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Continued from my previous blog, just below, in case you happened to miss it, in the following link from the Super Return Conference website, click on to ALL events listed below at differing venues featured to see who is attending and their subject matter.
Further links embedded within,

Of course, there's an available location near most everybody.
So, no excuse not to make your presence felt both outside and inside.
Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the many labor pension investment funds ALREADY attending INSIDE, with a major presence.
Canada appears to be featured prominently at the Berlin venue in February.
I'm quite sure, altho not specifically stated, most other Western labor pension funds are also well represented, presumably, by the many private investment firms with whom they negotiate.

Plenty of international blame and blood soaked union pension money to go around, which is why everybody colludes to ignore, deny, rationalize their collective policies of death, destruction, genocide and Fascism.
They have vested economic interests in the outcome.
Certainly, institutional leadership knows, which is why they maintain sanitized control of the public message that emanates down to their respective Party and union rank and file membership, who follow along like lemmings.

Such information as, for example, the following,\2008-10-10\kurd.htm\2008-10-11\kurd.htm

But, important facts are omitted, above, as well.
The militias to which they refer, above, in conjunction with American forces and mercenaries, are Iranian, under Iranian control.
And, as I have said, repeatedly, over and over, in previous blogs, EVERYONE, I do mean everyone, internationally, associated with the Faustian bargain made between the US Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Iran clerical Fascist militias and regimes will go DOWN in blazing ignominy.

This will be their undoing, the ultimate, final blow back of this grand bargain and counter-revolutionary, reactionary program and war as it was between Western and European backed and financed Nazi Germany and Italy in WWII.
Japan's Fascism is another matter.

In reference to Japan's fascists, Japan's Mitsubishi Financial conglomerate just purchased a considerable chunk of JP Morgan shares at an artificially depressed price.
In case you are confused by names, JP Morgan is a division of JP Morgan Chase, the largest financial conglomerate in the US.
This further consolidates economic international Fascism.

Of course, Japan experienced a major and decisive political battle facilitating the above alittle while ago, in 2007, which got virtually no attention, here, as usual.
Privatization of Japan Post and their Postal Bank, the largest one of its kind in the world.
Too many articles on this, so, here's a wiki link, with further links related at the bottom,

Meanwhile, as for the farce and charade, here, called the American Presidential elections, it seems to me Sarah Palin has been captured by the Republican Leadership.
Her message and theme has clearly been tutored, honed and diminished of substance since arriving on the national spotlight.

She was much better in Alaska before she got trapped by the National Party hacks.
Likewise, predictably, the entire Presidential campaign deteriorates into meaningless triviality and irrelevancy.

And, so, in lieu of meaningful, organized, purposeful, institutionalized class opposition, which is marching with the lemmings in the Democratic Party, we wind up with the following, instead, the best we have to offer at the moment, which, of course, is better than nothing at all,

But, it is not the Greek labor movement.

Nor, the Arab Baath Socialist Party.
Nor, the Russian Bolshevik Communist Party.
Nor, many other places throughout the globe too numerous to mention.

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