bring skeletons out of the closet.
However, the Democratic Obummer mafia campaign should know well about utilizing dead men in elections.
The Chicago Democratic mob has resuscitated many dead people, numerous times, throughout its history, to vote.
It's one of their many hallmarks, a staple of the thoroughly corrupt Democratic Chicago machine, of which Obummer is a shining product.
As for the subject of working class home ownership.
That development was carefully nurtured, promoted, advanced, facilitated and helped along by Federal government subsidies after WWII with programs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and others.
Herbert Hoover's 1928 Republican Presidential campaign slogan was, more or less, a chicken in every pot and everyone owns a car.
Just change a few words, everybody a homeowner and a car in every homeowner's garage.
The two processes are historically intertwined with construction of our federal interstate highway system, with publicly subsidized taxpayer monies, of course, after WWII, designed to facilitate large numbers of people commuting in and out of what was to become suburban real estate development and more or less working class home ownership.
Inner city public transportation was sacrificed as the burgeoning auto and suburban real estate industry grew.
Both highly privatized, of course, and subsidized with taxpayer monies. The fulfillment of Hoover's 1928 dream come true.
Actually, one is much better served with multiple chickens in one or multiple pots rather than a house or multiple houses and cars.
As forecast in my previous entries, our present financial bailout will be resubmitted this week with a few minor modifications to the Congressional House.
Undoubtedly, it will pass, this time around.
The Democratic House members previously voting against were informed by their House Leadership they could do so, having assumed they had the necessary number of Republican votes Yes to assure its passage.
So, now, some arm twisting will occur both within Republican and Democratic ranks to produce the necessary number of votes needed.
And, just what will the vast, unwashed, unorganized American opposition do about the above fiat accompli?
Again, nothing, absolutely nothing.
Because, they have no organized, independent, institutional class opposition.
Will there be a general strike, for example?
Absolutely not.
Will there be militant actions of any kind?
Will there be a mass exodus to third party politics?
Well, alittle bit more perhaps.
But, our Fascist unions and their corporate pension funds are married to the fake, opposition, Vichy Democratic Party.
And, together, they maintain a stranglehold on organized opposition, resistance and unity.
That is their primary purpose, their express function, their raison d'etre. Now, for the rest of the world.
Some such similar remarks.
It is very good that Putin PARTIALLY re-nationalized Gazprom.
That's 51% nationalized but 100% more than anything in the US. However, the rest of Russia's economy remains mostly privatized, including Lenin's prized national electrical system, thanks to Chubais, not to mention all its other many industries and natural resources.
So, for example, the latest in overturning Russian privatization,

And, to add fuel to this already nauseating and sickening fire, the following is related and symbolic "Russia's Last Czar, Family, Declared Victims of Repression,"

Well, all Russia's resources currently in private hands were built, constructed, owned, operated, bodily defended and COLLECTIVELY maintained.
Thus, they have been collectively expropriated.
Collectively, they have been robbed, usurped of assets built and owned by the Soviet state and its citizens.
It's time for Oleg Shenin, the Russian CP to step back in and collectively reapropriate what is and was collectively owned and built by all.
And, as for Iran, from the best I can gather, it appears their privatization process may look somewhat similar to what happened in post-Soviet Russia.
Iran's present, millionaire Fascist, clerical, Mullah regime and their related Nazi militias seem to be jostling and jockeying to position themselves in this "transition" period to maintain their current financial benefits and get in on the ground floor of privatization.
That appears to me to be the purpose behind much of the present internal and external political machinations, maneuvering and posturing.

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