Monday, October 13, 2008


Once again, I did NOT manufacture the above headline, which speaks volumes for itself.

I do not need to create them.
These are the many totally open secrets that American suckers and collaborative lemmings do NOT want you discussing.

So, for the above quote from Investcorp and Gulf Private Equity. Hope you all remember just who Investcorp represents.

In case you've forgotten, a reminder from my September 22, 2008 blog entry, "The Money-Go-Round Bubble"

And, for today's Investcorp article,

The GCC to invest in depressed realty,

Then, Abraaj Capital is opening ANOTHER buyout fund.

I can't seem to get much info on that one, but, here's something related, anyway, which says it all from their own website, "MENASA to be World's Next Economic Powerhouse,' (Middle East North Africa Southeast Asia, which is clarified anyway following),'s_Next.pdf

If the preceding link does not work, try the following, instead, and use the first "click here to read complete news" option under the heading,

There are more updates about today's Super Return Conference opening. But, here's one, instead, which nicely sums up some prominent relationships, Saudi Prince Alwaleed, our roving, unofficial Ambassador and largest private investor in Citigroup, Egypt's Mubarak and wife, Jordan's Queen and Tony Blair, all having dinner together,

Such a sweet, cozy little club.

Now, as for Russia's private Lukoil, once again, it is in the business of negotiating for Iraq.
Just follow it all yourself on numerous websites, including Iraq's wholesale sell out and sell off to other private companies,

But, Russia's Gazprom, as I have repeatedly said, still remains a 51% state owned company and continues to function as a private, profitable corporation by extending its reach and investments abroad while projecting state power, simultaneously.
The two are now interwoven, except, in the US, we do not even have the 51%.

And so, we have the obscene sell out and sell off of the Canadian, North America's, energy system, if not to Exxon, or BP then, instead, Gaz de France and Gazprom,

This LNG will be going to the US, as well, as if we needed it.

No nationalization of our own energy resources, whatsoever, here, for sure.
Not energy, not health care.
Nothing of any use value, whatsoever, except, of course, some private, worthless, paper financial debt and obligations.

Instead, we are all getting a horrible, burgeoning, highly dangerous, uneconomical and obscene LNG export industry, not restricted to this part of the globe.
To Gazprom and Gaz de France, I say, GO HOME!
Renationalize your own industries.
I have no problem with economic COOPERATION, like COMECON.
But, this is NOT cooperation.
This is expansion of private ownership for the express purpose of profitability, regardless of any and all other factors.

As for the American Presidential elections.
Another train wreck between two competing, criminal, Fascist mafia organizations.
Deteriorating by the moment.
The Obummer Democratic mafia and ACORN voter registration scandal continues growing exponentially, while everybody hurtles accusations back and forth.
The election outcome, as so many others, may well be declared null and void, contested, in the courts.
The FBI is already investigating ACORN nationally.
There are raids, court testimony of bogus voter registration, etc.
Maybe they will be declared illegal even before we get to an election, which would make no difference to me and save us all alot of trouble.

And, a postscript followup to some previously mentioned events.
Now that Japan's Mitsubishi Financial Group has purchased a chunk of Morgan Stanley, predictably, their shares have shot up in value.
Regarding the latest developments in the contentious upset between Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Wachovia.
Presumably, Wells Fargo's purchase of Wachovia will go through.
HOWEVER, Citigroup still insists it will sue for $6o Billion for breach of contract, which, if they were to get that amount or anything equivalent to it, they might as well get Wachovia.
Further, Wachovia shareholders still have to vote on the Wells Fargo proposal.
So, as far as I'm concerned, it's not a done deal, yet.

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