Thursday, January 17, 2008


I wonder if our striking writers union employees are moonlighting by scripting our current US Presidential primaries.
US Presidential primaries and elections do qualify as comedy, farce.
Entertainment, diversion.
Bread and circuses.
By the time US Presidential elections actually takes place in November, 2008, all Presidential candidates will have been thoroughly exposed for the garbage they are and represent.
But, it matters not.
One or the other of the pimps and prostitutes will win a sliver of the population still bothering to vote, even if it's an Independent, multi-billionaire candidate like NYC's present Mayor Bloomberg.
Why doesn't it matter?
Here are some of the reasons, continuing from my previous running commentary on America's Fascist unions, why no Left exists, no ORGANIZED American resistance, no partisan, opposition support, etc.:
"Western Pension Funds Eye MENA [MidEastNorthAfrica] Equity":

In my previous blog, from September 21, 2005:

I had linked to the glossy cover of the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) publication glorifying their covert role overturning Communism in Eastern Europe,
"Story of Polish Solidarity and How the AFL-CIO (CIA) Aided Its Victory."

Since my initial blog, above, gets blocked periodically (I wonder why?), I will repeat the link to the article above, altho I had further background and comments in my previous blog entry IF you can access the above, (keep trying):

My belated New Year's eve wish/resolution:
May ALL of the above reap the benefits of that which they have sown--ALL of those who contributed in this glorious effort.
May they lose their homes, their jobs, their pensions, their health care, their children to wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Balkans, Asia, the Pacific, the Atlantic, Gulf, Mediterranean and elsewhere.
I wish them all well in this area--ALL of them who participated in the above enterprise, encompassing everyone, from American unions above to the "intellectuals/scholars," academics, media, culture warriors, pimps and prostitutes for freedom and so on.
They all know who they were and still are, continuing their dirty work for "freedom and democracy."
No historical mystery exists as to why no organized opposition and resistance exists in the US.
It has a clear explanation.
Following on from the above and my previous blogs on GCC conferences, the following link is a radio broadcast I have NOT heard, yet.
However, the description speaks for itself, and, at some point alittle later on, hopefully, I will listen to it.
But, others have the option of hearing it before me.
"Yawl" should listen, you know, for YOUR MASTER SPEAKS.
So, the following radio broadcast, Dana Gas Executive, Jafar, discusses Iran deal, Iraq, Egypt, sukuk, possible (probable) Western securities market listing, etc.:

Meanwhile, another note on the obvious regarding Iraq:

Of course, in official and unofficial US circles, a mythological narrative of Iraq, a fictional version of a Sunnis and Shia civil war, repeats, ad nauseum, with Al-Queda thrown in for good measure.
As well, the mythological Iran narrative.
Obviously, it suits the above purposes.
In my previous blog entry, Tuesday, January 15, 2008, see below, I had reported on the ongoing financial negotiations between one mafia/criminal government and the other, Kuwait and Albania, and, of course, their related criminal/mafia organization, the Kosovo separatists.
(Mineral resources in Kosovo, gas and oil in northwestern Albania, Manas Petroleum, etc.

See Tuesday's blog, Jan 15 for details on that.)
Well, guess what?
Surprise, surprise!
Serbia cancels Iraq's debt obligations!
Imagine the coincidence!!??
Be sure to note in the following link, which is why I included it, the few sentences commenting on the relationship between Milosevic, Milosevic's Yugoslavia and Hussein and Iraq: