Thursday, January 24, 2008


Regarding a recent exodus of Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt, I characterize this a very expedient form of what we label in the US, urban "renewal."

Otherwise known as urban "removal."
Mother Nature, Hurricane Rita, accomplished in New Orleans something similar as that now occurring in Gaza.
In a previous blog, from August 13, 2005, I reprinted excerpts from a WSJ article from over ten years ago, February 4, 1994, entitled,
"Guns & Butter: Khashoggi is Back Angling For a Profit From Mideast Peace Plans."
It had specific, detailed information regarding Khashoggi, Nimrodi and various "other backers," and his/their plans for Israel exiting Gaza and turning Gaza into one big casino playground development.
According to the article, he/they, the various backers, planned to invest $20 Billion in 1989 into this project.
IF the following link to my previous blog works, you will be able to read it.
If the link does not work, try again, another time, OR, IF someone out there in cyberspace is able to access the WSJ article from their electronic archives, PLEASE, I would be greatly appreciative IF you/they could e-mail the link to me and I will insert it into the story:

(As a little footnote to this story, since Murdoch purchased the WSJ, I have stopped reading it. It's become crap, like everything else.)

Returning to ongoing GCC party, everybody who is anybody participates.
I do not wish to imply the Gulf is a US lake.
That would be neither fair nor accurate.
And, I do detest un-truths, partial truths, etc.
So, here, for example, a high powered Russian delegation representing private interests, of course, "Russian Deputy PM Visits Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone," regarding Dubai World, visits:

As I repeat, Putin's Russia compromised by the private interests he/they now represent.

Then, regarding China and Dubai, a 2006 article, Victor Chu, First Eastern Investment Group, and the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center):

In case you've forgotten the wonders of what the DIFC offers, here's a little reminder from their own website:

This is similar to the wonders offered by the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) as well.
The list could go on indefinitely.
However, I can not resist adding two more ironic tidbits.
Iran's Ahmadimidget scheduled to visit Baghdad, soon, date unspecified as yet.
And, ConocoPhillips, a Lukoil PARTNER, says they would invest BOTH in Iraq and Iran.
As for my above blog heading, "Our" A-rabs--it is because the above are owned, purchased, bought, lock, stock and barrel by private, international, capital interests.
They serve their private capital masters well or they would cease to exist.
They are the "good" Arabs, paid well for their services.
Then, there are those other pesky A-rabs, the Pan-Arab nationalist and socialist movement, headed formerly by Egypt's Nasser and then Iraq's Hussein and the Arab Baath Socialist Party. They must be eliminated for they stand in the way of "progress," as defined above.
In this project, they are aided, helped, abetted by those purporting to be in opposition here and elsewhere.
For a note on those pesky "bad" A-rabs, here's the following--before you read, one comment--how about making the flag red, white and blue?:

As for Palestinians, they just happened to have the misfortune of location in the wrong place at the wrong time.
"Location, location, location" being everything to quote the vernacular used by real estate agents and speculators, alike.
Land, housing, people, labor, life, medical care, water, air, food, education, transportation, natural resources, everything commodified in "this best of all possible [commodified] worlds," making a minor adaptation to a Dr. Pangloss song.
You can sing the above refrain, also, if you wish, a tune from Leonard Bernstein's marvelous musical production, "Candide":

And, a small explanatory note on Bernstein's Candide for anyone interested and unfamiliar with it: