Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The next stage in the farce known as US Presidential elections and Fascist/bourgeois democracy will, in MY opinion, be a POSSIBLE announcement of NYC's multi-billionaire Mayor Micheal Bloomberg's Independent candidacy.
Being a multi-billionaire Bloomberg can fund his own campaign and thus not "compromise" with "competing" interests within his own party.
In addition, he can say he has NO voting record on any national issues in the last few years.
Tabla rosa.
And so on.
Bloomberg will "save the system" from its own crisis at the moment. Destabilization everywhere.
Further, more money from the wealthy, propertied class will poor into his campaign, over and above what he can provide himself.
And, so, HE, too, can then say, "I AM the candidate of CHANGE" to add to the chorus of others announcing themselves THE candidate of "Change."
At the same time, the Green Party will announce their candidate, soon.
Thus, the Presidential race will become a four way one.
Both the Democrats and Republicans will go out of existence.
The Green Party has an historic opportunity to become the party of opposition.
To do so, it must have a clear, sharp, distinct, class analysis and solutions.
If it does anything less, if it take a Social Democrat position, it will have no future and it too will be irrelevant.
Elsewhere, but, in other related parts of the world, in Russia, for the first time in 17 years, "Tanks Return to Red Square May 9":


It's nice to see those tanks.
But, those tanks need to do alot more than just parade down Red Square.
Those tanks need to become a part of the Red Army and finish off the job on the Russian oligarchs and private land speculation.
And, elsewhere, too.
In addition, confrontation around Kosovo's independence is building up, being hotly and actively pursued by US/EU interests.
As I have previously mentioned, Albanian/Kosovo separatists are being actively supported by investment and financial relationships to/with Kuwait and the GCC states, their Western conduits.
Here's but one article, for example, in this ongoing relationship regarding tax laws between Kuwait and Albania:


Additionally, a company name Manas Petroleum, based in Switzerland, claims it has "found" huge gas and oil reserves/deposits in northwestern Albania:


For some very interesting background on Manas see the following and note, especially, the information on their executives background under the subheading in dark, bold, type, "Management" (be patient, the link takes about 30 seconds to one minute to fully appear):


And, so, they and we go marching, marching, marching into the historical abyss, deepening economic contradictions, systemic crises, military confrontation in order to fortify the already and ever destabilizing, reactionary and contradictory gains of private and personal aggrandizement, de-nationalization and counter-revolution.
This being just the beginning.