Monday, January 14, 2008


Assuming one has been following all my previous blog entries on the Dana Gas empire, saga, now, the latest, not unexpectedly,"Former Head of KOC [Kuwait Oil Co] Joins Dana Gas Executive Team":

In addition, your "last chance" for this exciting upcoming Middle East Private Equity Conference, January 15, including Abraaj, amongst others, (see my previous blogs on the Abraaj/Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Pakistan connection).
I hope I did not notify "yawl" too late:

But, in case you miss this one, do not despair.
Here's a bonus around the same time regarding Turkey and Dubai:

Remember Turkey's Islamic AKP government, the one busy privatizing everything on which they can lay their greedy, grubby little hands.
The above, and more, of course, occurs simultaneous against a backdrop of renewed, sustained, increased, intense aerial bombing on the body corpse of what is, supposedly, a now pacified Iraqi state, (reminiscent of Vietnam), Turkish troops pounding northern Kurdistan, while the media and others talk about Iraq national reconciliation with a de-Baathified Baath Party AND the following, IN A NUTSHELL explains WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT, "Saddam's Words to Go From Iraq Flag":

Of course, bringing back a sanitized Arab Baath Party, minus its socialist character, reminiscent to the role of a purged, non-Communist, Communist party globally.
In Iraq's case, in particular, a sanitized Baath Arab Party gives an Arab patina to the face of Iraq's government, instead of it's present Iranian/Persian character.
The situation above is ubiquitous, although, in Iraq it took the largest military force on the globe, a genocidal policy and death squads to destroy the Baath Arab Socialist Party, in spite of which, their resistance is far from finished.
"News of their death is premature" and "He who laughts last, laughs best."
In the UK, for example, it is expressed in the following, but, this could be written almost anywhere on the globe in varying degrees, depending upon historical levels of nationalization and political sophistication in the first place:

A few, small, non-sequiturs, additions, to the above.
The internet is full of lots of blathering idiots and garbage.
About almost everything and anything, from Iran to Iraq to the US and so on.
So, I'm going to take this opportunity to make just one comment about US Presidential electoral primaries.
I'm noting the parrot like repetition and SPECULATION about "voting irregularities" regarding Hillary Clinton's recent "victory" over Obama in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary.
The implication above being Hillary's win was illegitimate, a result of fraud and vote tampering.
The EQUAL assumption/assertion, however, NOT being replicated everywhere, is that Republicans and Independents were sent into the Iowa Democratic Caucus to vote for Obama.
I cannot stand either of them.

They both make me vomit.
But, I happen to like truth and fact.
Many wrongs do not a right make.
Fact is fact.
If one of you reading this happens to ask why would the Republicans prefer Obama, that is alittle more difficult to explain, but, it has to do with THEIR ideas of national "electability."
And, it ALL involves very dirty politics.
One other point, regarding dirty politics and the internet.
With abounding analysis about Pakistan and Bhutto's death, I have yet to see background explanations that include the infamous TAP pipeline.
Why was Bhutto previously deposed and sent off to the GCC?
She and/or her husband were corrupt, but, so what?
What, if anything, had her previous removal to do with Bin Laden, the Taliban, Pakistan's ISI and TAP pipeline project?
Bhutto did NOT support Unocal's consortium for the TAP pipeline.
She supported their competitor, an Argentine firm, Bridas, instead.
Unocal group offered $100 million for transit fees to Bin Laden and his Taliban, but, apparently, they/he wanted more, $1 Billion, not a few piddling millions, more perks and control, in addition.
Both Bhutto and Bin Laden/Taliban preferred Bridas.
Here's alittle snapshot reminder on the timeline surrounding Afghan's TAP Pipeline project.
The pertinent, succinct timeline begins in the middle of Page 2 of the following:

I am well aware the pipeline project has more geostrategic aspects to it than this simple, little snapshot.
But, I offer a causal relationship between the pipeline project, the competition between Bridas and Unocal, and both Bhutto and Bin Laden's subsequent removal.