Monday, October 27, 2008


Here are two articles from the same website regarding Iraq.

The first one accurately describes the current state of affairs in Iraq.
I'm quite sure those reading this blog know all this.
But, to my point.
After reading the first one, proceed to the following, keeping in mind the first.

Remember, same website.
Same subject.


And now, juxtapose the first to the second one, where a solution is offered to the artificially created state of affairs in Iraq, the kicker residing especially in the last four paragraphs preceding the end/bottom,

Audacity par excellence.
Chutzpah unbridled!

Meanwhile, juxtaposed to the above and related to our engineered and manufactured "financial crisis," in a few days, late October, comes the kickoff of the Middle East Money Summit in Dubai.
Where else, of course!

Arabcomgroup is organizing it, and, if you go to their website, you can also click onto the ME Money Summit,

And, within only weeks from the above, early November, the Summit on the Global Agenda, attached to the World Economic Forum, will be held in Dubai, also.
Where else?

The two listings, above, are by no means exhaustive of all the many events occurring.
Here's a more comprehensive read,

But, there's one event in particular I definitely want to highlight. Healthcare.
Maybe, everyone reading this will understand why single payer health care, here, in the US, is dead in the water.
Of course, it's dead due to our Fascist union collaboration with their Vichy Democratic, corporate partners.
But, remember, what is now here comes round everywhere.
If you cannot understand the intertwined economic relationships I have been following here, on my blog, you will never understand anything.

Thus, the following, about developing the "World's Most Lucrative Healthcare Market..." with, of course, Abraaj, and lots of others, in attendance,

And, in addition to a pending Transatlantic Free Trade agreement I mentioned, below, in my previous blog, another one pending between the GCC and the EU,,%20says%20French%20minister%20%20/

And, if the following is not socialist subsidization for private capital, I do not know what is, "Russian Companies Look to Sovereign Wealth Funds." Be sure to note the chart on the bottom of the article,

All the above occurs against a totally and completely unacknowledged backdrop of continued Nazi terror, persecution, death squads, assassinations, rape, torture, terror, bombings, killings, "ethnic" chaos, dislocation, displacement, dismemberment in Iraq, and, not just Iraq.
See the latest information about "ethnic cleansing and displacement" in Mosul on the following, amongst other, websites,

But, we, too, have our sine qua non of hypocrisy, obscenity, chutzpah and the big money summit in the form of our own Vichy Democratic Obummer-BigMouth Biden Party, which has now totally reneged on all earlier promises to use only public financing for their campaign and is outspending Republicans almost 4 to 1, and, STILL, he/they can't "get it up," percentage wise, that is. How many more mega millions can they manage to toss down the toilet bowl in the "people's name?"
And, still, in addition, they engage in voter registration fraud and manipulation.
I guess they don't trust their own advertising.
Now, I will repeat the same question I did on previous entries, and, continue to do so.
Why does anyone NOT see or hear ANY militant, organized, labor led response and resistance in the US?
Why does everyone NOT notice this glaring absence, deafening silence and discrepancy from the rest of the globe?
And, in previous entries, I highlighted a number of places, like Greece, where they just recently had another one of their ongoing, militant general strikes in a running series of labor battles.
And, so, I thought, today, I would feature someplace else, Italy.
A couple of arbitrarily selected links.
Happy to hear from others with more info.

And, then, IF you live in the US, or, are a US citizen, abroad, and can vote in the upcoming Presidential election, under no circumstances, whatsoever, should you vote EITHER for the Vichy Democrats OR their partners in crime, the Nazi Republicans.
If you do so, you might as well put a gun to your head, right now, and save yourselves and everybody else the trouble.
Vote Independent, Nader, McKinney OR write in a name.
One should have NO illusions about electoral politics in this country.
But, there is no reason to forfeit your right to vote and hand legitimacy over to Fascism on a silver platter.
An election boycott would be excellent, EXCEPT, it MUST be a coordinated, major, mass event to be effective.
And, at this point, that is precisely what is missing, thanks to our Fascist labor unions and the Vichy Dems.
There is a relevant slogan to the audacious hypocrisy represented by ALL the above profiteers of death, destruction, and human carnage.
No justice, no peace.
More resistance, fighting, retribution to come.
And I will link back to a previous entry, just or more relevant now as it was then.

Remember, with EVERY step of compromise, collaboration and cooperation with Fascism, you dig yourself and everybody else deeper and deeper into a hole from which extraction becomes an event of Herculean, gigantic proportions and explosive energy,

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