Saturday, January 12, 2008


The following talk/subject and link, "Reviving the Transatlantic Partnership," reaffirms and reiterates future and present policies at one of our customary think tanks.

At the following, one can access the discussion EITHER via written transcript and/or video, which is why I used this link, depending on one's preference.

The information is not new, but, I thought I would feature its theme, venue and participants to recapitulate the meaning of our previous November mid-term s-election/Coup and its continuum in our present Presidential primary garbage.

This division of major global responsibilities represents a continuum of that presented by the former "Pentagon's New Map," outlined previously by Thomas P.M. Barnett.

See his website for more information:

The American military remains basically a mercenary army for global capital, something well expressed a long time ago by Smedley Butler in the 1930s.

A little snippet following about Butler for the uninitiated.
In the following link, if you do not want to read it all, just skip down to the subheadings, "Claims of the Business Plot," and "Speaking and Writing Career" for the choice information:

Nothing has changed since then, including names, altho the world of elite global capital expanded to include a few more new, different names, in addition to the old ones, above.

So, global capital in Europe and elsewhere, according to both Barnett and the above conference, can reap the benefits and sustain their mutual interests through shared financing and strategic support.
It's politically expedient.
Now, to the link:,com_csis_events/task,view/id,1468/

As for our idiotic Presidential primaries, a few developments may ensue, since the parties are in so much disarray.
No matter what happens, however, the above program is the one that will be rescued, at all costs.
Present NYC Mayor, multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, MAY enter the Presidential elections as an Independent.

Why not?
After all, might as well get rid of the front men/women and simply go directly to who owns and runs the US.
In addition, on the opposite side, the Green Party will announce a candidate in a few months.
There is a possibility, in my humble opinion, that both the Democratic and Republican parties may go the way of the dinosaurs in alittle while.

No loss.
Meanwhile, the GCC, Islamic Finance saga about which I've been writing so much, continues.
I am finding more places in which it is followed, but, not by the idiots who cannot find ANY facts, whatsoever, on the internet.
The following website, for example, links to a number of categories and articles (see both left and right hand columns/articles), altho, by far, it is NOT comprehensive and it appears to possess a questionable bias in its selections and commentaries.

It is ironic that it is they, nonetheless, who even bother to notice and comment on these developments.

Again, note the links on both left and right hand columns:

For example, let's highlight one of the many developments not above in which Kuwait, by design, obviously, and not by accident, extends it's economic relationship, investment, support to/with the notorious criminal and terrorist gang called the Albanian government and Kosovo separatists.

Meanwhile, since Iran is in the news, again, Bahrain's bank, Ahli United Bank and Iran's bank Melli and Saderat are getting together to form a new bank in another notorious free trade zone of Iran's Kish Island:

More on Bahrain's Ahli United Bank:

Some might recall my original blog from August 3, 2005, regarding an "explosive story" of Iran's Oriental Oil Kish, its' owner/founder and Iran's chief nuke negotiator, Cyrus(Sirius) Nasseri and its ties to/with Halliburton.

Nobody expressed interested in that story then or now.

Since my other blog works on and off, I'll link to the article in that previous link for reference purposes: