Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Dana Gas empire now investing in West Africa:


Adding insult to injury and ironic hypocrisy, our Western, anti-non-Communist, Fascist, American backed, International Labor Organization working WITH the UAE for "better labor conditions," according to one unofficial commentary I read.
It's similar to our new American union, the SEIU led by Andy Stern that broke with the AFL-CIO (CIA), recently.
The new union calls itself "Change to Win."
Win what?
Precisely which/what changes are we to expect?
Not specified.
Some generalized rhetoric.
They are as bad if not worse than the AFL-CIO from which they recently split.
I can't keep up with the acronyms and groups popping up everywhere--like those emerging in Iraq.
Everybody, including our so-called US Presidential candidates seem to use two words change and/or win in their names/slogans.
For example, another group appeared recently calling itself, Win Without War.
Win what without war??
What is it we are "winning?"
Apologists, obscurantists, historical revisionists and doublespeak is a growth industry throughout the globe.
Meanwhile, John Helmer reports the Fat Lady has sung, meaning death of the US sponsored Nabucco gas pipeline versus Russia's South Stream pipeline and its ENI, Italy, Bulgaria partnership:


Further, Serbia made a deal with Gazprom:


However, in MY opinion, "news of Nabuccos death is premature."
All of the above premised upon status quo.
Counter strategies are being worked on as I write.
Georgia, Ukraine,
Baltics, Caucasus and Russia, itself, to name just a few more.
And, here's one more very interesting one, the kicker, regarding
Rafsanjani and Iran's "possible" involvement to supply gas to Nabucco:


Additionally, anyone can see the interests involved in Kosovo's independence, the role of the Albanian mob, their relationship to Kuwait and its impact on Russia's South Stream project.
Also, like it or not, Putin's government, by adopting "market principals" now necessary to export their gas to Europe checkmated to tacitly support Iran's present Fascist government in Iraq, ethnic cleansing, death squads, Iraq's dismemberment and Iraq's privatization.

Turkey's army plays a more principled role at the moment.
Of course, the exact same gas initially supplied to Europe from the former Soviet Union, Russia, was both ALOT less expensive, more reliable, rationalized, both internally and externally, when no "free market forces" existed, no contradictory economic interests and profit motives.
So, suckers of the world--pay up--pay double, triple, more than you did before!
I guess peak oil or peak gas or scarcity will be "pushed" again as a theory to explain high prices.
Speaking of suckers, what goes down, will go up, i.e., the stock market, AFTER the folks investing in the
GCC buy stocks at bargain basement prices.
Those with capital and financial resources that helped push the bubble in the first place, knowing full well it will crash, come back in and the bubble inflates, once again.
A cyclical system for those manipulating capital markets.
And, suckers are always around, willfully and voluntarily participating in the get rich quick scheme.
They refuse to realize the entire system is rigged against them, like that of the gambling casinos.
"Ours is not to reason why, ours is to do and die..."