Monday, January 21, 2008


I decided to offer one minor, personal reflection, a little retrospective, today, in addition to my usual material.

I labelled this American pornography.

At the moment, the American Presidential primaries dominate almost all TV screens and newspapers, reporting, commentary, talking heads, pundits, analysis, etc., no matter what station one watches, including C-Span. 
It's unavoidable, inescapable, ubiquitous. 

When I "look" at my TV screen, and I do mean look, because I turn off the sound, put on music, and simply observe and monitor the talking heads, the faces, the pictures, deconstructing the "banality of evil" (Hannah Arendt's phrase) and hypocrisy.

As I watched the TV screen the last day or so with its screaming idiots at primary rallies, reminiscent of all Fascist events, a backdrop of different pictures, faces, images came to mind juxtaposed simultaneously with my TV screen.

First, the image and face of Saddam Hussein's lynching.

Then, the very sweet, kind faces of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and their barbaric execution in 1953.

To me, a direct historical trajectory exists between those two events and my TV screen, of course, with all too many other images interspersed, scattered in between.

ONLY for those completely unaware of the infamous Rosenberg execution, I will include one or two random links from amongst many thousands.

The preceding link has some serious historical flaws, amongst many others, such as, for example, their reference to the Venona files, repudiated by the Rosenberg's sons, the Meeropols:

But, as I said, the preceding link is meant only as a thumbnail sketch for anyone completely oblivious of the case.
For more, do your own research.
Coincidentally, self-exiled American chess master Bobby Fischer died this week. 
Bobby Fischer said it all.
So did Alan Ginsberg in his famous book of poems, "Howl," in 1956, published shortly after the Rosenberg's barbaric execution.
Again, for those unfamiliar with Ginsburg's poems, "Howl," here's the famous first line of his work, the one most often quoted, 
"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness...":

For more Ginsburg, do your own research.
So, from the realities above to the present is not a difficult stretch. 
Anyone with alittle historical perspective will recognize easily the similarities of the Nazi/Fascist propaganda campaigns, disinformation, ethnic cleansing programs in WWII and that which is being described in the following link.

When you are done reading the following blog, note, in particular, the very astute analysis and commentary in the comment section by Amre El-Abyad, who, in turn, has his own blog, the "Iraqist," Bluegum and others, a sort of running and perceptive dialogue:

The Fascist propaganda machine represented above grinds forward inexorably, helped by our collaborative, cooperative, corporate, foundation and state supported opposition, as well as general stupidity, self-serving, economic self-interest, etc. 

The present disinformation narrative presents President Bush as a potent person seeking to isolate Iran and the supposed threats between them. 
The entire narrative is, of course, just the opposite.
It's purpose? 
Perhaps, diversion on all sides. 
While this fiction gets repeated, opposite events grind forward inexorably in the GCC. 
Just a few out of many, many highlights, too many to name. Some might recall in many previous blogs, I have been astutely following the rise of Egypt's EFG-Hermes, Dana Gas, Citigroup, Abraaj, the Israel-Egypt Gas Deal connection, etc.
Here's the latest on this one, "EFG-Hermes is rated Top Broker in UAE in 2007" (anybody surprised?):

And, regarding another star studded cast of characters, "President and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce Commends Jordan for Achieving Economic Reforms," and the MEFTA, Middle East Free Trade Agreement:

Additionally, a Jordan Investment Board exists in the UAE, a free trade agreement between the GCC and the EU is being scheduled, and, the GCC plans to be a major investor in African energy. 
But, are these developments, these facts, important to anybody? 
Apparently not. 
Most people are too busy defending Iran from an American bomb attack! 
Instead, Iraq IS presently being bombed by the US. 
Maybe they simply got one letter wrong in the name--Iraq, not Iran, a "q" at the end of the name. 
Or, perhaps, they meant to say, do not bomb Iran while Iran is IN Iraq, since Iran IS IN Iraq.
But, another military action is occurring, also, about which little is being said. 

150,000 Turkish troops are amassing on the Kurdistan border. 
May Turkish troops liberate all of us, including their own country, being sold off and down the drain by the Islamist AKP.
As I have said repeatedly in previous blogs, Turkey will overturn the apple cart. Turkey has already overturned the applecart.