Thursday, January 3, 2008


There's no particular mystery surrounding the following comments regarding an upcoming Cairo Conference.
It follows perfectly from all past entries on my preceding blog, the one blocked on and off, regarding financial interconnections between GCC states, Egypt, Dana Gas, Abraaj, Egypt's Hermes, etc., and, the necessity to find an Arab face to the Iraq "national reconciliation process," a non-resistance resistance to Iraq's privatization and federalism with whom they can negotiate:

At this point, I think it helpful, in retrospect, to post a previous, official Baath Party statement from May, 2004 about oil and the Iraq resistance to contrast and compare it with anything being presented currently as a position of either the Iraq resistance and/or the Baath Party, the "Arab face," with whom "they" supposedly negotiate:

Further, it would be nice if somebody could PROVE the Baath Party's official leader, Al-Douri, for whom everybody is searching, either is alive or dead, and, if dead, PROVE when, where and how did he died?
A videotape of Al-Douri speaking about recent events presented either on the internet or Al-Jazzeera would suffice.
If they can get tapes of Bin Laden, they can certainly get tapes from Al-Douri.
Meanwhile, again, the financial Party in the GCC states to which everyone appears to be deaf, dumb and blind, continues.
Here's one amongst many other articles one can follow which happens to highlight, reiterate some of the important connections I've been naming continuously, throughout my blogs, Dubai, Citigroup, Abraaj and, in addition, HSBC:

Depending on where one reads, Kuwait stocks project a 30% return on investment.
That's pretty good, altho, not as high as that in Pakistan, which, according to a previous article and post I did, had an 800% return!

(See my other blog entry from May 27, 2006, IF IT WORKS: )

Maybe it's this which has caused my previous blog to be blocked.
This and the names of US government officials, including Pakistan's ISI chief, Mahmoud Ahmad, meeting on the week of September 11, 2001 in Washington.
(Most people tend to overlook Senator Biden was ALSO one of the "principals" meeting with Pak's ISI chief that week).

See the following links for reference on this matter:

On September 10, 2001, one day before the WTC events, Senator Joe Biden gave a presentation at the National Press Club concerning US Foreign Policy, Missile Defense and, at that event, to paraphrase Biden, he mentioned/warned threats may come in the form of some other kind of terrorism, from a plane, etc.
He proudly boasts about his prescient warning.
He was not "clairvoyant," says he.
It is/was just obvious.
Here's the entire speech, if you are interested.
The paragraph/sentence specifically mentioning planes, now often quoted, comes AFTER his speech, at the end, when the world "applause" appears in the text and, then, if you count down to the 16th paragraph underneath the first "applause" at the end of his speech, you will see the specific paragraph mentioning planes, etc.:

There's much more history to be said about all this.
However, this is only a blog.
For example, a plan/bill for Homeland Security was introduced in Congress way before the events of 9/11, something to which I had previously TRIED to draw people's attention, to no avail, whatsoever.
I and it was simply dismissed.
And, Joe Biden of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee, of course, has a long background.
He is intimately connected to the bombing, war, partition plans of Yugoslavia, and, now Iraq, and so on and on.