Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The above heading comes from ongoing developments in the GCC and a previous article from June 2007 on Islamic finance, referring, of course, to the color of the American dollar,
"Seeing Green":


One more about foreign funds flowing into the UAE:


Where will this speculative GCC hot money "bubble" be invested?
Obviously, into a transformed, de-nationalized, privatized Middle East, ranging from Turkey to Pakistan the Caucasus and further, including US, stock exchanges, Europe and so on.
That's why this "transformative," reactionary, "greater middle east project" is so important.
Once again, THE story which nobody manages to discover, although right in front of their eyes.

I could provide hundreds, if not thousands, of links.
The GCC being THE the financial, economic, military, strategic hub, coordinating center, "front group."
The GCC plans to invest about $4 billion into Jordan, according to their own reports.
One more irresistible highlight on the luxurious romping in the posh GCC states regarding attendance at another upcoming "Summit of Iraq Defence" in Dubai, (where else?), February, 2008:


As part of this ongoing story our functionally illiterate moron known as the American President will honor the UAE shortly with his inarticulate ramblings.
Hopefully, he will stay in the UAE and never return.
They deserve one another.
I thought it might be interesting to see how this upcoming event at the GCC/UAE is presented by one of our "prestigious" think tanks.
Following is a transcript of a January 3 Press Conference, a video also available at the same website, if you prefer it,
"Upcoming Presidential Visit to the Middle East":


In previous blogs I asked, repeatedly, paraphrasing the following question to the tune of a well known song, "where have all the historians and theorists gone, gone everywhere..." who are not bothering to find, comment or analyze any of the above and note the absurdity and contradictions of what is labelled "religious, ethical, Islamic, Sharia compliant finance," nor the events transpiring in the GCC and their profound implications.
No cause and effect??
As far as I know, no professional scholars and historians have appeared on the scene, except for my lonely little blog.
This information, after all, is NOT a covert operation.
As for American primaries, about which much hoopla, I generally make no comment, because, it is a continuum from the above.
The solution, suggestion, remedy, antidote, in the following is more indicative of the pathetic state of of the non-resistance resistance in American politics and understanding in this country:


So much for touted "change" by everyone in the American Presidential primary elections.
Obviously, the only changes either at home or abroad are/will be cosmetic ones, no different from the sorts of "change" we got in the previously much touted November American mid-term elections and engineered Coup.

More of the same.
Same corporate sponsors, same Parties, same strategists, etc.
Different face, age and color, different packaging but not substance.
That's why I say, much ado about nothing.
Slap a young, black face onto it, rather than an older, white one, use a little insipid rhetoric and call it "change."
But, for those taking bets on the American Presidential horse race, I would not give odds at this moment.
Many, many dirty and covert tactics are involved in the American partisan electoral politics, reflecting the entire system.
The final outcome in this horse race may take some unexpected twists and turns as the mudslinging continues and intensifies.