Tuesday, January 29, 2008


After reading the following excellent analysis about Nasrallah if one pursues it to the comment section below, you will see a running thread/discussion on Lebanon into which I became involved and some comments of mine to follow, "Travesty":


From the previous section beneath Layla's wonderful blog, the anonymous author is correct that Lebanon's offshore waters may contain oil.
For this, see the following two entries:




But, this is NOT new information.
In the following link, look for article #9 (can't seem to make a direct link to the article work), "Peace Dividend: New offshore Oil Drilling for East Med Coast," no date given, but, one can surmise an approximate date from the content.
It doesn't really matter, because, as you will see, it's discussing information from years back:


The preceding is but one of many articles on the subject.
In previous blogs (from August 27, 2005 and others) I discussed a bogus theory being advanced "Peak Oil versus Deep Oil" and an abiotic, non-biotic theory of oil and gas.
Since my previous blog gets blocked on and off, I'll use just one link from it regarding the aboitic origins of oil/gas, a process of regeneration from sources deep beneath the earth's surface:


Thus, no surprise to find oil and gas almost everywhere.
Just as another example, in Israel:


But, accessing deep oil/gas drilling is more expensive and technologically challenging than the stuff which percolates up easily from the ground.
Second, this makes an overabundance of oil/gas supplies in terms of marketing, pricing, profit, competition.
Third, it is/was not accessed previously because these areas and economies were not privatized.
They were state owned/controlled/nationalized.

Now, they've been "liberalized" and "liberated," thus, the incentive to expand market share, supply, and increase profitability.
So, for example, factors involved in Lebanon are not in geographical isolation, pertaining to one and only that one country, Lebanon, alone.
Thus, the following is important, too, in this picture.
Altho not stated specifically, keep in mind, Russia's Gazprom and it's exports in relation to Syria and Iran:


Blocking Gazprom is a key ingredient to understanding context.

In the openly blatant and continuing international wheeling and dealing in the GCC about which everybody appears to be in total and complete denial, abundant articles exist about the happy relationship now between Kuwait and, to add to a long, growing list, Ukraine as well.

Ukraine, of course, in turmoil and a NATO candidate.
Here's one:


(Much more information on the preceding website).

Then, a happy coincidence between Islamic finance and Islamic fundamentalism, Iran in Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey's Islamic AKP and elsewhere.
From the plethora of Islamic finance conferences here's a few more to add to many others:



Meanwhile, in Turkey, as part of this "Islamic" AKP takeover, another interesting development:


Those, here, in the US, who cannot manage to find "Islamists" in high places, in high finance or in Iraq, in addition, also, congruently gave absolutely NO support or recognition to Turkey's opposition when they previously held the largest, ongoing demonstrations in Turkish history against the AKP.
Not one single word of recognition or support ever emanated from their mouths.
Not one.
Barely a story.
A virtual news blackout.
And, finally, the latest in another area of resistance and international support in Pakistan I've been following:


Do not expect anything similar to be forthcoming from the US.